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2 Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers for Fun Activities

If you’re looking for a new way to have learning fun with Dr. Seuss, you’ll love our 2 free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers!

These printable activities feature favorite Dr. Seuss characters that will get you and your kids up and moving.

Find out how my boys and I are using these Dr. Seuss resources and get started with your free printable pack today!

These 2 free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers are easy ways to enjoy interactive fun with your kids.

What are Cootie Catchers?

Did you play with paper fortune tellers? These fun and easy-to-make manipulatives were super popular when I was a kid and I’m happy to see they are still in use. Cootie catchers are another name for these origami-like creations.

Cootie catchers (or fortune tellers) can be used to “predict” your future based on questions or prompts.

The pointer fingers and thumbs are inserted into triangular-shaped gaps in the folded paper.

Some cootie catchers use numbers on inner panels that are selected; the cootie catcher is then moved that number of times. Other cootie catchers use words that are selected and then spelled out to move the folded paper.

These paper devices are all in good fun and not meant to be taken seriously 😉

I’ve used cootie catchers with my boys to practice counting, spelling, sight words, and more. Using only one sheet of paper, these paper devices are easy and frugal to make. Plus, they help us easily add an element of fun to homeschool review.

My boys love using Nourishing My Scholar’s Harry Potter, Nature, and New Year’s Fun Cootie Catchers.

When we were reading a few Dr. Seuss books in our homeschool, Smiley (9) asked if he could help me make Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers. Bear (7) and Xman (4) joined with their pleas and we had a fun afternoon of planning and creating.

2 printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers being held by boy with red & blue background

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers for Fun Activities

My boys and I are using these cootie catchers as homeschool brain breaks and family fun. These Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers feature our favorite characters.

Each character has an activity prompt to encourage movement. After a homeschool lesson or read-aloud time, I find that it’s very helpful to provide an action-oriented activity (like charades) for my younger boys.

Smiley, Bear, and Xman helped me think of and test our Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catcher activities. To use:

  1. Player 1 holds & manipulates the cootie catcher.
  2. Player 2 selects a character.
  3. That character’s name is spelled out as the cootie catcher is moved back and forth.
  4. One of the words inside the cootie catcher is chosen and spelled out.
  5. Player 2 makes the final selection of word and that flap is opened.
  6. Player 2 performs the prompt.
  7. Switch turns & keep the fun going!

Here’s how we made them:

Your kids will love these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers.
Cut out cootie catcher square.
Have a blast with your kids with these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers.
Turn cootie catcher over. Fold 4 corners to meet in the center.
These 2 free Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers are tons of fun with kids.
All 4 corners folded in 🙂
Have fun with these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers in your classroom, parties, family, & homeschool.
Flip cootie catcher over & fold all corner into the center again.
Enjoy these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers in classrooms, parties, families, & homeschools.
Fold cootie catcher in half (text touching text). Unfold & repeat on other side (to help it be more flexible).
Kids love these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers.
Hold cootie catcher with folded side (crease) pointed up. 2 flaps will meet & open in the center. Gently pull open those flaps & insert thumb & pointer finger. (Thumbs will be positioned closer to your body.)
Have some fun with your kids & these free printable Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers.
Your Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catcher is ready for fun!

I included blank templates (only with characters) for each cootie catcher, in case you’d like to customize with sight words, colors, letters, or other learning concepts. Also, there is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you in creating and using these Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers. DLTK’s Crafts for Kids has an excellent tutorial with pictures on folding origami fortune tellers.

2 Dr. Seuss Cootie Catchers for easy, hands-on activities with your kids. Super fun free Dr. Seuss printables!
Boy holding 2 Dr. Seuss Cootie Catchers for wonderful hands-on fun

Get Your Free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers

WooHoo! Get ready for some awesome hands-on fun with these Dr. Seuss activities!

This printable pack includes 4 pages. 2 pages are completed and 2 pages are blank so you can create your own fun Dr. Seuss prompts.

To get your free printable pack of 2 Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers, simply subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool.

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Boy holding Dr. Seuss cootie catcher featuring The Cat in the Hat, Fish, Thing 1, and Thing 2 with free printable cootie catchers in background to feature the awesome fun you can have with your kids using these prompts to get up & get moving

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Get your 2 free Dr. Seuss-Inspired Cootie Catchers for fun activities with kids.

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Grab this Mega Dr. Seuss Activities Pack to make it super easy & fun to enjoy Dr. Seuss fun with your kids.
Boy holding free Dr. Seuss-Inspired cootie catchers featuring Cat in the Hat, Fish, Thing 1, Thing 2, Horton the Elephant, Sam I Am, Grinch, and The Lorax

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  1. love your freebies…how does a subscriber get to the freebies without having to sign up over and over again? It asks for a password and when I put mine in it bounces me back asking for the password again. Sorry…maybe I’m just computer dumb….LOL. Thanks again for the great stuff. We use them for kids in the most economically challenged County in the State of Florida when we have free kids events at our small museum. Thanks for the help.

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