How To Use Secret Handshakes For Family Fun

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Discover how our family with five boys uses secret handshakes to build family fun & special connections.

Families and friends will find secret handshakes to be a wonderful way to build relationships.  These coordinated and sequenced actions can be a fun way to help both kids and adults have fun as they work on memory and cooperative skills. Best of all, special memories will be built for all that can span lifetimes!

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What Are Secret Handshakes?

Secret handshakes are super cool motions that two or more people agree upon to use as a greeting or celebration. These handshakes involve at least one motion that is unique and memorable to each person. Individuals included in the development and practice of a secret handshake can use these secret handshakes in a variety of ways and times.

Hands are typically used in the sequence of a secret handshake. Other body parts typically included may be:

  • elbows
  • arms
  • wrists
  • shoulders
  • heads
  • knees
  • (you see where I'm going with this!)

Basically, a secret handshake is any sequence of bodily motions that at least two people use for recognizing a particular occasion and relationship.  Not too hard to create and tons of fun to practice!

You can use secret handshakes to build special connections while having family fun.

Why Secret Handshakes?

Secret handshakes are a fantastic opportunity for your family and friends to have fun while growing in relationship. You will find that all will quickly be filled with giggles and smiles as they discuss what motions should come next and in what order. Get ready for shrieks of glee as you practice these secret handshakes and try to remember where and when to use!

Some more awesome features of creating, practicing, and using secret handshakes include:

  • cooperation
  • coordination
  • memory skills
  • sequencing
  • attention
  • patterns
  • gross motor skills
  • communication skills

A wide range of ages can do secret handshakes. Toddlers to teens to adults can have fun at various levels. The sequence and physical movements of a secret handshake can span from one simple movement to a complex spree of coordinated motions.

Click here to see a short video of Captain & Professor demonstrating one of their secret handshakes!

Secret handshakes can be a great way for families to have fun while practicing essential life skills.

Tips For Successful Secret Handshakes

Your approach to these special activities will depend upon ages and attention span. To make the process easy and enjoyable, consider using these ideas:

  • Keep it simple and slow at first
  • Demonstrate what a secret handshake is with a few examples
  • Discuss cool techniques and options
  • Write down these ideas in bullet list form (drawings to illustrate are helpful!)
  • Practice step-by-step
  • Build upon success-work on mastering a few steps prior to moving on
  • Verbalize your steps as you practice
  • Think of helpful reminders, like songs or words, and pair with steps
  • Smile and laugh!

Click here to see a short video of Professor & your truly demonstrating our secret handshakes!

These activities can be a great kinesthetic way to help your kids with memory, attention, and sequencing. Special bonds and memories are formed as you work together to create these unique patterns. Most importantly, secret handshakes provide your family with valuable and fun activity.

What type of secret handshakes will you create with your family?

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