The Best Homeschool Science Kits for All-in-One Solutions to Make Learning Fun

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Discover how the best homeschool science kits can help you easily make learning fun at home.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed with figuring out how to make science happen in your homeschool, you'll love these all-in-one solutions.

When you have the right resources, homeschool science really can be enjoyable for all. Check out these subscription kits (and grab your coupon code!) to simplify science at home.

These homeschool science kits are fantastic ways to make it easy on you & delightful for your kids. Science Unlocked are all-in-one subscription boxes plus curriculum.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

Homeschool Science Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Does the thought of trying to squeeze science activities into your busy homeschool life make your head spin?

If so, you're definitely not alone!

Many homeschoolers confess that science is one of the hardest subjects to complete.

Why can homeschool science feel so stressful? And what's the solution?

Here are a few of the reasons science feels hard to many homeschoolers (maybe you can relate?):

  • Time consuming - activities and experiments break up your schedule or routine
  • So many supplies to get and organize
  • Planning and prep work saps energy
  • Not sure how to build on concepts or what questions to ask to extend the learning fun
  • Homeschooling multiple ages and don't know how to fit it all in

The good news: You CAN enjoy successful science experiences at home, even if you have a super busy schedule, have multiple kids to teach, and don't have a lot of space to store supplies.

I'm so excited to share this new way that I'm enjoying homeschool science with my boys - and why I know it can help your family, too!

Young boy smiling as he holds Science Unlocked box and variety of science activities being done by kids to feature how these homeschool science kits are perfect for open-and-go, stress-free science fun

Homeschool Science Kits to the Rescue!

Standard homeschool science curriculum usually includes textbooks and workbooks, with the occasional extra reference resource or supplementary book thrown in.

But, what about hands-on activities and experiments?

Many options for homeschool science curriculum will say that you'll only need "common household materials" to complete activities.

That approach can work - until you go to do an experiment and realize that you don't have 3 springs, a button cell battery, and copper wire.

Or what happens if you want to take your homeschool science to the next level with more advanced experiments?

It can be so frustrating trying to provide your kids with DIY quality science activities at home!

But, it doesn't have to be that way 😉

Homeschool science kits or subscription boxes make it so much easier on you. That's why I'm LOVING Science Unlocked Kits from Home Science Tools! Read on to find out more.

These delivered-to-your-door solutions are perfect for you if you've ever:

  • Thought you'd go the DIY route for homeschool science (piecing together resources and materials) - only to reach the end of the year and realize your grand ideas never happened
  • Had science activities on your weekly homeschool to-do list - and then find you keep moving them to the next week (because you're too busy or tired to pull together all the supplies)
  • Decided to do a homeschool science activity - only to discover that you don't have some of the materials (and don't have the time or energy to run to the store)
  • Wanted to order homeschool science materials but only need a small quantity for an experiment - and the only option to buy is in bulk
  • Wondering how to combine grades for science activities in your homeschool

With these homeschool science kits, all of those issues are eliminated. You get to jump right into the science fun, without a bit of fuss.

Let's look at other advantages to using these homeschool science kits to make learning fun.

Science supplies, teacher guides, and student workbooks and young boy holding Science Unlocked box to feature the best homeschool science kits to make it easy on you and delightful for your kids

Benefits of Using Homeschool Science Kits

When you use a Science Unlocked kit, you get everything you need for quality science at home. It really is an all-in-one solution for busy homeschoolers!

One of the best parts is that you save time, money, and energy. Let me explain...

Our homeschool budget for 5 boys has always been limited. I mistakenly thought that I had to make science happen all by myself to save money. Wrong!

I wasted so much time looking for topics and trying to find supplies for simple DIY activities. Inevitably, I'd end up going to the store at the last minute for some item. By the time I'd get everything ready, the learning moment would be lost.

Oh, and that's another reason homeschool science kits rock: You get to take advantage of those learning moments to explore interests and dive deep into topics. (You know, since you're not running around all over the place trying to find a feather and piece of felt!)

Science kits for kids help spark curiosity that can lead to further exploration and investigation. Often, these kits have just the right materials to help you do that.

Science activity featuring Newton's first law using homeschool science kit (Science Unlocked)
Science activity from Newton's Motions kit(Launch level), part of Science Unlocked.

Science Unlocked: The Best Kits for Your Homeschool

Over the years, my boys and I have tried a variety of science kits for kids. Each of these kits were more supplemental or enrichment - not really a full curriculum. I felt like I was spending money on only half of what we really needed for quality science at home.

When I found out about these new Science Unlocked kits from Home Science Tools, I did a happy dance!

Science Unlocked is a magical mix of curriculum and subscription boxes for kids.

With each kit, you'll find that it's open-and-go learning fun. You get all the supplies, curriculum, worksheets, and recommended online resources in one box for at least a month of homeschool science.

This new approach was designed to make teaching science at home as easy and enjoyable as possible. Three levels, based on children's natural developmental growth, are available:

  1. Wonder (grades K-2): Perfect for your young scientists!
  2. Accelerate (grades 3-7): Fun way to get upper elementary and middl school students excited about science (because those tween years can be tough!)
  3. Launch (grades 8-12): Your older kids can still have hands-on science fun!

Science Unlocked is more than a curriculum — it's an all-in-one homeschool science program designed with both parents and children in mind. You get step-by-step instructions with learning guide to not only make science doable, but also make it awesome.

If you're homeschooling multiple ages, no worries! These kits have ideas and suggestions for how to adapt the activities for younger or older students.

My boys and I have had the amazing opportunity to use a science kit from each level.

Fizz, Foam, Fire! homeschool science kit, part of Science Unlocked
Here's a sneak peek inside Fizz, Foam, Fire! kit (Accelerate level)

Each kit contains:

  • A Getting Started Guide:
    • great introduction to the topic with learning goals
    • tips on using the kit
    • packing list of supplies (and what activities each is used for)
  • Teacher Guide:
    • fantastic resource that guides you through each section
    • provides estimated time required for each lesson
    • offers suggested timeline of doing lessons
    • includes background information
    • tips for preparation and supervision
    • with questions to spark discussion and prompt critical thinking
  • Student Workbook:
    • wonderful resource for your student
    • with information about lesson and steps for activities
    • includes questions and space for recording observations
    • has colorful pictures to demonstrate concept or step in an activity
    • provides suggestions for extending the learning fun
    • includes glossary at the back for science concepts covered in the kit
  • Supplies:
    • Includes all the hands-on materials you'll need (except very common household items or appliances)

Let's take a closer look at each level and what's in the kits!

Wonder: A Science Kit for Grades K-2

At the Wonder level of Science Unlocked, each kit has about 6 hours of instruction and activities.

You'll find a variety of fun topics like:

My younger boys and I had so much science fun with the Super Seeds kit.

With this curriculum and activities, we learned all about the diversity and dispersal of seeds plus pollination and germination.

Although we've touched upon these concepts in our homeschool science, these hands-on activities took our learning to the next level.

The boys were fascinated by the pollination activity. They made a bee out of pipe cleaners and saw how "pollen" (glitter) could be moved from flower to flower.

The seed dispersal activities were huge hits. Xman and Bear thought it was so cool to see the difference between how a feather and fur could transport seeds.

The exploding pods activity, however, took the prize for most science fun in this kit! Such powerful learning with such a simple exercise!

The Student Workbook made it super easy for my boys to learn about these concepts and do the activities. I only needed to provide supervision and a bit of help.

The best part: The boys were excited to fill out their science workbooks. (They usually fight me on anything writing so this was a huge win!)

Accelerate: A Homeschool Science Kit for Grades 3-7

At the Accelerate level of Science Unlocked, each kit has about 9 hours of instruction and activities.

In these kits, you'll find super cool topics, like:

My boys and I had a blast with the Fizz, Foam, and Fire kit.

With this kit, you get an introduction to chemical reactions. You find evidence for chemical change, use clues, to describe reactants and products, and determine whether reactions are endothermic or exothermic.

This science kit was perfect for my rising 7th grader (Smiley). Of course, Xman (2nd grade) and Bear (5th grade) had to join the science fun.

The first activity - Elephant Toothpaste Explosion! - has a big Wow! factor. All of the boys thought it was "so cool!".

I appreciated having all the supplies for this activity in our kit. It made it so easy to just open the box and get started. The addition of pipets, beaker, graduated cylinder, and 6% hydrogen peroxide solution made it feel like a real experiment being conducted in a lab (and not just on our kitchen counter).

Chemistry really isn't my thing (although maybe it would have been if I had these kits as a student!) so I also loved having the information broken down with clear explanations and tips.

Oh, and the science equations (like hydrogen peroxide + catalyst -> water + hydrogen gas + catalyst + heat) helped the boys and me visualize the process!

The Mini-Fire Extinguisher activity (using baking soda and citric acid) was another huge hit. I love how these hands-on activities are getting my boys excited about science!

Launch: A Science Kit for Grades 8-12

In the Launch level for Science Unlocked, each kit has about 15 hours of instruction and activities.

For this kit, my rising Junior (Professor) joined our science fun. We're excited about topics at this level that include:

Our homeschool had learning fun with the Newton's Notions kit. With these activities, you get to experience hands-on learning with Newton's three laws of motion, exploring concepts like inertia, acceleration, and reaction forces.

Although the kit is designed for older students, my younger boys were able to enjoy the activities. They just left the higher level equations and reading to big brother 😉

Making a simple Newton's Cradle was a highlight of this kit. Learning the how and why behind this popular device made it even more interesting!

Of course, the balloon rocket (and the science behind it) was the favorite activity in this kit.

I am also not a Physics gal. Once again, I appreciated having these activities broken down into easy-to-understand concepts that I could enjoy with my boys (and feel like I effectively explain).

Get Science Unlocked Kits & Make Learning Fun for All

Don't these homeschool science kits look amazing?!?

You can get the nitty-gritty on all of these Science Unlocked kits over at Home Science Tools. You'll find detailed descriptions of what's in each kit plus what activities will be done and what concepts are covered.

Not sure which Science Unlocked kits would be best for your homeschool?

No worries! You can take a free Science Unlocked quiz. Scroll to the bottom of this page and simply answer a few questions then submit your email address (don't worry - you won't be spammed AND you'll get alerts on great deals + coupon codes!).

Your results will get delivered straight to your inbox so you can easily pick out your Science Unlocked kits.

When you're ready to order your science kits, make sure to use coupon code ROCKYOURHOMESCHOOL for 30% off your first kit.

WooHoo! Wishing you tons of stress-free science fun!

Do you have any questions about these Science Unlocked kits? Please let me know in the comments area below 🙂

Science supplies, teacher\'s guides, student workbooks, boy working on pollination activity, and boy smiling as he holds Science Unlocked box to feature the best homeschool science kits to make it easy on you and delightful for your kids

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    1. Hey there - great question! did not buy a kit for each kid. I didn't make copies of the workbooks - they shared them and took turn writing in them.

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