STEM-Based Learning Fun With This Unique Monthly Kit

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STEM-based learning is such a hot topic among parents and teachers! If you are looking for an affordable and effective way to teach your kids with a STEM approach, find out how this new monthly subscription kit can help. Packed with activities plus educational comic book, your kids are sure to love Know Yourself Adventure Series.

STEM-based learning is quite the popular topic in many educational circles today. Concerned parents and educators are seeking out new ways to help our kids become engaged and excited about science, technology, engineering, and math to prepare our children for modern living. Finding affordable and effective resources with STEM-based concepts and activities has also become important to homeschool families.

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My boys and I have had the wonderful opportunity to review two of the monthly subscription kits from the new Know Yourself Adventure Series. I gave an introduction to this company and its goals, as well as its unique new products that can help you rock your homeschool STEM-based learning. I also shared our learning fun with adventure #1:  The Five Senses.

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I have been blown away by how much information is packed into these stories and activities! My boys are learning some concepts that I honestly did not think they would learn until at least high school level. Before I share more about Adventure #2: The Skeletal System, let me fill you in on the details of these unique monthly kits.

Know Yourself Adventure Series is a fabulous monthly subscription kit that provides you with an affordable and effective way to have STEM-based learning fun with your kids.

Know Yourself Adventure Series:  STEM-Based Learning Fun!

Each monthly subscription kit costs $29.99 and suggested for ages 7-12. (All of my boys listen to the stories and participate in the activities. They are 2, 5, 7, 11, and 14. We make it a family learning fun time.)

Hands-on learning compliments a colorful and educational comic book. Each kit contains activities that help your kids learn more about the history, cuisine, culture, and well-known thinkers of a specific country. Concepts are reinforced with discussion questions and points to ponder.

Educational comic books like those found in monthly subscription kits by Know Yourself Adventure Series are fantastic ways to engage reluctant readers into STEM-based learning fun.
Sneak peek inside the Time Skaters and the Seventh Sense: Bone Voyage educational comic book.

STEM-Based Learning:  Skeletal System, Russia, & Ballet

Are you thinking what I am thinking? How in the world can you combine lessons on the skeletal system, Russia, and ballet? Well, Know Yourself Adventure series has found an effective way to do it!

Adventure #2: The Skeletal System takes you and your young readers back in time to Russia in 1922. You will meet an important Russian scientist of the time, learn a few Russian words, and discover facts about that time period. Russian novelists, nesting dolls, and a bit of geography are also addressed.  It is the perfect combination of facts and trivia to engage your kids and excite them to learn even more.

STEM-Based learning fun is possible with cool activities like this skeleton from Know Yourself Adventure Series.
Meet Jack the Skeleton, our new homeschool friend.

The boys had a blast constructing this skeleton! "Jack" the Skeleton has become our new homeschool friend. As Bear (5) said, "It's nice to have a friend that you can lay on the table and learn the names of his bones." Um...not exactly what I was thinking but I will take it since my older boys are now on the quest to memorize Jack's bones first. (I do know how odd that sounds but as a homeschool mom, I just know it it better to roll with it when my boys are really into learning about a subject.)

STEM-Based learning fun is possible and affordable with monthly subscription kits like Know Yourself Adventure Series.
Who is that hiding behind Jack the Skeleton? It's Xman & Bear! Great for hands-on learning!

I never thought I would see my boys test out ballet positions  (cool way to throw in a bit of homeschool P.E.!). This activity was super fun and gave my boys a whole new appreciation for the skill and athletic ability it takes to be a ballet dancer. The Quick Start Guide had diagrams for the first five positions in ballet. Quite challenging indeed!

Here is what you will you get in your Know Yourself Adventure Series #2: The Skeletal System:

  • Quick Start Guide and Side-By-Side Learning Calendar
  • Time Skaters Comic, Issue 2: Bone Voyage
  • Adventure Guide Booklet
  • Know Yourself Build Your Own Skeleton with Know Yourself's signature typography
  • Know Yourself playing cards with signature typography and artwork (These cards are super cool! Each card has facts about a bone of the body.)
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Bone Pen (What kid doesn't love a bone pen?)

Know Yourself is a company that is truly dedicated to helping kids. I think this quote perfectly explains their mission:

Know Yourself is addressing one of the top challenges facing parents today: teaching their children how to be human in the face of addictive technology and overly stimulating diversions. Know Yourself has created an educational pathway to understanding human anatomy, physiology, psychology, and most importantly how they work together to move any person toward their full potential. In short, Know Yourself is in the business of making kids better at everything.

For even more information on the Know Yourself Adventure Series and how you can get started on STEM-Based learning fun with your kids, check out their site and follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. As always, you can ask any questions that you have about these kits here!

How do you think your kids would benefit the most from these STEM-Based Learning Kits?

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