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How to Boost Homeschool Science With Amazon Prime Video

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Have you discovered these amazing resources to supplement homeschool science with Amazon Prime Videos? Great list to help you get started. Includes free instant download of K-W-L Chart for Science Videos.


Don't you just love finding resources that serve multiple purposes? Resources that you can use for your family, homeschool, and fun?

The benefits are even sweeter when the resources are affordable and easy to use!

Make sure to read until the end of this post to get your FREE K-W-L Chart for Science Videos!

Amazon Prime has been hands down one of the best investments that I have made for our family. I shared tips on how to effectively use Amazon Prime Video in your homeschool. I also shared these amazing perks of being an Amazon Prime member. Before I share videos and T.V. shows available for homeschool science with Amazon Prime Video, here's a reminder of Amazon Prime perks.

For $99 a month ($8.25 per month) and unlimited, free two-day shipping on many items, this busy mama greatly appreciates the many services included with our membership, like:

  • Prime Video:  You can stream thousands of movies and television shows for free.
  • Prime Music:  You are able to stream over two million songs for free. (My boys love to find new songs to jam to here!)
  • Twitch Prime:  A new feature, you get free video game content plus Twitch channel subscription.
  • Audible Channels:  Enjoy listening to original audio series and playlists.
  • Prime Photo:  You get unlimited photo storage for you plus five other people. Another cool feature-search box to easily find pictures.
  • Prime Early Access:  As an Amazon Prime member, you get access to lightning deals thirty minutes prior to start. This factor is clutch because lightning deals sometimes close before they even open!
  • Kindle Books:  You may choose one Kindle book for free from Editor's Picks list.
  • Prime Reading:    Find reading pleasure with over a thousand books, magazines, comics, and more.
  • And at least 12 more awesome features!

Amazon Prime Video is a part of your Amazon Prime membership.  You can experience a FREE month of Amazon Prime Video by clicking on the image below!

Discover the amazing resources for homeschool science with Amazon Prime Video! Includes free instant download of K-W-L Chart for Science Videos.

Boost Homeschool Science With Amazon Prime Video

Have you had a chance to check out all that Amazon Prime Video has to offer? I wanted to make sure that you knew about the awesome resources for homeschool science with Amazon Prime Video. Television shows and videos with science themes are currently available for different ages.

Here are a few of our favorites, as well as resources we have added to our watchlist (cool Amazon Prime video feature to add shows and videos that you want to watch in the future). **We have not watched all of these titles. As with any media, I strongly recommend that you do your research and preview the videos prior to showing your kids.

Wild Kratts (seasons 1, 2, 10):  My younger boys love this show! Kids get to join the Kratts brothers as they go on terrific adventures and share their knowledge of different animals and their habitats.


Kratts' Creatures (season 1):  This show is an earlier version of Wild Kratts and super fun!


Science For Kids  (Grades K-8):  Includes three short episodes that teach about the solar system.


Popular Mechanics for Kids (4 seasons):  With episodes that run between 22-23 minutes, kids get to explore and learn about a variety of interesting topics.


HowStuffWorks Classics (seasons 1-4):  Kids learn about all that it takes to put on Star Wars fan convention, cars, and more!


What The Stuff? (seasons 1-5):  Variety of topics that I would recommend for teens.


Annedroids (seasons 1-4):  Another favorite for my younger boys! Great show for inspiring imagination and invention.


Ready Jet Go! (seasons 1 & 2 available on Amazon Prime Video):  My younger boys have just started to watch this show and report that they like it.


Nova (seasons 1, 13, 14):  These videos are longer and provide a closer look on specific science topics.


Secrets of the Universe (season 1):  My older three boys and I have these videos on our to-watch list to learn more about our universe.


XPloration Outer Space (3 seasons):  These shows are fantastic for getting a closer look at how space exploration and its discoveries affect our lives. All five boys (14, 11, 8, 5, 3) enjoy these shows.


XPloration Animal Science (2 seasons):  Another great series! These shows explore animal facts and more.


XPloration Awesome Planet  (3 seasons):  Explore inside, on, and above the Earth with this series hosted by Phillipe Cousteau, Jr.


Physical Geography Collecting Rocks & Minerals:  This video is great for an introduction to geology and type of rocks and minerals.


Click on the image below to instantly download and print your FREE K-W-L Chart for Science Videos!
thumbnail of K-W-L- Chart for Science Videos
How will you boost homeschool science with Amazon Prime Video? Do you know of other shows or videos for homeschool science with Amazon Prime Video to add to this list?

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