My Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast Interview: Self-Care

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Super exciting news! My Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast is now available for download.

Cue the gigantic disco ball, rainbow flashing lights, and You Should Be Dancing! I love myself some BeeGess!  Well, at least in my mind;)

To check out what Julie Bogart, creator of Brave Writer and my homeschool superhero, and I chatted about, pop over to iTunes. Subscribe to her brilliant podcast and download. Put on a pair of earbuds and get ready for some homeschool encouragement!

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Find out more about my family's Brave Writer Lifestyle in this podcast interview!


I don't want to give away what we talked about (you must tune in to find out!) but you will definitely learn more about my life as a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. Also, I share about how we interweave a Brave Writer Lifestyle into our homeschool and family life.


Check out my Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast interview with Julie Bogart. Find out about our family's Brave Writer Lifestyle & more!

Remember Self-Care:  My Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast

I am a huge proponent of self-care for moms, especially homeschool moms. How can you perform your maternal and home education duties if you haven't filled your own cup?

Self-care for homeschool moms must include time for body, mind, and soul. Julie and I discuss my approach to self-care and how it helps me maintain my sanity as a busy homeschool mom.

I loved sharing how Brave Writer has had such a tremendous positive impact on our homeschool. I would love for you to find out more at Remember Self-Care with Amy Milcic at the Brave Writer blog. You can find show notes for more information about the topics and resources mentioned.

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