Free Homeschool Fun Challenge with April Doodle Prompts

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Want an easy way to encourage, inspire, and create with your kids? Join our homeschool fun challenge & use these FREE April doodle prompts.


Are you pumped up for another homeschool fun challenge? Ready to get your doodling on? Here is an easy way to add sparkle to your learning fun every day!

Check out this FREE instant download for April Doodle Prompts! Daily reminders to help you and your kids have a great time doodling in your homeschool!

Did you miss my reasons for why I believe doodling is a fantastic learning fun activity? I shared my thoughts behind this homeschool fun challenge with doodling here. I think this is a perfect way to get kids of all ages working on a project at the same time.

With a shared doodle prompt, your kids (and you!) are encouraged to use your creativity and imagination to doodle away. You can stick with a simple doodle or let your doodles explore new ideas and possibilities.

For example, one of our doodle prompts for last month was "pig". All five of my boys doodled a pig in a different way.

  • Captain (14) created a cyber pig with robot-like features.
  • Professor (11) made a more scientific doodle with labels.
  • Smiley (8) drew a comic book style representation and story of a pig.
  • Bear (5) created a cute cartoon-like version of a pig.
  • Xman (2) made lots of piggy tails with squiggles and a pig face with an adorable snout.

I love how this homeschool fun challenge with doodles allows each of my boys to creatively express themselves and their personalities. Our daily doodles only take a few minutes but create fantastic opportunities for description and oral presentation.

My boys and I have DIY doodle books. We make them with cardstock, printer paper, and a stapler. Super easy to make custom doodle books:)  Here is a quick video tutorial to make your own:

YouTube video

Get in on the fun! Join our homeschool fun challenge with free printable April Doodle Prompts. Encourage, inspire, & create with your kids!

FREE Printable April Doodle Prompts

To access your free instant download, just click on the image below, download, and print! Get your paper and pencils (we love to use color pencils!) ready for some super doodling fun!

thumbnail of April Daily Doodle Prompts

I hope you join us in our homeschool fun challenge with April doodle prompts. Such a simple way to add sparkle to your learning fun! Tag Amy @rockyourhomeschool and use #RHYSdoodlefun!

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