Homeschool Super Powers Activate: You Do Have What It Takes!

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Do you realize that you have homeschool super powers? Yes, you do! Are you using these powers to help you rock your homeschool? Find out what these 6 tools are and how you can be accessing for greater homeschool peace.

As a homeschooler, it is normal to have moments when you less than enough. On those drab days where nothing seems to go right, you might feel:

  • hopeless
  • helpless
  • friendless
  • sleepless
  • humorless
  • worthless
  • powerless

That last one is the worst!  Have you ever felt like there was absolutely nothing you could do to improve a situation in your homeschool?  Not a great feeling...

Why is it that homeschoolers put so much pressure on themselves? Why do you expect to be able to do everything at all times? How did these unrealistic expectations develop?

Pressure from unsupportive or curious family and friends may be internalized. Incessant questioning as to why you homeschool and what you do all day can start to grate your nerves and put a dent in your homeschool confidence. Understandably, with all those questions, we start to question ourselves!

In addition to any external doubts, homeschoolers often begin their journey with personal apprehensions.  "Am I smart enough?", "Do I have enough patience?", and "How can I teach chemistry when I didn't understand it myself!" are the types of general questions that I have uttered and have heard many homeschoolers also say.

Homeschooling can be overwhelming! It can feel daunting. Yet, you have started this journey for a reason. As such, you feel called to learn as much as possible and provide a successful home education for your kids.

In your honeymoon phase of homeschooling, you might have felt like, "Oh yeah! I got this! What was everyone fussing about?". Reality hits (as it always does) and knocks you for a loop. You lay on the ground, staring up at the ceiling, feeling like you were in the wrong place during the running of the bulls.

Stunned, you feel -less.

And with that -less, doubts and thoughts of giving up come lurking in.  Because there is no way that you can do this! Or can you?

I am here to tell you that yes you can! You DO have what it takes!  So, pick yourself up off the ground, shake out those wounded muscles (and pride), and discover your homeschool super powers!

So, let's pick your up off the ground, shake out those wounded muscles (and pride), and discover your homeschool super powers!

Homeschool Super Powers Activate!

Do you remember the Wonder Twins from Hanna-Barbera's cartoon, Super Friends? Here's a short video that will teach all you need to know about Wonder Twins (in case you forget or have never seen):

YouTube video

I loved watching reruns of Super Friends as a child! My brother and I would pretend that we had special powers that would activate just like Zan and Jayna (yes, I remember their names-kinda scary!). I loved imagining that I could turn into any animal that I wanted. I often was a horse or a cheetah (in case you were just itching to know).

I think what I loved most about Wonder Twins super powers was that they had to cooperate in order to activate their powers. They had to work together to make their skills come to life. Their powers were always there, just laying in wait to be called upon and used to help and support.

As a homeschooler, YOU have super powers.  (Oh yes, you do! Don't go shaking your head in disbelief!)

You have an arsenal of homeschool super powers just waiting to be tapped and released. I want you to sing with me, "I got the power!" Aw yeah! This time, we are bringing it back to a little Snap!:

YouTube video

Okay, so now that I got you dancing off any of the -less feelings, let's get down to how
you can access and apply your homeschool super powers.

Use These Homeschool Super Powers Wisely!

(I almost added Young Jedi there but thought that might just be a bit too much.)

These tips and ideas that I am about to share are not rocket science. These suggestions are simple to do and within all of our capabilities.

 Often, you just need to be reminded of your special gifts and encouraged to give them a try once more. Bonus, none of these homeschool super powers cost anything!

(**I do want to preface this list of homeschool super powers with this reminder:  You know your kids best.  Use these ideas based on your knowledge of them. Not all children like eye contact and may become anxious. Consider your child's personality and quirks when customizing your homeschool super powers toolbox.)

  1. Eye Contact:  I wonder what number you would report if you counted how many times you actually made eye contact with your kids today. It can be so easy to get caught up in "getting stuff done". Remember to slow down and make eye contact. This super power can be potent for establishing connections and deepening discussions.
  2. Touch:  Now, this idea may seem redundant if you have little ones. My younger boys are constantly touching me to the point that I feel like if one more person hugs/tugs/pokes/hangs on me that I am going to crumble to the floor in a pile of dust. My question is:  how many of those touches are intentional? A pat on the shoulder or a reassuring high five can have huge benefits.
  3. Embrace:  Taking it a step further, how many times today have you hugged your kids? I am not suggesting that you go overboard and give a hug every 33 seconds. Just have a greater awareness of the frequency of embraces and if there could be more;)
  4. Body Language:  The manner in which you physically present yourself to others has the potential for tremendous homeschool super powers. Furrowed brow, crossed arms, and hunched-over posture are not very inviting nor conducive to conversations.  An open posture with arms relaxed by your side and a smile can help you create a more positive homeschool environment.
  5. Breath:  You have control over your breathing. You have the power to slow your breathing down by inhaling slowly for a count of three and exhaling with a calming breath for a count of five. With that calming of the breath, you also have the power to release tension in your muscles. You can take this super power with you wherever you go and use to reduce anger and anxiety.
  6. Reset Button:  One of the most helpful tips that I have gained from following Julie Bogart, creator of Brave Writer, is that it is okay to hit the reset button. You have the power to restart your day, at any time and more than once.  Put down the books and pause. Ask yourself:  what do you need at this time? What do your kids need? Look for a way to combine those needs and take a break together. Come back refreshed and ready to go.Have you activated your homeschool super powers? Find out why you do have what it takes and tips on using these practical tips to rock your homeschool.



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Although these homeschool super powers can be beneficial when used consistently, they will not completely eliminate future problems. None of us are perfect. Bad days are bound to happen.

Jot down these super powers for those rough patches.  Imagine that you and I are the Wonder Twins (I'll let you be Jayna as long as I can turn into an iceberg!) and we are reaching out to each other. We can do this homeschool thing together! "Homeschool Super Powers-Activate!"


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