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10 Ways To Help Kids Burn Off Energy In Your Homeschool

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Discover 10 ways to help kids burn off energy in your homeschool. Practical yet fun tips on helping your homeschool when energy levels are high.


My five boys are busy.

When I say that they are busy, it is said in a loving yet awe-struck tone.

I thought I knew what busy meant.

And then I had five boys.

Five curious, inventive, and imaginative boys. Five boys whose ideas of fun can run from extremes, like building ramps to seeing how high they can pop-a-wheelie on their bikes to laying on our hillside and observing an ant mound with intense play-by-play reports. Five boys with minds that often seem to run a mile a minute as they look to explore the world around us.

As a tomboy and bit of a squirrelly mom, I am blessed with the perfect medley of boys.

But, dang, it can get exhausting! Especially as we strive to complete our homeschool day.


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One of the most important tweaks to our homeschool has been finding ways to burn off energy. I need a list of great ideas to turn to, especially for before we start our homeschool day with our morning time board. My five boys need to "shake their sillies" out of their systems to get ready to learn. (Oh, did I mention that they are all early birds so waking before the sun rises is not an uncommon event around here?)

Our free printable 54 Brain Breaks To Boost Your Homeschool Day is one approach I use to help my boys burn off energy, become focused, or quiet down. These homeschool brain breaks have different purposes and are designed for different learning styles.

These 10 Ways to Help Kids Burn Off Energy In Your Homeschool provide additional ways to help your kids burn off energy prior to the start of your homeschool day. I do believe that any of these ideas are great ways to hit the reset button when energy levels are high.


Here's help for those high energy days in your homeschool! 10 indoor and outdoor activities that will help your kids burn off that energy!

10 Ways To Help Kids Burn Off Energy In Your Homeschool

1. Exercise

As a busy homeschool mom, I know how precious time can be, especially during morning prep time. I don't know about you, but I don't always have time to lead my boys in an organized aerobic activity.

YouTube and DVDs with exercise videos to the rescue! Sort through old exercise DVDs (or VHS tapes if you still have them) and hit the play button. Prior to any type of exercise, make sure to go through any house rules (like no running or keeping hands to self), as well as important self-care practices like warming up and stretching.

Don't forget the power of YouTube! There are tons of exercise video titles appropriate for kids (Caveat: make sure to watch before playing! You just never know...)

2. Nature Walk

Consider taking a walk outside! This type of activity can be enjoyed in most types of weather, depending upon your point of view and preparedness. Don't let a bit of rain stop your nature walk fun and energy-burning off opportunity! Throw on some rain boots and slosh through the puddles. Bundle up in cold weather and let the brisk air wear them out. Create memories with your kids as you burn off some energy!

3. Calisthenics

Don't have time for a nature walk or exercise video? Do some jumping jacks, run in place, and do toe touches. If you are working on another chore, kids can rotate turns for leading your crew. Get creative! Add some counting, backwards motions, or eyes closed. My boys like to pretend that they are in the army, barking out orders. I say, whatever works!

4. Physical Games

My boys love to play hide-and-seek before we start our homeschool day.  Duck-Duck-Goose is another fun game to play inside or out. A modified version of Red Light-Green Light can be a lot of fun. Follow The Leader and an indoor relay race can be enjoyable and giggle-inducing, too. Better yet, allow your kids to create their own game for a safe yet fun way to burn off energy.

5. Dance Party

Our family loves to have a dance party! Throw on some tunes and burn off energy with this fun activity. Your kids can each pick a song or, if time is limited, rotate turns each day.

6. Obstacle Course

Let imaginations go wild as you create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Use safe objects like pillows and stuffed animals to navigate. Consider having checkpoints where kids need to read instructions like "10 Jumping Jacks" before proceeding to the next level.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Inside or outside, scavenger hunts can be super fun and great ways to burn off energy. You can create a more formal version with a prepared checklist and hidden items. Or you can rattle off a few items for your kids to go look for (especially helpful on those homeschool days when you have sports or other activities with necessary items to find!)

8. Stretching

Sometimes, the best way to start our homeschool day and burn off energy is stretching. I think this activity is wonderful for getting blood flowing, helping muscles relax, and focusing on our day. We often use this time to talk about our upcoming day or just anything that comes to mind.

9. Chores

I have my boys do some of their chores at the start of our day, especially if we have a busy schedule lined up for the evening. Making beds, sweeping, and dusting can turn into fun with a bit of music and cooperation. Work done plus burn off energy equals bonus points!

10. Balloons

Oh, how we love balloons! Blow up a few and have a fun balloon volleyball game. Use one or two balloons for a baton in a relay race. We have even been known to stuff one in our shirts for a few giggles as we dance with balloon bellies.

How do you burn off energy in your homeschool?
Share your ideas here to encourage and inspire other homeschoolers!


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