How to Build Your Homeschool Treasure Chest, One Gem at a Time

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You want to look back on your homeschool day with a smile.

But, it feels like it gets harder and harder.

You feel like you're buried in a mountain of to-dos and doubts. Plus, you're not sure if it's been harder to fight the kids or yourself to get motivated and get it done. And do you really just want to "get it done"? Heck, no! You want to enjoy your homeschooling adventures!

What's happened to the joy and anticipation of homeschooling? Where did it go?

The truth: it's still there. 

But, real life happens. And it's very easy to let the stress of laundry piles and extracurricular activities cloud over those glimmers of homeschool delights and shared moments.

So, how do you shift your mindset and focus on the positive? How do you build on successes and reframe the not-so-great moments?

By building a homeschool treasure chest. One gem at a time 😉 


What's a Homeschool Treasure Chest? And Why You Want One!

A homeschool treasure chest is where you store the gems of your homeschooling adventures.

This special collection might be memories stored in your mind, visual through pictures, or hands-on. No matter what form your homeschool treasure chest takes, it serves to help you and your loved ones maintain a positive approach to your homeschool.

Why would you want to spend your time and energy on building a homeschool treasure chest? You've got enough on your plate to worry about, right?

Well, a homeschool treasure chest is an important tool in your homeschool mom toolbox. It provides you with important reminders of why you homeschool and what you're accomplishing with your kids. It's a unique place to savor homeschool memories as you build upon strengths and what's working in your homeschool.

And sometimes, you just need that spark of light to remember all the good you're doing.

Plus, it's way to easy to get wrapped up in the negative and overwhelm of homeschooling. As a homeschool mom, it's vital to have tips and tricks up your sleeve to help you stay on track and keep a positive frame of mind.


Building a Homeschool Treasure Chest, One Gem at a Time

You can look for and find the positives in your homeschool day. Some days might be harder than others. That's natural and to be expected.

But, by focusing on special moments or transforming difficult times into growth opportunities, you'll be creating homeschool gems. And, in doing so, creating valuable treasures for your homeschool.

Here are two options for collecting homeschool gems. You can:

  1. Look for the value in your homeschool day. Highlight good moments and times when your child glows with discovery and understanding. These moments would be more like unearthing natural gems.
  2. Take regular or negative moments (regular rocks) and reframe them into positive and/or special treasures. Kind of like using your mind or conversation with your kids as a rock tumbler. You clean up, polish, and reveal latent beauty, shine, sparkle, and potential.

Now, you can't do this activity with all homeschool moments BUT you can do it each day.


Build a homeschool treasure chest & discover the benefits of this positive approach to homeschooling.

How to Unearth Gems for Your Homeschool Treasure Chest

To unleash the power of positive homeschooling, focus on:

1. Your Homeschool Day

Approach your homeschool day with positive. Adjust your thinking and look for the good. When your child listens, cooperates, and completes work, give praise and make note of this success.

Provide gentle reminders or corrections to steer your child into a growth mindset.

To help yourself get a positive start to the day, use homeschool mom affirmations. These positive self-statements can help you shift your thinking and approach.


2. With Each Child

All children are unique. Look for the good in each of them. It takes some effort but it's totally worth it.

Ask yourself when this child quickly obeyed. Or listened. Maybe helped a sibling or went above and beyond?

Focus on those times when that child did anything good. Even a brief smile. Polish off that positive and make it shine 🙂


3. Yourself

As a homeschool mom, you have a lot of pressure. And it's way too easy to be hard on yourself.

Instead of getting suck into self-critique or negativism, look at your successes.

How did you hold it together today? What did you do that helped your homeschool find its groove?

Even if it feels like you totally sucked today and nothing went right, I want you to wipe off all the negative muck and dig deep. Did you get up and feed your kids? Maybe read them a story or listen to an audiobook? Focus on ANYTHING that you did to propel your homeschool forward. Because I know you did and you deserve a homeschool gem yourself!


Fun Ways to Build a Homeschool Treasure Chest

A homeschool treasure chest can most definitely be built in your mind and a fabulous way to store precious moments. And that's a wonderful tool to have as a homeschool mom.

To get your kids in on the fun, you can use a hands-on and/or visual approach!

Hands-on Homeschool Treasure Chest:  Decorate a shoebox or other container to look like a treasure chest. Cut out circle or gem shapes on different colors of construction paper. Write down the homeschool gem. Glue or tape to your homeschool treasure chest. Or use a glass jar and pebbles, gems, or coins to mark each homeschool gem.

Visual Homeschool Treasure Chest: Make a poster of a homeschool treasure chest and place in your homeschool area. If you're a bullet journal user, you can draw one and use a tracker. Cut out gem shapes to add or draw your own!


You CAN shift your thinking from negative to positive. Become a homeschool treasure hunter! Discover and relish the positive of each and every day with your kids. And store those delightful memories in your homeschool treasure chest 🙂

How can a homeschool treasure chest help you maintain a positive approach to learning at home?

Discover the joys and benefits of building a homeschool treasure chest, one gem at a time. Use this positive approach to homeschooling to help your kids & yourself.

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