Why Your Mindset is Important in Your Homeschool

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Discover why YOUR mindset is important in your homeschool.

If you want to transform your homeschooling adventures, these tips and resources will help you become more positive, patient, and relaxed with your homeschool mindset.


Find growth mindset activities that you can use as a homeschool mom & enjoy with your kids.


The Importance of Mindset as a Homeschooler

Let's play Homeschool Truth game, shall we?

Don't worry about your score or winning. Points will be awarded for your honesty and courage to truly look at YOUR impact on your homeschool. There are no right or wrong answers.

Question #1:  What is the first word that you think of to describe your typical homeschool day?

Question #2:  When you wake up in the morning, what is the first feeling that you experience when you consider your upcoming homeschool day?

Question #3:  On any given homeschool day, how many times do you experience these feelings:

a. anger

b. overwhelm

c. fear

d. impatience


What do you notice about these questions? And how did it feel to answer them? Did you find yourself wanting to sugarcoat your responses a bit to make yourself look better?

If so, that's a totally normal response! I mean, the responsibility of homeschooling has a tendency to make even the most mellow of moms want to strive for success and to create the best homeschool experience ever.

Here's your final question with the grand prize of greater self-awareness and working towards a growth mindset in your homeschool:

How does your mindset truly impact your homeschool life?

There is no time limit or buzzer for this question. Take your time and genuinely consider how your thoughts and feelings influence your homeschool.


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Mindset Talk:  What is It & Why is It Important

What is a homeschool mindset? Basically, it is how you think about your homeschool lifestyle. Your homeschool mindset is:

  • the words you use to describe your homeschool life
  • the feeling that those words evoke
  • the overall mood and attitude those words create

Words have power. Tremendous power.

Think about if you're on a diet. You've been working so hard to be "good". Your kids want to go to the local ice cream shoppe. You tell yourself, "Just a little bit won't hurt!" Then, you fall off the diet wagon because you start some black-and-white thinking. "Oh, I totally ruined my diet with that small chocolate ice cream cup. Might as well throw the towel in and forget it."

You may be familiar with breaking down your thoughts like this in terms of a diet or budget. But, have you ever considered how your mindset affects your homeschool?

If not, I highly encourage the practice. I know for a fact that transforming your homeschool mindset from negative thoughts and feelings to positive growth and potential is extremely effective on putting you on the path to homeschool peace of mind.


Want to transform your homeschool. Find out why your mindset plays a vital role & what you can do about it.

You CAN Change Your Homeschool Mindset!

Great news! This is an area of your homeschool that you actually change and control.   You have the power to change your homeschool mindset. You CAN learn how to harness the power of your thoughts to transform your homeschool.

Homeschool dance party time!

What do I mean by "one area"? Well, think about what really happens when you try to make a change in your homeschool. You know, add a new piece of magical curriculum or take a course on organization or how to stay on top of your homeschool record keeping.

How long do those changes last? How much time passes before a hiccup happens and you are back to square one?

Don't get down on yourself if you've experienced any of these scenarios (or variations thereof)!

Long-lasting change is hard. The acquirement of new habits takes time and work. You are not a failure.

On the contrary, you have demonstrated greater self-awareness because you recognized the need for change and took steps to do something about it.


Woman smiling as she\'s looking up with a lightbulb drawing above her to feature how your mindset is important in your homeschool and how you can use these tips & resources to be more positive, patient, & more


But, what if there was a way to take that self-awareness a step farther? If you could regain your footing after a bit of a tumble?

What if you could learn to shift your mindset to adapt to any scenario? To learn how to roll with the punches, to get back in the driver's seat after experiencing a homeschool setback?

My homeschool friend, you most definitely can! You can learn how to effectively deal with common homeschool struggles and:

  • experience increased self-confidence, especially with decision-making and goal-setting
  • set the stage for a positive, relaxed learning atmosphere
  • connect with your kids with a flexible mental framework
  • feel less stress and overwhelm
  • put yourself on the path towards homeschool peace of mind

When you learn how to adopt and maintain a growth mindset in your homeschool, you are helping yourself and your kids. You discover how to remove irrational blocks that prevent you from enjoying your precious time with your kids. In addition to those benefits, you become a positive role model for your kids in rationally dealing with homeschool and life situations.

Want to learn more about establishing a growth mindset in your homeschool?

Check out our free quick-start guide on 10 Habits of Patient Homeschool Moms.

Our Guide to Being a More Patient Homeschool Mom provides even more tips, tools, and techniques.

What homeschool struggles affect your mindset?



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