K-6 Homeschool Curriculum: How Discover! Makes Science (and More) Fun

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Looking for a K-6 homeschool curriculum that makes learning fun?

Here's our review of Discover! and our experiences with Grade 4 Science. Find out how we're enjoying these engaging resources - and why it's a great option for your homeschooling adventures!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

I hope our experiences with Discover! Curriculum (and Grade 4 Science) help you learn more about this wonderful option for other homeschoolers. You can find more subjects and fantastic K-6 homeschool curriculum resources from Discover!, too 😊

Why I Needed a New K-6 Science Curriculum

Our homeschool (and family life) is in a transition phase - and it's so exciting!

With two homeschool high school graduates (oldest studying a trade and next boy starting college this fall), I'm taking all that experience and applying it to making the most of boosting the homeschooling adventures of my three younger boys.

Xman (my youngest - age 9) is technically starting 4th grade science. Like many younger kids of big homeschool families, he's been exposed to higher levels throughout the years. Xman has been tagging along with his older brothers for several years - Smiley entering high school (9th grade) and Bear in upper middle school (grade 7). And that means Xman has already experienced the 4th grade science materials that I have 😉

In light of our current situation, I started to look for a K-6 homeschool curriculum that can challenge Xman but not require too much from me. Mama wants plenty of wiggle room to help all her boys with these transitions!

Xman thrives with a mix of online and print materials. He enjoys learning through videos and interactive resources. But, he likes to have a workbook or printable activity to complement his lessons because he says "it helps it stick in my brain better".

So, I went on the hunt for a fun way to make science appealing to him this year. And I found Discover! Curriculum 🎉

Young boy using laptop to access Grade 4 science from Discover! K-6 homeschool curriculum with worktexts and Instructor Guide in background.

Our Experiences with Discover! Grade 4 Science Resources

Xman is using Grade 4 Science from Discover! Curriculum. It's a blend of print and digital resources.

The online materials for these Blended Courses are accessed via Bridgeway Academy. (You get step-by-step instructions for creating an account.) After a Course Introduction walk-through, Xman started his science fun!

Xman likes the interactive features of the online materials. For Lesson 1, he reported, "It's pretty cool how I can use the different tabs to learn about the scientific method and then do a matching game all about it!".

Other online modes of learning that have grabbed his attention and boosted his science fun are videos, digital flashcards, and Show What You Know (assessment).

There are 2 print-based worktexts (4A and 4B) that complement the online lessons. I like that these print resources are split - makes it less intimidating than a thick, cumbersome book. These worktexts provide extended learning opportunities for reading, writing, and creative activities like drawing what you know.

Each worktext has 40 lessons with each lesson taking about 2-3 days to complete (for a total of 150 days of instruction). Lessons include:

  • Lesson Overview
  • Explore: An exercise to engage your student and discover new concepts.
  • Direct Instruction:
    • Read: Experience with informational text.
    • Write: Reflect on what has been read.
    • Practice: Apply what has been learned through activities like graphic organizers, matching, drawing, experiments, and more.
  • Show What You Know: extension activities to reinforce learning
    • Create: Demonstrate learning through an art activity (drawing, song, poem, etc.).
    • Take a Closer Look: Make observations about the world around them in relation to what's been learned.
    • In the Real World: Connect the lesson to real-world situations.
    • Online Connection: Research and investigative concepts through digital resources.
    • Play: Make or play games related to the lesson.

As a busy mom, I appreciate having a print version of the Instructor Guide. I prefer having something that I can hold in my hands and easily access. The open-and-go format means I don't have to do a lot of prep work.

I've found that the Instructor Guide provides creative ideas to help Xman think about a concept in an alternative way and suggestions for hands-on activities and projects. It also has fantastic critical thinking questions, as well as tips for using for different learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic).

Boy holding pencil while working in Discover! K-6 homeschool curriculum worktext with laptop and other books in background.

6 Reasons This K-6 Homeschool Curriculum is Delightful

Here are a few of the reasons why Discover! Curriculum caught my interest:

1. Content for ALL

Discover! Curriculum is written for global audience with universal language and concepts. All learning styles are considered.

2. Easy for Homeschoolers

This K-6 homeschool curriculum is designed for learn-at-home environments. It supports one-to-one learning and is self-paced.

3. Fun for Your Students

The resources are written in a friendly, conversational tone with fun characters and engaging images.

4. Brilliant mix of print and digital

You get the best of both worlds with print-based worktexts designed for students to actively write, reflect, and practice, as well as research-based online-learning strategies.

5. Cool ways to extend the learning fun

There are a variety of activities in this K-6 homeschool curriculum, like Get Ready!, Interactive Practice, Continue the Journey, Extension Activities (including Elephango), and Faith Connections - an option for adding a Christian approach.

6. Options for Live Classroom Learning

Discover! is available in a blended live setting through Bridgeway Academy.

Boy using laptop to work on online materials from Grade 4 Science from Discover! K-6 homeschool curriculum with pencil and other books in background.

Learn More About This K-6 Homeschool Curriculum from Discover!

I'm happy to report that Discover! curriculum has K-6 homeschool resources for science, social studies, math and language arts. These resources are available as a few options: textbooks and textbooks plus online (blended).

Curriculum Express is the curriculum provider. When you purchase Discover! curriculum you are redirected to Curriculum Express’ website

Each full subject kit includes 2 printed worktexts and 1 Instructor Guide. You do have an option to purchase each resource separately.

Try Discover! & See How This K-6 Homeschool Curriculum Rocks

If you're looking for K-6 homeschool curriculum to take your learning fun to the next level, I encourage you to try Discover!. This curriculum is fantastic for Christian homeschool families who'd like a blend of print and digital resources.

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Wishing you tons of science fun! Please let me know in the comments area at the bottom of this post if you have any questions about this K-6 homeschool curriculum from Discover!

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