2 Free Printable Checklists for Soccer Families!

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Are you and your family new to the world of soccer? Do you have a child who will be starting their first soccer season soon?

Or are you an experienced soccer mommy (or daddy!) who could use some helpful preseason reminders?

Simply click on the checklist, download, and print! Let's get ready for some soccer!

1.  Youth Soccer Preseason Family Checklist:  Whether you are a newbie soccer parent or have been at it for years, this list will help you become organized and prepared for your upcoming soccer season.

Do not wait until the last minute to check on equipment!  Check sizes and conditions of soccer cleats, shin guards, and uniforms.

Proper fit of soccer cleats is important-and running around to tons of stores at the last minute is no fun.

Players more than likely will not be able to participate in practice (and definitely a game!) without shin guards.

Uniforms often need to be ordered and take time to deliver.

If smell is an issue (and believe me, if your kids have worn cleats and shin guards before,  the odor will not be avoidable!), you have a few options. Most of my boys like to just spray Lysol on their gear and give them a good airing. They really don't care what their equipment smells like-and I don't worry about it.

Sneaker Balls are an option for soccer cleats. Skipper has become a bit more particular as he has gotten older. He asked for these shoe air fresheners for Christmas. They seem to work well-when he remembers to put the Sneaker Balls in his cleats after practice or game. If not, yuck!

I saw these terrific tips from The Creek Line House for How to Clean and Deodorize and Smelly Sneakers, Cleats, and Sports Gear!.

When you are contacted by coach, make sure you ask for the information listed in the printable Soccer Preseason Family checklist below. It helps to have all of this information in one place and written down in a calendar or put into your phone.

One last tip for Soccer Families...please, please, please talk to your player(s) prior to the start of the soccer season!

  • Help them set realistic goal expectations.
  •  Discuss your positive expectations for their behavior and attitude.
  •  Remind them of respecting others and soccer club property.
  • Prepare your player(s) for what  will happen-practices, games, and prep work for all of that.

Here's a Preseason Checklist for Soccer Families


2.  Travel First Aid Kit for {Soccer} Families (or any on-the-go activity!):  It is important to be prepared to treat injuries that your player may sustain. Unfortunately, not all soccer clubs have First Aid Kits available at all times.

I found the list of these items on US Youth Soccer. I wanted a clean version that I could print out-and thought I'd share with you.

List of items for Travel First Aid Kit


I hope that these 2 FREE PRINTABLE Youth Soccer Lists will help you and your family get ready for a wonderful soccer season! Let me know if you have additional tips or ideas!

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