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  • Sale! This fall fun bundle is filled with a variety of activities for special seasonal fun for kids.

    Fall Fun Bundle


    Easily make this Fall extra fun with your kids!

    This printable (PDF) pack is filled with 24 activities (valued at $47) for all sorts of simple yet special seasonal fun.

    These activities are fantastic for:

    • homeschoolers
    • co-op teachers
    • classroom teachers and aides
    • librarians
    • community event organizers

    You’ll have a blast with these easy-to-use, print-and-go activities that you can use year after year.

    This pack contains 5 pages (cover, 3 pages of activity descriptions & links, terms of use). Simply find what you want to enjoy this fall & tap the link to go directly to the printable resources:

    • Fall coloring pages
    • Fall (or Autumn) banner
    • Fall memory game
    • Fall alphabet game
    • Fall game (simple board game with DIY die)
    • Fall word search
    • Fall walk scavenger hunt
    • Fall writing prompts
    • Fall tracing pages
    • Fall mazes
    • Fall doodle prompts
    • Fall popsicle stick activities
    • Fall connect the dots
    • Fall photo challenge
    • Fall playdough mats
    • Fall handprint art activities
    • Fall mindfulness activities
    • Fall cootie catcher
    • Fall fitness prompts
    • Fall poet-tree activities
    • Fall tic-tac-toe
    • Fall dots & boxes game
    • Fall corner bookmarks
    • Fall note cards
  • Sale! free printable fall photo challenge mock-up

    Fall Photo Challenge for Tweens & Teens


    Help your older kids enjoy some fantastic fall fun!

    This free fall photo challenge is on one printable (PDF) page.

    Your tweens and teens will have a blast with these prompts to take pictures.

    This photo challenge for older kids features fall themes.

    You’ll find 30 different prompts for capturing special fall memories and favorites.

    Find out more and get creative ideas for using HERE!

  • Sale! This free printable Fall walk scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to enjoy the season with your kids.

    Fall Walk Scavenger Hunt


    Enjoy fantastic fun with your kids using this free printable Fall walk scavenger hunt!

    This free printable fall walk scavenger hunt is on one page.

    Instructions are provided on the worksheet. Your kids will color in the objects as they see or find them.

    This scavenger hunt for kids features fall nature themes, including:

    • Moss
    • Spider web
    • Hay bale
    • Winged seeds
    • Animal footprint
    • Spider
    • Pinecone
    • Leaf pile
    • Acorn
    • Conker (horse chestnut)
    • Moth
    • Apple on a tree
    • Slug
    • Beetle
    • Puddle

    You’ll also find three bonus prompts for activities to extend the fall nature fun.

    Get creative ideas for using this scavenger hunt and find out more HERE!

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