Color by Number Printables: Easy Ways to Make Learning Fun

Color by Number Printables: Easy Ways to Make Learning Fun

These color by number printables from Rock Your Homeschool are simple yet engaging ways to help kids enjoy fun learning activities.

Printable coloring pages are fantastic resources for taking learning fun to the next level. Your students benefit from building assorted skills, as well as confidence, from completing these types of worksheets.

I share a variety of themes for celebrating holidays, seasons, fun days, and just because. My boys and I love to use color by number worksheets for brain breaks, boredom busters, and calming activities, too.

Learn more about our coloring by number resources and how your kids (and you) can join all this learning fun 🖍 🎉

Young boy using color pencil to work on free printable winter color by number activity featuring a penguin.

You'll find a bunch of color by number pages here on Rock Your Homeschool.

And I will continue to add to these coloring activities!

There are just so many ways to delight in these printable pages. Plus, it's awesome to watch your kids' faces light up when they've finished their work 😊

Young boy using color pencil to work on Christmas color by number printable featuring a Christmas tree.

In addition to that achievement, your student reaps several benefits from their work with color by number printables, like:

  • number recognition
  • color recognition
  • fine motor skills
  • practice with concentration and focus
  • experience with independent work
  • increase in confidence

Learning Fun with Color-by-Number Worksheets

Extend your educational themes with print-and-go coloring fun. Here's our growing list:

Coloring by Number Printables for Fun Days & Seasons

Easily celebrate fun days and more with free color using numerical code packs, like:

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Color by Number Activities for Holidays

Enjoy these free coloring activities for holiday and seasonal fun for simple and super cool ways to celebrate:

Young boy using color pencil to work on free printable Christmas color by number page with Christmas tree in background.

Have a blast with some of your favorite themes with these free number-guided coloring printable sets, like:

Fun with Coloring by Number Activities

Wondering why something so simple as this type of coloring activity is fun? Great question!

Coloring by number is like a creative challenge and puzzle. Your child is presented with a code that requires them to match a color to a number. When a specific area of a picture has that number, your student then needs to find that color (from on of their coloring tools, usually crayons, markers, or color pencils) and shade in that space.

As your kid works on the activity, an image is slowly revealed. When the picture is complete, your child has the satisfaction of a job well done and amazing piece of art + math.

How do I get started with color-by-number activities with my kids?

If your students are new to the color-by-number technique, you'll find these tips and ideas super helpful.

First, introduce the activity. Explain that a coloring by number code provides you with a fun challenge to match colors to numbers as you watch a picture emerge.

Walk through the number-coded coloring pages with your students. Point out and name each number and color word. For beginners (or pre-readers), gently shade over (or under) the color word for extra guidance.

Encourage your young learner to practice reading and saying the color word aloud as they work on the activity. This step reinforces color word recognition.

Take it slow. Your child may not be able to complete a page in one sitting. And that's totally fine! Over time, hand strength and stamina will build.

I have found it helpful to demonstrate how I work on this type of coloring worksheet to my boys. I use my finger to point to the number then color word. Then, I find that number in a space and select the matching color.

What supplies do I need for enjoying these coloring activities?

You only need a few supplies for these print-and-go coloring activities, like:

  • Printable pack of color by numbers worksheets
  • Printer
  • Paper (I recommend white printer paper)
  • Coloring tools:
    • crayons
    • color pencils
    • markers
    • watercolor paint (I would wait to use this supply with older kids - creates an amazing texture!)

More Ways to Enjoy Color by Code Fun!

And that's just the beginning! You can have so much learning fun with other color by code activities.

⭐️ I'll be adding to this color by code collection so make sure to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool for updates and freebies.

⭐️ Make sure to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool for updates and exclusive access to our VIP Resource Library so you don't miss any of the fun! ⭐️