Growth Mindset

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  • This simple guide & helpful resources will help you discover, teach, & enjoy the powerful practice of affirmations for kids.

    A Simple Guide to the Powerful Practice of Affirmations with Kids


    Learn about the powerful practice of affirmations for kids! 

    This simple guide explains the benefits of these growth mindset activities & how you can teach these practices to your kids.

    Help your kids learn to conquer anxiety, anger, self-doubt, perfectionism, and more. Fabulous skills to gift your kids :)

    Get tips & tricks plus helpful resources for you to use with your kids to help them customize the process.

    PDF (printable) guide includes 17 pages plus activities including:

    *51 Affirmations for Kids Cards

    *How Am I Feeling Today? pack

    *Brain Dump for Kids

    *102 Powerful & Positive Words for Outstanding Growth

    *Affirmations Self-Assessment for Kids

    *My Affirmations Plan

    *Feelings Tracker


  • Sale! Growth Mindset Activities Pack cover with examples of A-Z poster, introduction, tips and ideas, alphabet game, and planner page.

    Growth Mindset Activities Pack

    Original price was: $18.00.Current price is: $9.00.

    Unlock Your Child's Potential with Growth Mindset Skills

    Not sure how to teach your child valuable growth mindset skills?

    This 100+ page printable resource offers an engaging & effective way to teach essential growth mindset skills.

    Boost your child's well-being and academic achievement with activities that promote resilience, assertiveness, grit, optimism & more.. Build a strong growth mindset foundation with:

    • Introduction to growth mindset
    • Tips and ideas for using these activities
    • Growth vs. fixed mindset chart
    • Growth Mindset A-Z poster
    • Growth Mindset A-Z fact cards
    • Quotes
    • Copywork pages
    • Copywork mini-book
    • Coloring bookmarks
    • Coloring pages
    • Word search
    • Cootie catchers (with fantastic conversation starters!)
    • Decoding activities (with decoding wheel)
    • Conversation cube
    • Mazes
    • Alphabet game
    • Growth Mindset notes

    Empower your kids (and yourself) to thrive - get your pack now!

    111 pages (with resources valued at over $45!).

  • Sale! These 9 free growth mindset coloring bookmarks are the perfect activities for teaching & practicing growth mindset in a creative way with kids.

    Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks

    Original price was: $3.00.Current price is: $0.00.

    Give your kids hands-on, creative activities for learning & practicing growth mindset!

    This free printable set includes 3 pages of 9 growth mindset coloring bookmarks (3 bookmarks per page).

    So many awesome ways to use these bookmarks with your kids-check them all out HERE!

  • Sale! These 6 free Under the Sea Mindfulness Activities are amazing ways to give your kids hands-on ways to practice growth mindset skills.

    Under the Sea Mindfulness Activities

    Original price was: $2.00.Current price is: $0.00.

    Give your kids hands-on ways to learn & practice growth mindset skills.

    You'll find these 6 Under the Sea creatures in your mindfulness activities PDF printable pack:

    • Dolphin
    • Fish
    • Orca
    • Whale
    • Seahorse
    • Sea Turtle

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