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  • Sale! Enjoy magical learning adventures & have some special fun with this Harry Potter Celebration and unit study.

    Harry Potter Celebration: Magical Ways to Enjoy a Fun Unit Study & More!

    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.

    Enjoy magical learning adventures with this Harry Potter Celebration!

    You'll have a blast whether you're getting ready to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday (July 31) and/or have some learning fun with Harry Potter themes.

    This unit study approach can be used for a week OR month - it all depends on how you want to use it :)

    You can plan it out however it world work best for your family OR use the suggested week of plans.

    ⭐️ Includes 80 pages (+ links to additional free downloads) with:

    ⭐️ Unit Study with 15 pages of introduction, planning pages, forms, ideas, & links for learning fun.

    ⭐️ Activities pack with 66 pages of:

    5 Weekly Planning pages (blank - in different styles - 3 color and 2 black & white)

    1 Weekly Planning page (suggested activities - in color)

    2 pages of Month calendar (undated - in color)

    2 pages of Things To Do List (1 blank, 1 suggested - color)

    3 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired Reading Logs (2 color and 1 black & white)

    4 pages of Hogwarts Houses Bookmarks (2 color and 2 black & white)

    5 pages of Hogwarts Houses Sorting Game (4 pages of cards and 1 page of DIY game cube)

    7 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired Grid Art Activities (black & white)

    6 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired Drawing Game (color)

    1 page of Harry Potter Alphabet Game

    1 Happy Birthday Harry coloring page (black & white)

    2 pages of 8 Harry Potter-Inspired Coloring Bookmarks (black & white)

    7 Harry Potter-Inspired Coloring Pages (black & white)

    1 page of Patronus Picker Cootie Catcher (black & white)

    5 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired Mazes

    3 pages of Harry Potter Decoding Fun

    4 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired Brain Breaks

    2 pages of Harry Potter-Inspired I Spy Activities

    4 pages of Harry Potter-Themed Banners (2 banners per page - 4 different styles)

    1 page of Harry Potter-Themed Countdown Chain strips

    WooHoo! Let's have some fun learning about & celebrating Harry Potter!

  • Sale! Have magical learning fun with these Harry Potter-Inspired Brain Breaks.

    Harry Potter-Inspired Brain Breaks

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    This free printable pack includes 24 cards with Harry Potter-Inspired brain break activity prompts.

    Fantastic learning fun for your classroom, homeschool, library, & more!

    Includes 6 cards on 4 pages for a total of 24 brain breaks with Harry Potter themes.

    Check out these Harry Potter-Inspired brain breaks HERE!

  • Sale! This Ultimate Bundle of Harry Potter Activities is filled with amazing ways to enjoy magical fun with your kids.

    The Ultimate Bundle of Harry Potter Activities

    Original price was: $47.00.Current price is: $10.00.

    For your convenience, I've packaged ALL of the Harry Potter printables (games, activities, etc.) into one easy to download & print bundle.

    These 16 Harry Potter printables are valued at over $47 but you can get them now for only $10!

    (Plus, you'll be getting any new Harry Potter printable products added to the site for FREE.)

    In this Magical Harry Potter Bundle, you'll get:

    • Introduction + Tips/Suggestions/Ideas for Even MORE Harry Potter fun with these activities!
    • Harry Potter Bingo
    • Grid Art Activities
    • Mazes
    • Decoding Fun
    • Patronus Picker
    • Cute Toilet Paper Roll Figures for Creative Play & More!
    • Coloring Pages
    • Coloring Bookmarks
    • Hogwarts Houses - Bookmarks
    • Harry Potter Word Puzzles
    • Harry Potter Brain Breaks
    • Harry Potter-Inspired I Spy Activities
    • Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs
    • Harry Potter Alphabet Game
    • Harry Potter Drawing Game
    • Hogwarts Sorting Game

    These Harry Potter printable activities are perfect for reading fun with this super popular series or any time you want to enjoy easy fun with your kids for boredom busters, brain breaks, parties, & special surprises :)

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