45 Learning Songs For Homeschool Morning Time UPDATED 2020


**Updated 2020

ONLY a printable list of the 45 songs recommended in 45 Learning Songs for Homeschool Morning Time post with clickable links to the videos & resources



  1. Danielle Skwira (verified owner)

    I’m not finding any links to music only a list. I too assumed it was to download the music?

  2. ariel erdelyi (verified owner)

    Ahhh!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing resource!!!!

    • Amy Milcic

      Aw you're so very welcome! Enjoy 🙂

  3. funtabletime (verified owner)

    Wish I would have read the above comment I would not have done the download I thought it was going download the 45 songs to the computer so did not have to be online to listen to them. Disappointed!

    • amy milcic

      Sorry for the confusion! I'll remove your email for the subscriber list & update the post again.

  4. Natasha84 (verified owner)

    Is it just a list of music or does it come with the actual music? All I see is the list.

    • amy milcic

      Yes, just the list. The music videos are linked in the post 🙂

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