Summer Reading Challenges for All Ages Kit


Easily make reading fun for kids of all ages this summer with the printable kit!

This printable set of summer reading challenges for all ages includes 11 pages (with cover and terms of use page).

Four pages are dedicated to specific recommendations, ideas, and tips for:

    • Early Childhood (Preschool) Ages 2-5
    • Elementary School (K-Grade 5) Ages 5-10
    • Middle School (Grade 6-8) Ages 11-13
    • High School (Grade 9-12) Ages 14-18

One page lists out creative ideas for rewards and incentives that are appropriate for each age group.

Four pages include four Summer Reading Bingo game cards. Each page has been created for the specific age groups.

One page is a Summer Reading Log to record Date, Book Title & Author, and Rating (out of 5 stars).

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