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Free Scientific Method Cootie Catcher for Learning Fun

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This free Scientific Method Cootie Catcher is an awesome activity to help your kids get talking about science.

Science is such a cool subject to enjoy with your kids! So many ways to get curious and study the world around us 🙂

Cootie catchers have been incredible for helping me include easy-to-do, interactive fun to our homeschool. These simple printables allow me to enjoy special time with my boys as we take a homeschool brain break or just want a fun activity to do together.

This free printable activity pairs the scientific method with cootie catcher fun for an incredible way to boost science fun.


Enjoy learning fun with your kids with this free scientific method cootie catcher. A printable foldable activity great for classroom fun and homeschool brain breaks.


Have Fun Learning & Practicing the Scientific Method

To help our homeschool boost our science studies, I created this free printable cootie catcher activity. My two older boys have been benefiting from hands-on science activities and experiments. My younger boys are never far away and started to ask about some of the steps in the scientific method.

Before using this cootie catcher with my boys, I explained what each term means.

  • Observation
  • Hypothesis
  • Experiment
  • Results

We chatted about the six steps of the scientific method, too. The boys also watched this helpful video:

YouTube video

After our conversation, we had some Scientific Method fun! The boys had a blast using this cootie catcher with each other and creating variations of the ideas and challenges.


Scientific method cootie catcher folded & printable page & being held by woman to feature the amazing science fun you can have with your kids


Get Your Free Scientific Method Cootie Catcher!

You can get started with this free Cootie Catcher today for scientific method fun!

This printable activity is perfect hands-on, interactive fun for:

  • Classroom fun
  • Homeschool brain break
  • Family fun activity


Folded & printable page of scientific method cootie catcher to feature the amazing science fun your kids will have with this free printable activity


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Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started with this free Cootie Catcher to learn about and practice the scientific method!

Have awesome learning fun with this free scientific method cootie catcher.


How will you use this free printable activity for science fun with your kids?

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  1. This looks great! I can’t wait to use it! There is, however, a mistake in the spelling of Method in the cootie catcher.

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