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Free Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for Writing Fun Activities

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These free Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs are fantastic for writing fun and more.

If you have Harry Potter fans in your life, you'll love using these free printable activities.

These fun stories are great ways to teach and reinforce parts of speech. All while enjoying some great giggles as you write and read aloud!

These free Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs are fantastic ways to have fun in your party, classroom, homeschool, & family.


Boost Writing Fun with Harry Potter Mad Libs!

Do your kids like to write?

I have five boys that I homeschool and can say with all honesty that none of them like to write 🙁

And that's so hard for me to process because I love to write. It's always been one of my favorite activities!

So, what do I do to find new ways to inspire and engage my boys in an activity I dearly love and know can benefit them in life?

I find a common interest and build on that. This tactic has worked brilliantly in our homeschool and daily life!

The Harry Potter series has been, by far, one of the best ways for me to connect with my boys.

Each of us relates to different characters. I am SO Luna Lovegood. My oldest is like Cedric Diggory. Professor is Harry Potter. Smiley is like Dobby. Bear is Hagrid. And Xman is Neville. (If you aren't familiar, find out more about these characters at Pottermore.)

Oh, and then there's the sorting activity! My boys and I love to chat about which Hogwarts House we've been sorted into (and to write about it, too!)

Two boys using free Harry Potter Mad Libs for writing fun

Great Ideas for Using These Harry Potter Activities

Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun has been such a blast for our family to use.

All of us are obsessed with these books, movies, games, and resources. Just call us Potterheads!

And a printable Mad Lib version has been an excellent addition to our homeschool brain breaks.

A few other ways you could use this Harry Potter Mad Libs printable pack are:

Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs with Harry Potter theme images like Sorting Hat, Broom, Platform 9 ¾ sign


Connect with Your Kids Using Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs

One of the best ways to connect with your kids is during learning fun.

Simple conversations can blossom into special memories while working with your kids on relaxed activities.

And Mad Libs are a great way to have some silly fun!

In case you aren't familiar with Mad Libs (or just need a refresher!), a basic story is edited with particular parts of speech removed. One person jots down what others suggest at prompts for nouns, adjectives, and more. The writer then reads aloud the new story. Laughter ensues.

Mad Libs rock!

I love how Mad Libs help you teach your kids about parts of speech and writing in a relaxed approach.

Another great part is that you can use Mad Libs again and again!

Discover a great way to connect with your kids using these free printable Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for writing fun.


Free Printable Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for Writing Fun

I wrote a few stories based on the Harry Potter books and turned them into printable Mad Libs for writing fun.

My boys and I have had a blast working on these Mad Libs. These stories are hilarious!

And the boys are learning so much about parts of speech, like:

  • noun
  • verb
  • adjective
  • plural nouns
  • adverb

These activities are making them stretch to search for different words. It's much fun to see how they fit with describe our favorite Harry Potter themes and characters.

You can take turns with your kids to write and fill-in the blanks. Oh, and make sure to take turns to read your completed Mad Lib.

This pack of Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for Writing Fun includes 5 stories. You'll get 5 pages of Harry Potter fun!

Harry Potter Mad Libs with Harry Potter pencils, book, and pencil case to feature the magical learning fun you can have with these free printable activities

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Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs with Harry Potter pencils, book, and pencil case to feature the magical learning fun you can have with your Harry Potter fans

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