Spectacular Ways to Celebrate September Fun Days with Kids

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September fun days are wonderful ways to relax and connect with your kids. Julie Lavender shares her ideas and tips for making the most of these special times.


Be inspired with spectacular ideas & tips for celebrating September Fun Days with kids


Celebrate These September Fun Days with Your Kids

Gentle teasing of slightly cooler temperatures reveals the promise of autumn beauty in the near future. Shades of tangerine, crimson, and marigold wait patiently to burst forth in farmer’s fields and forest foliage.

Watch closely this month for signs of fall and welcome autumn with celebrations and fun times. Choose some of the holidays below for making family memories or create your own fall fun.  


Celebrate Love Note Day and more with these great ideas for September Fun Days with kids

Love Note Day – Personally, I think this day should be celebrated more than once a year. In any case, celebrate it with great gusto.

Pen love messages on post-it notes and hide them throughout the house. Write notes on mirrors with lipstick and mushy lines on napkins, tucked underneath silverware at the dinner table. Jot notes on kids’ notebook papers.

Get creative – include a trinket, like a bouncy ball, and write, “I have a BALL with you.” Cheesy, I know, but find imaginative ways to express affections to family members today… and tomorrow, and next week, and many times this month. 


Rock Day is one of many September Fun Days to enjoy with kids

Collect Rocks Day – Take a long walk and collect a handful of interesting rocks or pebbles.

Back at home, play a game of Hopscotch with the collected rocks. Draw the Hopscotch squares on the driveway and number each square in order. Each person chooses a rock for the tossing marker.

On his or her turn, a player tosses his rock into the first square, then hops on the second square and beyond until reaching the final square. On that player’s next turn, he or she tosses the rock to square two and hops in each of the other squares, in order, without landing in square two.

The game continues for each player until the rock is tossed in the final square and players jump over that square. If a player’s rock doesn’t go in the correct square or if a player’s feet land on a chalk line, he or she misses that turn and must try again. The first player to complete the squares in order is the winner.


Skyscraper Day – Take a virtual tour of architectural masterpieces.

What’s the tallest building in the United States? In the world? This timeline shows the history of the tallest building in the world for each year since 1890.

After learning bits of trivia about skyscrapers, gather a few boxes from the pantry or building blocks and pieces from the playroom and create a skyscraper-building of your own. 


Child wearing purple plaid shirt is holding red apple in hand and colorful leaves hanging on a string for a variety of ways to celebrate September fun days


Mayflower Day – On September 16, 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England for a destination to the New World.

Celebrate the historical moment with a soap-boat race. Begin with a bar of Ivory soap. Use a non-plastic, round teaspoon measuring spoon to scoop out some of the soap near the top center area to resemble a sailboat or kayak. Glue a triangular-shaped piece of cloth or decorated construction paper to one end of a wooden craft stick for the sail. Gently press the other end of the stick into the bar of soap.

Race the soap-boats in the tub or a kiddie wading pool in the back yard. 


Celebrate Rice Day with your kids and all of these September Fun Days

National Rice Month – Add this dish of brown rice to a meal this month to warm the hearts of those you love.

In a casserole dish, combine one cup of uncooked white rice, one can of beef broth, one can of condensed French onion soup, one-fourth cup of melted butter, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, and one teaspoon dried basil leaves. Bake uncovered for forty-five minutes on 350 degrees.


Purchase a fall-kind of treat, like candies in fall colors or a pumpkin pie, and present the treat to your family with this note: “I’ve fall-en for you!” Savor every moment of September with sweet words and sweeter memories! 


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