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Super Mario Craft Ideas to Easily Level Up Your Fun with Kids

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These Super Mario crafts ideas will help you unlock this magical world through creative and entertaining activities.

Super Mario has been captivating generations with his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's time to bring the magic of the Mario world to life with hands-on projects that kids will love.

Variety of Super Mario craft ideas including ghost balloons, perler bead crafts, and more.

Take Your Super Mario Fun to the Next Level!

These Super Mario craft ideas ignite imagination and provide hours of fun.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just discovering the joy of Mario, these Super Mario craft ideas offer a fantastic way to explore the colorful and adventurous universe of everyone's favorite plumber and his amazing special friends. Here are the best Super Mario crafts anyone can enjoy:

Super Mario Paper Crafts

This free printable set makes it so easy to create and use Super Mario crafts. With color and black-and-white styles, you have options to choose from based on how much time you have.

Super Mario Perler Bead Crafts

These free printable templates are perfect for helping you make and share perler bead crafts with Super Mario themes.

Popsicle Stick Mario Characters 

Use popsicle sticks to create your favorite Super Mario characters with this fun popsicle stick craft idea.

Paper Plate Woolly Yoshi

Turn a simple paper plate and some yarn into a Woolly Yoshi with this unique craft idea.

Super Mario Perler Beads

Use this free set of perler bead patterns to make mini-versions of your favorite Super Mario characters.

Super Mario Free Cootie Catcher 

This printable Mario-themed cootie catcher is a fun and easy hands-on activity your kids will love!

Yoshi Eggs 

Deocreate these polystyrene eggs to look just like Yoshi's eggs with this easy Mario craft idea.

DIY Super Mario Play House

Turn an old house-shaped bookshelf into your child’s very own Mushroom Kingdom play house with this Super Mario craft idea.

Super Mario Pixel Coloring Pages

Color your favorite Mario characters with these pixel color-by-number pages.

Toilet Paper Roll Mario & Luigi Craft 

Turn toilet paper rolls into your favorite Mario brothers with this easy Super Mario craft idea.

Printable Mario Treat Boxes 

Your kids will love this easy foldable Mario treat boxes with colorful mushrooms and question blocks.

Easy Mario Bros Pipe Craft 

Make your own Pirahana pipe plant craft with this easy Mario craft idea.

Super Mario Power Ups

These paper plate power-ups look just like the ones from the game, and it’s an easy craft idea your kids will love!

Super Mario Bombs 

Bring the classic Super Mario bombs to life with this easy craft idea.

Princess Peach Craft

If Princess Peach is your child’s favorite character, they’ll love this easy Princess Peach toilet paper roll craft idea.

Printable Mario Craft

Make your own paper mario using this free printable for an easy and simple craft idea. 

Mario Brothers Boo Ghost DIY 

Turn basic lanterns into Boo ghosts with this easy Mario brothers craft idea.

Examples of Super Mario craft ideas featuring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and more.

Super Mario Crafts for the Win!

WowoHoo! All of these Super Mario crafts look like fantastic ways to enjoy hands-on activities with your kids.

Which of these activities will you try first? And do you have any crafts with Super Mario themes that you'd add to this list? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

Variety of Super Mario craft ideas for creative and screen-free activities.

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