New Years Eve Minute to Win It Games: 15 Fun Ideas for All

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Easily boost your celebration with these fun New Years Eve Minute to Win It Games!

These games are perfect for parties, fun times with friends, family gatherings, and more. Get ready for a whole bunch of fun with these creative ways to ring in the new year.

New Years Eve minute to win it games like glow in the dark ring toss, countdown clock, and more.

New Years Eve Minute to Win It Games You'll Love

I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate a holiday with my boys. And New Year's Eve is no exception!

Over the years, I've shared our New Year's Eve fun activities. And this year, I'm thrilled to add these minute to win it games to our countdown fun.

These New Years Eve minute to win it games are designed to bring joy and laughter to kids and adults. You won’t even need a large space to enjoy these indoor activities.

With just a few household materials and enthusiastic participants, you can turn your New Year's Eve into a memorable and entertaining event. Let's get the party started!

Suck It Up

How many M&M’s can you get from one plate to the other before time runs out?

Spin the Quarters

How many quarters can you get spinning at once?

Ready Spaghetti 

See how many soda cans you can get across the room in under a minute.

Shake The Balls

This classic minute-to-win-it game is great for kids of all ages! See who can get the most balls out of the tissue box in a minute!

Face the Cookie

Also known as Cookie Face, use your face to get the cookie into your mouth before time runs out!

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Turn out the lights and see how many rings you can get on the bottles before time runs out!

Don’t Look Back, Just A Head

Can you catch five cotton balls with the help of your teammate before the time runs out?

The Countdown Knock Down

Using the materials provided, see how many plastic cups with printable clock times you can knock down in order “around the clock” in just a minute!

New Year's Clock Game

Get this free printable template and get your whole family to play this fun, cute clock game!

Spoon Catapult

Also known as Spoon Frog, the object of this game is to try to get the spoons into the cups by making them catapult!

New Year's Eve Dice Game

Split into teams and do something with the candy, depending on your roll!

3 Apples on Top

Balance three apples on top of one another to make a tower in under a minute.

Tilt a Cup

Splitting into teams, one player will try to bounce the ball while the other player tries to catch it in their cup.

Stack All the Cups

Players race against each other to stack all the cups together using one hand only; the first one to stack them all wins!

The Candy Bar Game

Roll the dice for your chance to get your favorite candy bar, and hope no one steals it before time runs out!

Variety of New Years Eve minute to win it games for fun with kids, like glow in the dark ring toss, countdown clock, and more.

New Years Eve Minute to Win It Games ROCK!

WooHoo! Don't these minute to win it games for New Year's Eve fun look awesome? I can't wait to enjoy these super cool activities with my boys 🎉

Which of these games will you try this year? And do you have minute to win it games with New Years Eve themes that you'd add to this list? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

New Year Eve minute to win it games for kids of all ages, like glow in the dark ring toss, countdown clock, and more.

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