How These Online Technology Education Classes Make Learning Fun

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If you're looking for a fun and effective way for your kids to take (and benefit from) technology education classes, I've found some outstanding resources for you πŸŽ‰

Tech courses (like information technology and computer science) for students teach them invaluable skills that can help them throughout their lives.

I'm sharing our experiences with my high school freshman's online technology class and how he's having a blast with it. Plus, I've got an amazing discount code so your student join all this online tech learning fun!

MYTEK LAB logo and laptop showing inside of Information Technology 1 course.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

I hope that our experiences with MYTEK LAB help you get a better understanding of this Information Technology 1 class. Make sure to look at all of the available courses and class schedule, too. Oh, and don't forget to grab your DISCOUNT CODE at the bottom of this post 😊

Making Technology Education a Part of Our Homeschool

Lately, I've found myself reflecting on our homeschool journey over the past 13 years. It feels surreal to have two homeschool high school graduates and their three younger brothers to go!

My boys and I have always had a blast chatting about and hand-picking curriculum to best suit the needs of each student, especially as they enter high school. And it's been super cool to see how their choices reflect their interests and goals.

My oldest knew that he wanted to study a trade and work with his hands. His high school courses were geared towards vocational and practical life skills. My second boy chose the college path with an emphasis on history.

My middle boy (Smiley) is in 9th grade this year. As we started to map out his homeschool high school plans, he threw me for a loop. "Mom, I really want to learn about computers. What type of class can I take? And I don't want anything basic or babyish!"

Gulp! A computer class?!? I didn't have any experience picking out a solid computer course for high school.

Luckily, I remembered that a few homeschool friends had kids that raved about their experiences with MYTEK LAB courses. Once I showed Smiley what these online technology classes were all about, he begged me to give one a try.

Boy using laptop to work on online technology education class through MYTEK LAB.

Why We Chose MYTEK LAB for Technology Education Classes

I wasn't sure what to look for in a high school level computer course. My thought was that if Smiley was going to take a class that it would be smart to get some type of high school credit for it.

Smiley was looking for a computer class that would challenge him. He has a good deal of experience with computers (mostly through video games like Minecraft). Smiley does, however, have gaps in basic computer knowledge. He wanted a computer class that would help him quickly fill those gaps so he could move on to more advanced learning.

After looking over MYTEK LAB course offerings, we decided that Information Technology 1, a comprehensive year long course, would be a great place to start based on the course description:

"Students will gain a foundational understanding of computing technology. Specifically, students will explore the MYTEK LAB website, hardware/software technologies, operating systems, and internet security concepts. Students will take a final quiz at the end of this lesson."

Smiley liked that the course is taught by experts and described as fun but serious. He also was interested in the live class option so that he could "ask questions if I get stuck or feel lost".

In Information Technology 1 from MYTEK LABS, students learn:

  • Computer fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art 1
  • Programming 1
  • 3D modeling for games 1
  • VR Development 1
  • Web Design 1
  • Robotics 1
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing 1

The fact that Smiley would earn 1 high school elective credit for Computer Education was like a cherry on top!

Smiley and I were also happy to see that additional courses are available to take throughout his high school career. He'll be able to build on this foundation of computer knowledge. He's already excited to sign up for Information Technology 2 (to learn about coding for each application) next year.

Boy using laptop to access Information Technology 1 class from MYTEK LAB.


Stephen and Jacky Souders founded MTYEK LAB to share their passion for helping others learn all about technology. Their educational and professional backgrounds combine for powerful technology learning:

"Technology education is more important than ever in today’s constantly changing world. Our expert instructors will help your child learn the skills they need to succeed in a world that's increasingly driven by technology."

MYTEK LAB currently offers a variety of online technology classes for grades 3-12 (plus free resources with access to over 26 learning applications - with the creation of a free student account).

These online education classes include:

And here's some exciting news πŸŽ‰ In addition to their outstanding live online classes, MYTEK LAB now has Flex Pace (previously known as self-paced) options available!

Flex Pace is a highly adaptable course alternative designed to cater to students' varying schedules. This learning approach involves weekly recorded videos and lesson releases, allowing students the convenience to engage with the course content according to their own timelines. Given the rapid and frequent evolution of technology, the potential for outdated material is a concern for learners. However, Flex Pace proactively addresses this issue by continuously updating our content, ensuring that all students have access to the most current material and instructional modules.

By releasing the recordings on a weekly basis, we ensure that students consistently benefit from up-to-date technology education that encompasses the latest advancements. Through the Flex Pace, students do not have to follow assignment deadlines, allowing students additional time to work on their assignments. Flex Pace empowers students to pursue their education at their own pace, without needing to participate in a specific live class schedule.

Need more flexibility? You can pick when you start the course! Register today and start when you want to.

Jacky Souder, Co-Owner/Vice President MYTEK LAB, INC:

Our Experiences with MYTEK LAB Information Technology 1

It couldn't have been any easier to get Smiley set up for his Information Technology 1 class (and this is from a tech-challenged mama!).

I set up his free student account (no credit card information required). Short but helpful videos guided me through the process, as well as showed Smiley and I how to access his course via his student dashboard.

Smiley couldn't wait for his first live class to start! He was excited to learn more about what he'd be learning and what types of projects would be assigned.

Live classes via MYTEK LAB are held through Zoom. Students are muted and have the option to have their camera on or off. Jacky gave an amazing introduction to Information Technology 1. Stephen took over with a step-by-step guide to the course layout, expectations, where to find and upload assignments, and support.

Smiley enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, with Stephen making a few jokes here and here. "Mom, you can tell that he (Stephen) really likes teaching these classes and knows a lot!"

As soon as Smiley found out about the first assignment (creating a pixel art profile picture), he got started right away. I've never seen him so excited about a homeschool class!

I appreciate being able to outsource technology education classes in a safe, effective, and affordable way. Oh, and Jacky was super responsive to my email with questions about the course when I was considering signing up!

Laptop open to feature Information Technology 1 class from MYTEK LAB.

Make Technology Education a Part of Your Learning Fun + Discount!

If you're looking for an online technology class for your students, I highly recommend MYTEK LAB. These courses, designed and taught by experts, provide your kids with a solid foundation of computer skills and knowledge.

The live course from MYTEK LAB are awesome! But, if you need flexibility, make sure to take a look at those Flex Pace options πŸ˜‰

Help your students explore their interests AND get high school credit with MYTEK LAB. Found out more + save money by contacting Jacky πŸ‘‡

⭐️ New families can contact Jacky (Mrs. MYTEK) at jsouders@myteklab.com for a discounted monthly rate of $15 dollars off of the monthly rate. Normally $49 a month, discounted down to $34 a month.

Do you have any questions about this Information Technology 1 course (or any of the MYTEK LAB classes)? If so, please let me know in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

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