Wonderful Ways to Learn with The Great Backyard Bird Count

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Discover awesome ways to enjoy the Great Backyard Bird Count with your kids. Learn more about this fun event and find resources to help you celebrate with your family.


Discover wonderful ways to learn with The Great Backyard Bird Count with your kids.


Great Reasons to Participate in The Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count is observed in February to increase our knowledge and appreciation of birds, as well as encourage all ages to enjoy bird watching. This special day is a wonderful way to boost learning fun with your kids in your family, classroom, and homeschool.

My boys and I plan to participate in this special event for both family and homeschool fun. We love to find new ways to explore and discover in our own backyard and look forward to adding this activity to our homeschool bucket list.

Also, I'm hoping this activity also becomes a new way to learn with our kids. Although I enjoy watching birds and hearing their beautiful songs, I barely know the difference between a cardinal and a blue jay. My boys and I are excited to learn more about bird identification and observation as we prepare for The Great Backyard Bird Count.


Woodpecker on bird feeder in winter with house in background and young girl with winter coat & hat walking in snow towards colorful bird feeder


Ways to Learn with The Great Backyard Bird Count

One of our big homeschool philosophies is that life is learning and learning is life. This guiding principle helps us incorporate homeschool fun activities into our family life. We're using this activity as a supplement to our current homeschool studies while staying open to the idea of including bird watching into our homeschool schedule next year.

Plan and prepare for learning fun with The Great Backyard Bird Count.

Here are resources that I have found to help my boys and I get ready for some awesome bird watching and counting:

  1. You can go to The Great Backyard Bird Count and use their free printable tally sheets to record your observations. This resource is super cool because you can type in your zip code, town and state, or National park, forest, or other national lands to get a customized tally sheet for your area. You also have the option of including rare species in your checklist.

The Great Backyard Bird Count has great resources to help you get started.

2. Animal Jam shares this free printable worksheet with tips and ideas for having a successful backyard bird count. It could be used as a poster for your homeschool or learning area.

3. Still Playing School suggests a variety of resources and a free printable tally sheet that's perfect for kids!

4. Erika of Play Species shares these 10 Quick Tips on How to Enjoy the Great Backyard Bird Count at iHomeschool Network.

5. Share It! Science News shares this Free Bird Counting Printable: Great Backyard Bird Count.

6. Homeschool Creations provides these Bird Nature Study Printables – Learning About Birds. My boys will be using these to complete and place in their homeschool portfolios.

7. Walking by the Way offers these Printable Pages for Bird Observation. These printables are fabulous! My younger boys are going to love the Birdwatching Bingo 🙂

8. Premeditated Leftovers teaches What You Need for Bird Watching with Kids.

9. You can use these 10 Apps for Bird Identification curated by iGame Mom for help. My older boys are using a few of these apps on their phone (great way to get older kids interested in bird watching!).

10. Juliana for Real Life at Home shares awesome tips and how Bird Watching can cultivate a family hobby.

11. Betsy of BJ's Homeschool shares on iHomeschool Network how bird watching can be used as a homeschool high school elective (which we are considering for our oldest next year).

12. Dawn of Lady Dusk suggested the Bird Notes app with shows that provide bird calls and descriptions of the featured birds.

13. Have some hands-on, art fun with acrylics and learning how to paint birds! These lessons from Chalk Pastels are wonderful indoor activities to do with your kids as you celebrate Backyard Bird Count.

Backyard Birds Acrylic Art Lessons

The Great Backyard Bird Count occurs every February. Here are some wonderful ways to get started with this learning fun opportunity.


What resources will you use to learn with The Great Backyard Bird Count?

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