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Learn With Your Kids: Ukulele Fun For All!

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Are you looking for a fun way to connect with your kids? Consider learning something new-right along side your kids! The ukulele is a fabulous instrument to help you and your kids create great memories & learn new skills.


Are you looking for fun and creative ways to learn with your kids? Would you like to jazz up your family time with an activity more than games or movies?  Find out why the ukulele is the perfect addition to family fun night-or any day of the week!

The ukulele is an amazing instrument for your kids (and yourself!) to learn. With only four strings and its size, this musical instrument is small enough for even toddlers to use. You can definitely “amp up” (was that too corny of a pun?) learning time with your kids with ukulele resources and practice.

I introduced the Learn With Your Kids series a few weeks ago. My boys and I have been working on our calligraphy and making tremendous progress. This special time of learning with my kids has been more than I ever dreamed possible.

In our learning experiences, I have noticed that my boys and I have both received benefits. It has been a personal growth activity for me as I come to understand what it might be like for my boys as they learn new concepts and skills in our homeschool. Learning with my boys has definitely helped me cultivate empathy! As I have tried to learn the correct way to hold a calligraphy pen or place my fingers just so for a ukulele chord, I have even greater appreciation for the learning process.


teach kids ukulele


My boys have benefited from watching their mom struggle to learn and practice a skill. I can see their confidence build as they help me place my fingers on the correct ukulele string to strum a sweet musical note.

Overall, my boys and I have found our Learn With Your Kids times to help us form even deeper connections. Our conversations now often include chatter about what types of calligraphy projects we can work on together or when we will practice our ukulele.

The ukulele is a wonderful musical instrument to learn with your kids.


Learn With Your Kids:  Ukulele Fun For All!

You may be thinking that the ukulele is an odd instrument to select for family learning time. I did, too. My friend, Amanda at Raising da Vinci, and I were talking one day about her new ukulele course. She highly encouraged me to look more into adding this affordable musical instrument to our homeschool.

Initially, I was like, “Sure! Okay, Amanda. Whatever you say!” and thinking to myself, “Isn’t the ukulele that instrument that they play in Hawaii and you have to wear leis and grass skirts?” I also thought that there was no way that my boys would want to learn the ukulele.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Learn with your kids! Try the ukulele & find out how this musical instrument will add learning fun to your family.


My boys were literally jumping up and down with excitement when I asked them about getting Raising da Vinci’s Ukulele Course for Kids. They thought it would be super cool to learn how to play this interesting instrument. I had my doubts but no better than to argue with my boys when they are pumped up about learning.

I found helpful information at Raising da Vinci about picking out ukuleles. Who knew there were different types and qualities? We ended up getting two ukuleles so the boys could pair up and learn together. The older two boys use the Kala Mahogany Soprano and the younger boys use the Mahalo Soprano Ukulele.



I am so glad that I went along with their idea.

When our ukuleles arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to adjust to. I had taken guitar lessons with Coach when we first got married. There was a bit of an adjustment period but, overall, smooth transition.


The ukulele is a fantastic musical instrument to learn with your kids.
Captain is using Raising da Vinci’s Ukulele Course for Kids to teach his younger brothers (and mom!) about this affordable musical instrument.


The boys, on the other hand, jumped in and started learning notes and chords right away using Ukulele Course for Kids. I am thrilled that we have this resource that makes it easy to learn ukulele notes, chords, parts, and more!

This course rocks because there are instructional videos to watch and learn. It’s like having a custom music lesson in your home at your convenience without paying tons of money!  Boom!

Ukulele Course For Kids

I would remiss if I didn’t add that my boys have thoroughly enjoyed outplaying their mom. I am going to up my game by adding in more practice time. Either way, it has been such a fun way to spend time with my boys as we learn a new skill and make new memories.

You will find the ukulele a wonderful musical to learn with your kids.


If you would like to have an affordable way to help your kids learn a musical instrument, I highly encourage you to check out Raising da Vinci’s Ukulele Course for Kids and get at least one ukulele. (If you plan on learning with your kids, get two! You can play a duet!)

The ukulele is an amazing way to connect and learn with your kids.

How will you add the ukulele to your learning fun?


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