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Fun U.S. Coins Activities For Early Learners

U.S. Coins Activities-Busy Boys BrigadeDisclaimer:  This post on Fun U.S. Coins Activities For Early Learners contains affiliate links.

Learning about money is an important skill for all. The ability to recognize and use the different denominations of coins and bills  is vital to successful functioning.  U.S. coins are a great place to start with learning about money. Various sizes, colors, values, and images make for recognition and sorting fun.

Two of my boys, Smiley (7) and Bear (4) are working on these concepts in our homeschool. I searched through our homeschool library to find a resource that I knew would be helpful in their studies. The Coin Counting Book by Rozanne Lanczak Williams is a fantastic book for teaching about different U.S. coins.

The pictures in the book have labels with values that are perfect for early learners. Practice with addition and different coin combinations is also demonstrated. Simple rhymes enhance the reading experience and help early learners retain the information.

Make sure to have a bag of different coins on hand. Your kids will want to use hands-on practice along with the book as you read. Also, consider creating a DIY piggy bank for each of your kids, if they do not have one of their own. They will be excited to add their coins to their bank-and practice counting over and over again!

To extend the lessons learned from this book, I created a printable pack. My boys enjoy having extra practice with money and other math concepts. Also, I wanted Smiley (7) to have the opportunity to practice writing the money words, as well as having a fun coin game with dice to look forward to after his work.

This U.S. Coins Activities For Early Learners printable pack is FREE to all Busy Boys Brigade subscribers.  You will receive:

  • Money Match-coin, word, and value recogntion
  • Writing & Drawing U.S. Money-opportunity to trace money words, write money words on own, and draw the coin/bill. Bonus:  Coin Fun With Dice Game!

*This free U.S. Coins printable pack complements The Coin Counting Book. The book, however, is not necessary to benefit from using these printables.

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U.S. Coins Activities


What are your favorite resources for helping your kids learn about money?

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