Get your free printable Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List to help you plan & prepare for learning fun all winter!


Have a blast with your kids with this Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List. Get ideas and inspiration for winter learning fun outdoors and inside your home. Get this free printable to help you plan and prepare for winter homeschool fun no matter where you live!

You will find winter homeschool fun ideas for:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Challenges
  • Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Writing
  • Science

Place this winter homeschool fun bucket list in your homeschool planner, room, or any area that you frequently use to chat about learning fun with your kids. Customize these ideas to best fit the needs and interests of your homeschool. All ages can find ways to enjoy these suggested winter homeschool fun activities.

Now, you can use this bucket list to reference when you:

  • don’t have time to think about winter fun
  • take out your homeschool planner to make sure you are prepared
  • want to have a great reward or motivator for your kids to complete homeschool work
  • are looking forward to creating and sharing special memories with your kids

This Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List will help you plan & prepare for learning fun all winter.

Get Your Free Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List

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Suggested Resources for Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List


“Snowball” Activities (Confidence Meets Parenting)-7 indoor snowball activities that don’t require real snow!

Snow Volleyball-use a white balloon as a snowball volleyball

Build an “Igloo”-use pillows to make a fun indoor fort


Nature Walk (Our Journey Westward)-go on a winter nature walk

Build a “Snow” Man-use whatever outdoor materials you have (snow, sand, dirt, etc.) available at this time of year to build a snowman

Bird Watch & Count (Share It Science)-get ideas and tips for watching and count birds this winter

Scavenger Hunt (Montessori Nature Printables)-free printable winter adventure hunt (may need adapt according to where you live)

Hands-On Activities

Snow Slime (No Time for Flashcards)-DIY snow slime that kids can make for gifts or to keep

DIY Snow (Savvy Sassy Moms)-make snow that you can enjoy inside

Hot Chocolate Playdough (Sugar, Spice, and Glitter)-two versions of hot chocolate playdough recipes


Lego Winter (Little Bins for Little Hands)-challenges for building winter themes with these building blocks

“Snow” STEM-use cotton balls for different STEM challenges

Marshmallow Stack-use different sizes of marshmallows to see what works best for the tallest marshmallow stack


Snowman Bingo (Crazy Little Projects)-free printable snowman bingo game

Snowball Race-use straws to blow cotton balls or white pom-poms across a table or floor

Snowball Slam-stack plastic cups into a pyramid and use a white soft ball (or balled up sock) to knock cups down

Do You Want to Build a Snow Globe?-free printable pack from Rock Your Homeschool

Arts & Crafts

Paper Snowflakes (It’s Always Autumn!)-instructions + video tutorial on how to make different types of paper snowflakes

Tin Can Snowman (Kids Craft Room)-cute idea that also recycles

“Painting” Trees (Kitchen Table Classroom)-use markers to “paint” pine trees

Snowflake Window Clings (One Little Project)-fun idea for making glittery snowflake window clings


**Your kids can write or draw about these winter topics 🙂

Why Snowman Melted-have your kids describe why a snowman melted

My 5 Senses-Winter-encourage your kids to use their 5 senses to describe winter

Life in a Snow Globe-take a few minutes to imagine what life in a snow globe might be like; write or draw about what would be in your snow globe

Snow Day Fun-write or draw about what you think would be most fun for a homeschool snow day


Ice Science (Brain-Power Boy)-try these projects to learn more about the science of ice

Ice Hockey Science (Creative Family Fun)-discover what slides best on ice

Salt vs. Ice (STEAM Powered Family)-explore the effects of salt on ice

Hot Chocolate (Creative Family Fun)-awesome ways to have winter science fun with hot chocolate


I hope this free printable Winter Homeschool Fun Bucket List inspires you to plan for special moments with your kids! Which activity will you try first?