When You Need a Homeschool Fairy Godmother

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Oh, to have a homeschool fairy godmother! Someone who could magically sweep in and rescue you from stress, dealing with resistance, and that teetering tower of laundry that's threatening to topple at any second on you and the kids.

Find out why you're definitely now alone for wishing you had a homeschool fairy godmother and what you can do to save yourself 🙂


Discover how to use these tips & tricks to feel better when you need a homeschool fairy godmother.


You know that blissful feeling when everything is going perfectly in your homeschool life? Like, your house is immaculate, chores are all done, kids are whistling while they work, and you have all the time in the world to get everything done?

Yeah, neither do I.

There are just some days (okay, most days) when I need a homeschool fairy godmother. A magical creature to come along and wave her magic wand and magically make everything run like a well-oiled machine. Scatter her fairy dust and woosh! all the frustrations, stress, and mess away.

Or, at least, help me pick up all the Legos that the preschooler dumped on the floor. Again.

How many times have you wished for your very own homeschool fairy godmother? That you could say the magic words like, "Bippity-boppity-boo!" or "Supercalifragilisticexpialiadocious" or "Presto chango!" and voilà! All your homeschool troubles vanished into thin air!



Pleas for a Homeschool Fairy Godmother

I think that it's very natural to wish for a homeschool fairy godmother when you consider all that a homeschool mom does in one day, even in one hour. Lots of plates to keep spinning as multi-tasking shines at its finest. It's easy to see why a homeschool mom would want to wish upon a star for help.

I was chatting with my friend, Christy Thomas of Play4Life Moms, during a podcast interview as guest host for Pam Barnhill's Homeschool Snapshots (February 2018). During our lovely conversation about adding fun to your homeschool, one of Christy's observations stuck. This one phrase got me thinking: "When you need a fairy godmother..."


What do you do when you need a homeschool fairy godmother? Get ideas and inspiration to help you get past struggles & get on with enjoying your homeschool.


When do you need a homeschool fairy godmother? And why?

1. Crazy Schedule:

Does your family and homeschool schedule have you feeling like you don't know if you are coming and going? Maybe your schedule got thrown for a loop due to a new baby or change in job shifts?


2. Too Many Hats:

How many roles and responsibilities do you have to do in a day? I can easily tick off chauffeur, cook, nurse, teacher, event planner, and wardrobe assistant. I'm sure you can add more to this list.


3. Little Ones:

Homeschooling with little ones can be quite a challenge. Although you may work hard to have quiet activities to keep little ones busy, sometimes it would just be nice to have a homeschool fairy godmother to help.


4. Tweens & Teens

And then there's tweens and teens. A whole different ball of wax. More difficult work, attitudes, and wondering where in the world this child came from are common feelings when you are in the trenches of homeschooling tweens and teens.


5. Special Needs

Maybe you have a child with special needs that requires extra help or a different approach? I would imagine there are times when a homeschool fairy godmother would tremendously be helpful.


6. Your Hormones

If you're a homeschool mom, you have hormones-no matter what season of life you are in. I'm going to sound whiny but hormones stink! There are certain times of the month when I'd much rather crawl under my comforter than go on a homeschool field trip.

Or you're trying to deal with the hormones of a tween or teen. The clash of the hormones is never pretty!


7. Home Management

I don't have a Pinterest-worthy home. Actually, I feel rather accomplished when one can safely walk across the floor without severely injuring their bare feet on scattered building blocks.

Usually, the mess from having our all-boy family in our home 24/7 doesn't get to me. But, there are times when I'd certainly welcome a magic wand to whoosh! the mess away.


8. Lack of Motivation

As much as I big puffy heart homeschooling, there are days when I just don't feel it-even after coffee! Or my boys aren't feeling it. Instead of dragging my feet to the table, it would rock to have a magical elixir or tonic that give me the boost I needed to get it done.


9. Lack of Focus

I love our relaxed, eclectic approach to homeschooling. It helps us meet the needs of our boys where they are. We love jumping down rabbit holes and I have a tendency to squirrel. I wonder if a homeschool fairy godmother could help us stay on track?


10. Too Much Focus

Other days, I zoom in way too much and lose sight of the big picture. I freak out that my 8-year-old is having trouble regrouping in subtraction. Or 12-year-old is still struggling with spelling. I often sigh and think it would be lovely to have a fairy godmother put on my reality glasses and see all that we are accomplishing.


Red glitter star on striped wand with blank white wood picture frame in background to feature how these tips and tricks will help you when you feel like you need a homeschool fairy godmother


What to Do When You Need a Homeschool Fairy Godmother

So, I'm sorry to report that I haven't found a way to conjure up a homeschool fairy godmother. Major bummer.

Fortunately, there are awesome resources that you can use to feel like you have your very own homeschool fairy godmother:

1. Community

Having a group of other homeschool moms that you can trust and share your struggles is essential. Non-homeschool family and friends often just don't get it. You love your kids but 24/7 can be too much. Other homeschoolers can share tips and tricks for maintaining your sanity. Seek out homeschool groups in your area and check out our Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook Group for a fabulous community of homeschool moms.


2. Podcasts

Putting in your earbuds and zoning out to homeschool support, encouragement, and information can quickly help you turn around your attitude. Plus, podcasts can provide you with inspiration and motivation to rock your homeschool.


3. Family & Friends

Ask for help. Do you have a homeschool neighbor with an older child who could be a mommy's helper or babysitter? See if they're available during your homeschool hours to tend to little ones. Find out if friends are willing to carpool or trade chores.


4. Planners

A planner can be a girl's best friend. Paper or digital, use whatever works to make you feel like you have a homeschool fairy godmother to make sure you complete your to-do list. A quality homeschool planner can make you feel like all warm and fuzzy.


5. Apps

There are so many amazingly helpful apps for homeschool moms. Even the simple timer on your phone can be set to remind you to start spelling or put dinner in the slow cooker.


6. Goals

Setting goals and working towards them can be powerful ways to motivate and maintain focus. When you know your why and what you are hoping to achieve, you can use these goals as reminders.


Although the homeschool fairy godmother thing doesn't look like it's going to happen, we can help each other enjoy our homeschooling adventures. Every day might not be magical, but we can try to add  a bit of magic to every day 😉

You can use this positive quote as a reminder whenever you feel like you need a homeschool fairy godmother.

Your turn to dish. Why do you wish you had a homeschool fairy godmother? 

What do you do when you need a homeschool fairy godmother? Get ideas and inspiration to help you get past struggles & get on with enjoying your homeschool.

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  1. This was so good! Mostly when life goes crazy and I need someone to cook or clean. Thankfully the kids to help a ton but ugh some days. Also when all I see is what isn't done ...focusing on what has been done would be nice. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

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