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10 Fun Writing Projects With A Focus On Food

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Need some great ways to add excitement to your homeschool writing time? Use these 10 Fun Writing Projects With A Focus On Food to engage your kids. Get your FREE printable mini-books to help you encourage your kids to record some of their favorite foods and recipes!

With five boys, our topics of conversations usually involve one of three things:  food, bathroom humor, and sports. The most common question in our home is, "What's to eat?" which is quickly followed by the sound of ten feet scrambling to our pantry. I am not joking when I admit that it feels like a plague of locusts descends upon our home on a daily basis.

As a tomboy, I do not mind talking about sports. In fact, I love to chat about my favorite sport, soccer. I also love to hear my boys enthusiastically share there most recent findings of sports stats and results.

I prefer not to allow too much potty talk. I have come to accept the fact that boys (or maybe it is just kids?) need to joke about the events of bathroom trips. I do try to steer our discussions away from bodily functions after a few minutes.

Food is a hot topic in our all-boy home. Our older two boys, Captain (13) and Professor (11) have become quite the little chefs. They enjoy preparing and serving dinner at least a few times a month. When our busy schedule permits, dinner becomes "Fun Friday" where Captain and Professor select special recipes for our family meal.

The boys have been using  (if you are interested in this amazing program for helping kids learn and have fun in the kitchen, use our special referral code:  rttvvs for a free kit!) for guidance and ideas. Captain is much more adventurous in his approach to cooking (like Coach) and enjoys tweaking recipes. Professor sticks to the checklist and directions.

Captain and Professor often include their three younger brothers in this meal prep experience. They will teach little brothers a variety of kitchen and life skills, like measuring, patience, cooperation, and safety. These moments of brotherly love are touching as I watch their relationships grow.

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You could say that cooking has become a highlight of our homeschool. It is definitely a favorite. You could also say that writing is a not-so-favorite. Our homeschool writing times are not as dreaded as in previous years, but they are still not highly anticipated.

To help cultivate a love (or at least a tolerance) for writing, I am searching for ways to tap into my boys' interests as they practice writing skills.  Julie Bogart (Brave Writer) and her book The Writer's Jungle have helped me to loosen up in my approach to writing. You see, I was under the impression that my boys would instantaneously adore writing like I do.

And they don't. My boys do not like writing at all. Each boy has a different reason for not caring for the writing process. (That's enough for another post!)  What I find difficult is trying to teach something that I find easy to loved ones that have no interest whatsoever in it.

Fortunately, Brave Writer products, Facebook Groups, and fellow devotees have helped me discover that this is okay. And, in doing so, have encouraged me to apply my creativity to our writing projects.

Focus On Food For Fun Writing Projects

I compiled a list of ways to use food as a focus for writing projects. These activities are designed to engage a variety of learning styles and ages. I want to provide all of my boys (and your kids!) with ideas to inspire and invite their expression of thoughts and feelings associated with a popular topic-FOOD!

  1.  Make Mini-Books

    Use our free printable mini-books to invite your kids to record their favorite foods, drinks, and recipes. Have your children decorate and save for memories for years to come.

    Helping your child create a book of favorite recipes is a fun way to boost writing skills.

  2. Recipe Fun

One of my favorite writing projects as a child was in first grade. Each student was asked to tell our teacher about our favorite family recipe. We shared our thoughts on what the ingredients list was composed of and steps to prepare the dish. (I was so shy that my best friend agreed to work with me.)  Here is our first grade impression of how to make Meatballs:

Encourage your kids to record their favorite recipes in their own version of cooking! Let their imaginations soar as they form ingredient lists and cooking steps.
My friends & I contributed to the top recipe for "Meatballs". Another friend gave her version of "Stew". Washi tape is used for privacy-and to protect the innocent.

This activity can be fun with all ages! Have your child select a favorite recipe. For younger students, record their responses (guesses are okay!) and encourage them to draw a picture to demonstrate. For older students, have them write down what ingredients they think are in a recipe, as well as the steps it takes to prepare.

After the writing assignment is complete, compare to an actual recipe. Allow your child to note similarities and differences. Congratulate them on their hard work. For extra fun, prepare the recipe to celebrate!

3. Food Acrostic

I just love acrostic activities! Have your child select a favorite food, beverage, or recipe. Instruct (or help) them to write the letters of the word(s) in a vertical line. Explain that they are to think of descriptive words or phrases about this food that begin with that letter.

4. My Favorite Foods Poster

Captain (13) started the poster craze in our home! When we started homeschooling, he was tired of boring school writing assignments. Captain asked if he could design a poster about our state instead of write a paragraph. He presented his case well (in writing, which I did find funny at the time!) and got to work. His brothers quickly saw the fun this combination of art and writing. (I find it interesting that my boys will merrily create a list of facts on a poster but balk at the idea of creating that same list for a report. Baby steps!)

With this project, your child draws, paints, or writes about favorite foods. They can take an advertising slant, trying to convince family members why their favorite food is "the best". Perhaps they are more interested in an informational poster with facts and figures? Either way, let their imaginations take off with this art and writing project!

5. Collage of Favorite Foods

With this project, have your kids find pictures of their favorite foods in magazines. Cut out pictures and glue onto construction paper or poster board. Have them create a list of descriptive words, sentences, or paragraphs (depending on writing level). My boys also cut out words to use on their collages.

6. 5 Senses

One food, drink, or recipe is selected for this writing project. Your child is challenged with describing this favorite victual with all five senses. They can describe using written word, narration, or drawing. The idea here is to encourage full exploration of senses plus developing a vocabulary with rich descriptive words. (*This writing project was inspired by Julie Bogart's Keen Observation exercise found in The Writer's Jungle.)

7. Food Comics

My boys love creating comic strips! This activity is a fun way for your kids to tap their imaginations as they dream up names, scenarios, and story lines for food characters. Who wouldn't love writing (and reading) about the amazing adventures of pizza shop heroes Pete the Pepperoni and Sal the Sausage? Here is a free printable Comic Strips For Writing Fun download to get you started!

8. Songs About Food

Work with your kids to make a list of songs that include food. Play some "tasty tunes" while your kids interpret and write down lyrics. Create your own silly songs about food.

9. Grocery List

This activity can take a serious or silly approach, depending on your goals. You could dictate your family's grocery list while your kids write it down. Or your child could compose their grocery wishlist.

10. Write With Food!

This project is hands-down our favorite! My boys have used food as a writing tool since they have been little.

Pudding, especially chocolate, smeared on a clean kitchen counter super fun to practice letters, numbers, and sight words.

Cereal, in a variety of shapes and colors, is fantastic finger food for early learning.

But, why keep all that fun with food for little ones?

Sure, cold spaghetti is a bit slimy. But, it is great for molding into cursive letters and more.

Turn a waffle into a sentence with a smear of peanut butter and chocolate chips or raisins.

Consider this list of food items to be used in writing projects:

  • pretzel sticks
  • raisins
  • M&Ms
  • Twizzlers
  • Skittles
  • cheese sticks
  • pudding
  • yogurt
  • Cheerios
  • Fruit Loops
  • Alphabits
  • cold pasta
  • cold mashed potatoes

Yes, that's right! I'm saying it's okay to play with your food!
(What would our mothers say?)

Hoping these 10 Fun Writing Projects With A Focus On Food provide your homeschool with a bit of edible encouragement for your writing time! Report back on your projects-and share your ideas for using food as a focus for writing-in the comments below.

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Get your free printable food & recipe mini-books to boost writing fun with your kids!

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