10 Frugal Ways To Use Buttons For Hands-On Learning Fun

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Find out how you can use buttons with your kids to encourage hands-on learning fun. Great for a variety of math, art, and craft activities. Use these frugal materials to engage & inspire.

I love using frugal materials to encourage learning fun. Preparing for our homeschool year, I was excited to compile this list 10 Frugal Ways To Use Buttons For Hands-On Learning Fun. I hope these ideas plus free printable Fun With Buttons activity pack helps inspire a variety of ways to use buttons for learning!

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You may recall me telling you that my mom is a retired full-day Kindergarten teacher. She has blessed our homeschool in so many ways with learning resources and materials. During a recent visit, she surprised us with a big box of buttons! I was so excited that I did a happy dance!

Now, you may be wondering why I would be thrilled about buttons. At first glance, a box of buttons may seem boring, especially if you detest sewing like I do. The creativity light bulb in my brain lit up, however, when I saw the potential ways we could have hands-on learning fun in our homeschool with these little treasures.

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

Buttons are great tools for hands-on learning fun. Available in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors, they are an engaging way to add a spark to lessons, crafts, and activities. Younger kids are familiar with buttons, often working to master buttoning up their coats or other articles of clothing. Older kids might enjoy investigating the different textures and styles of buttons.

If you have not been blessed by the button fairy, you can find an assortment of buttons here:

Bucket O' Buttons

Shape Buttons

Really Big Shape Buttons

10 Frugal Ways To Use Buttons For Hands-On Learning Fun

1. Color Recognition

Buttons are fantastic for helping little ones learn their colors. Grab some different color buttons, point at each one, and name the color. Place the button in your little one's hand and have them say the name.

Cut construction papers with the same colors as your buttons. Have your little ones match the buttons to the paper (with the color name written on it.)  For a bit of extra fun, paint paper plates the color of your buttons and use to match.

Use buttons for hands-on learning fun for teaching & practicing sorting.

2. Sorting

Practice sorting buttons by color, size, and shape. Point out differences and similarities among the buttons.

Teach your child patterns using buttons for hands-on learning fun.

3. Patterns

Buttons are magnificent manipulatives for making patterns. Start with simple patterns (ABAB) and progress to more complicated patterns (ABCDABCD). Play games with button patterns like memory or match the pattern.

4. Skip Counting

You can use buttons for skip counting in a few ways. Use the holes in the buttons to count by 1s, 2s, or 4s. Or arrange the buttons in 2s, 4s, 5s, or whatever you are skip counting by!

5. Arrays

Use buttons to demonstrate and practice arrays for multiplication and division.This activity is particularly helpful for your visual and kinesthetic learners!

6. Addition

Use buttons for hands-on learning fun with addition. Verbally describe the process ("Two red buttons plus one blue button equals three buttons.") and encourage your child to do the same when working through an addition problem. This activty is excellent practice for word problems with labels and steps.

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7. Subtraction

Another way to use buttons for hands-on learning fun in math! Again, physically and verbally demonstrate the process to your child and have them do the same.

8. Playdough Fun

Buttons are a fun addition to playdough time. Use buttons as stamps or accessories. Make silly playdough faces or people with button eyes, noses, and mouths.

9. Painting

Use buttons as brushes or stamps for interesting textures in painting.

Buttons & pipe cleaners are great for hands-on learning fun.
Bear using buttons & a pipe cleaner for hands-on learning fun.

10. Pipe Cleaners

With buttons with large holes, practice fine motor skills by threading a pipe cleaner through the holes. Form into bracelets, rings, or even light sabers!

Buttons + pipe cleaners can make excellent rings & bracelets.
Smiley with his "super special secret ring that has time portal powers"

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