The Ultimate List Of Homeschool Facebook Groups

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Are you looking to connect with other homeschoolers but skeptical of social media? Feeling lonely or overwhelmed and wish you had other homeschoolers who understood? The Ultimate List of Homeschool Facebook Groups is here to help you find active, supportive, & helpful homeschooling groups on Facebook. Search through this list to find other homeschoolers who you can relate to you-and add groups that you know can help others!

Homeschooling can get lonely. Even if you are involved in a homeschool co-op or have several homeschooling friends in your area, there are days when you feel quite alone. When other moms are meeting up for coffee during the day, you are teaching math or doing a read aloud.

Homeschooling can get overwhelming. You feel frozen with what to do and when. Questions of "Am I doing enough?" or "Am I forcing too much into our schedule?" creep in and become paralyzing.

Homeschooling can be scary. As a homeschooler, you have taken on a huge responsibility. You have your kids' education in your hands.

Homeschooling can feel like no one in your real life understands. When other moms are talking about school-related issues like packing lunches and dealing with bullying issues, you are standing alone and trying to figure out how to help your little one read or memorize math facts.

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Please don't misunderstand! I have stated time and time again that homeschooling is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I love being at home with my boys and having the opportunity to watch them learn and grow.

It's just not all sunshine and roses-especially when I have felt like I have no one who gets it.

Last year, I was feeling extremely lonely and depressed about our homeschool. Don't get me wrong-I love homeschooling my 5 boys! I felt that what was missing was an opportunity for me to connect and relate to other homeschoolers.

I had been on an extended social media break which was necessary. I don't do drama and have no desire to read about other peoples' political views or what their morning bathroom experience was like. With 5 boys, I have enough action and drama to keep me entertained!

When I started Busy Boys Brigade, I did a lot of research. One of the recommended actions to building your blog was to create a social media presence. Ugh! I resisted Facebook as long as I could. It was my #1 pet peeve.

I decided to create a separate Facebook account for my blog. I figured this way would be a good way to start over. (I share this approach in case you are hesitant of having a Facebook account. You can create a separate account for just homeschool or related interactions.)

As time went by and I met other homeschoolers, I had a realization.  Facebook can actually be a good thing!  There are a lot of homeschoolers on Facebook, all looking to connect. (You might be like, "Duh, Amy!" What I am trying to say is that you can use Facebook-and other social media-in a controlled way for specific reasons.)

I still hold on to a bit of my initial skepticism about Facebook. I am cautious about who I follow or who follows me. Also, I like to have information (and at least one friend) about a group.

I thought it would be helpful to create The Ultimate List Of Homeschool Facebook Groups. I will share the groups that I know to be helpful, supportive, and active. I think it is helpful to know what homeschool Facebook groups are encouraging, uplifting, active and enjoyable.

I would love to add your favorite homeschool Facebook groups! Please share in the comments below for me to add to our list.

Homeschool Facebook groups will be arranged in alphabetical order. I was going to categorize groups but I am aware that many homeschoolers (and their groups) are eclectic. For example, placing a group with the title of Classical Charlotte Mason would leave me sitting up into the wee hours of the morning to determine appropriate placement.

The homeschool Facebook groups will also provide a brief description. When you share your favorite groups, I would greatly appreciate a description (names of group owners would be awesome, too!).

I hope The Ultimate List of Homeschool Facebook Groups helps you grow and flourish as a homeschooler!

**I would love to highlight my favorite homeschool Facebook group of all-Rock Your Homeschool!  Our group of homeschoolers are super encouraging, friendly, and fun. Come on over & check it out!

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Facebook Groups

**When quotation marks are used, either I have limited experience with this group or I found the explanation of the group spot on to its interactions. Therefore, I copied and pasted their group description. Please feel free to add in comments to this post your personal experience with the group. 

A Modern Charlotte Mason:  Group is dedicated to use of the curriculum, A Modern Charlotte Mason. A Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling is highlighted.

Affording The Homeschool Life:  This group is associated with It is all about encouraging each other and fun. It is a place for homeschool families to share tips, tricks, and resources for all frugal living topics.

Brave Schoolers:  One of my favorite groups! This group is run by Julie Bogart and her Brave Writer team. Discussion about Julie's scopes, Facebook Live events, and member broadcasts are encouraged. Simply fantastic place to find creative tips and ideas for your homeschool.

Brave Schooling Middle & High School:  This group is for families who have purchased and are using Brave Writer curriculum. Topics involve support, tips, and ideas on using Brave Writer in middle and high school years.

Brave Writer Lifestyle Group:  This group is fan-hosted and not run by Brave Writer. Members discuss Brave Writer lifestyle and encourage each other. Extremely supportive and understanding!

Charlotte Mason Show:  Leah Boden owns and moderates this brilliant group. She shares her Periscope broadcasts, as well as resources and ideas for implementing the Charlotte Mason approach.

Christian Homeschooling With Netflix:  "This is a Christian Group for providing information about streaming movies through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and your Roku player."

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool:  This group is for parents using or interested in using All-In-One Easy Peasy Homeschool, a free online homeschool curriculum. Technical support and logistical questions are discussed.

Fieldschooling Adventures:  "This group is for parents who believe that great learning happens through living. This is a safe place to share our adventures with learning out and about in the world! After all, the World is our classroom!"

Finding Joy In Your Homeschool Journey:  "A Facebook group for readers of Joy in the Journey and fellow moms with a focus on encouragement and helpful tips." This group is owned and moderated by Misty Bailey, who is so encouraging and inspiring.

Free Homeschooling Curriculum: "Free curriculum in the making, feel free to join in as we complete a full curriculum."

Homeschool Co-Op and Freebies:  "Our group welcomes any type of homeschooling families—K12/virtual schools, homeschooling, unit studies and so on-- We do not discriminate anyone for their thoughts/beliefs/religion or anything else. This page provides links that are free, support and guidance. We are all here for the same reason and that is our children. We want to be the best 'teacher' that we can be." You must message to become member of group. Highly moderated for no drama!

Homeschool Connections:  "For creating community and connections among homeschool moms. This group is managed and run by the Homeschool Blogging Connection Team."

Homeschool Educational Free Market group:  "This group is for sharing FREE internet resources for homeschooling. Websites, blogs, Free Kindle books, printables, crafts, and long as it is a FREE resource!!"

Homeschool For Free:  "A group to share free homeschooling resources, printables, etc."

Homeschool Freebies Galore:  This is the sister group to Homeschool Freebies & Deals Galore Facebook page.

Homeschool Gameschool:  "A community of people who teach through gaming and hands-on activities. An outreach of the blog"

Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies:  "Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies is a site for homeschoolers who love free stuff and giveaways!"

Homeschool Journey:  This group is for homeschoolers and families who are seriously considering it. Associated with Embark On The Journey and Homeschool Preschool.

Homeschool Planning and Organizing:  "A place to share and discuss all things relating to homeschool planning and organizing!"

Homeschooling Mom's Hangout:  A place to share anything that is related to homeschooling.

Homeschooling And Unschooling:  "Share anything and everything related to home educating or parenting. Ask questions, share frugal resources and freebies, provide inspiration...just no spaming."

Homeschooling With Pinterest:  "Pinterest ideas to keep our homeschooling fresh and exciting!! Group is for Pinterest ONLY links...all others will be deleted!"

iHomeschool Network:  I had to add this page! Jimmie Lanley and Amy Stults founded iHomeschool Network. They have created a magnificent place for homeschoolers to find homeschooling resources and ideas. Make sure to follow for updates on Twitter and Facebook parties, Instagram events, and more!

It's Not That Hard To Homeschool High School:  Anne of Annie & Everything owns and operates this fantastic group. Very supportive and encouraging group to help us navigate the homeschool high school years.

Life of Fred:  We LOVE Life of Fred! This group is dedicated to all Life of Fred books written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt. The group is not official (not associated with Dr. Schmidt) and does closely monitor for spam.

Music In Our Homeschool:  Gena, of I Choose Joy and Music In Our Homeschool, owns and operates this group to help us bring music to our homeschool. You will find ideas (often freebies!) on ways to incorporate music into your family life.

My Joy-Filled Homeschool:  This group is an extension of Sarah's blog, My Joy-Filled Life. I love how this group discusses homeschooling plus other areas of our lives, like parenting, home management, and more.

New To Dynamic Homeschooler:  A group for new and experienced homeschoolers to find ideas, resources, and discuss homeschooling.

Real Life Homeschool Spaces:  A place to discuss and share ways to create a homeschool space on a budget.

Rock Your Homeschool!:  My group! A place where homeschoolers (new, experienced, or interested) are welcome to share and discuss all things homeschooling. Full of encouragement, community, and fun!It's all about helping you achieve the homeschool best for your family-and having fun along the way!

Rock Your Homeschool Planner:  A place to talk about all things homeschool planner related!

Simply Joyful:  Kristi Clover (of Raising Clovers) owns and operates his group is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring moms to find "simple solutions for a more joy-filled life."

Spelling City Homeschoolers:  This group discusses how homeschoolers use the curriculum Spelling City in their homeschools.

Teach Be side Me:  Karyn (Teach Beside Me) owns and operates this group which is a place to share creative education ideas for teaching kids.

Techin' Your Homeschool:  "A community of homeschooling digital immigrant moms trying to figure out how to guide our digital native homeschoolers. Join us for tips and conversation about adding more technology into your family's home learning." Beth of Techin' Your Homeschool owns and operates this group where she occasionally issues challenges and contests.

The Charlotte Mason Way Community:  This group is for discussion of the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. The founder is a Christian that only asks for members to respect these beliefs (no debating or arguing).

The Delight-Directed Homeschool:  "The delight-directed homeschool is a home away from home for homeschool moms who wish to be encouraged and encourage others in homeschooling according to the interests and passions of their children (even if just sometimes)." Owned and operate by Marcy of Ben And Me, an experienced homeschooler who is a true delight herself!

Thrifty Homeschool:  "This group is a place to find and share giveaways, freebies, deals, sales, and money-saving tips for homeschoolers. If it can benefit homeschoolers, it's welcome here." There are more specific rules in the group guidelines to help monitor and prevent spamming.

Tips For Homeschooling Moms:  "Homeschooling Tips for Moms is a community to inspire, encourage and empower through tips shared, and discussed."

Year-Round Homeschooling Moms:  If you are a year-round homeschooler (or interested in learning more!), make sure to join this supportive group!

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