How To Use Affirmations For Greater Homeschool Joy

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Would you like an easy yet powerful way to add homeschool joy to your day? Find tips and resources for how to use affirmations in your homeschool. Start this effective practice to increase your homeschool happy. Use these FREE printable homeschool affirmation cards to get started.


You can have greater homeschool joy every day. The power to overcome negative thoughts and situations that arise in your homeschool is something that you can learn, practice, and use. Discover how to harness the power of affirmations as a homeschool mom.

Affirmations are positive self-statements used to remind, refocus, and redirect. A few of the factors that make affirmations accessible and easy to implement include:

  • free
  • customizable
  • short
  • easy to use
  •  positive
  • growth-oriented

Use these 24 free printable Affirmations cards to help you work on homeschool and personal growth.

How to Use Affirmations for Greater Homeschool Joy

Before you start this positive practice for self-growth and greater joy, you must determine what affirmation you will focus on first.

  1. Consider your personal and homeschool goals.
  2. Prioritize your goals and use the affirmation that will help you focus and achieve.
  3. Customize (learn more below) your affirmations to best meet your needs and help you succeed.
  4. Record your affirmation.
  5. Read your affirmation every morning and repeat aloud.
  6. Repeat affirmation throughout your day, whenever you need it.
  7. Say affirmation, internally or externally, in a positive tone.
  8. Stick with affirmation for at least one day before modifying it.

Learn how to use affirmations for greater homeschool joy. Get free printable homeschool affirmation cards to help you start finding your homeschool happy.

Customize Your Homeschool Affirmations

Affirmations are "I" statements. As long as your affirmations include positive words that focus on growth, you can create them for any topic, issue, or situation. With positive, growth-oriented affirmations, your homeschool joy will soar!

A few tips on customizing your affirmations:

  • Focus on the present or future-not the past. You are not looking forwards but moving forward towards positive change.
  • Use power words for effective growth.
  • Select words that are meaningful and significant for you.
  • Keep your affirmations short and easy to recall.
  • Your affirmations are most effective when rational and realistic. (For example, you may want to work out for three hours a day but an affirmation with the specific goal is not realistic if you have been a couch potato).

Of course, no resource on affirmations would be complete without a reference to that amicable Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley.


YouTube video
 Of course, this version is a wee bit cheesy;)  Don't let the cheese factor keep you from adding joy to your homeschool with the power of affirmations!

Experience the power of affirmations for greater homeschool joy! Includes tips & free printable cards to get you started.


How will you use affirmations for greater homeschool joy?

Get started with homeschool affirmations with these 24 Free Printable Homeschool Mom Affirmation Cards.

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