30 Day Self-Care Challenge for Busy Moms (with Fantastic Ideas and Free Printable)

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This 30 Day Self-Care Challenge will help you focus on your well-being and set some time aside for you.

Everyone deserves self-care. And busy moms are no exception. So let's do it together and develop a healthy habit!

The challenge includes a variety of simple ways to help you relax and recharge. You'll find ideas, inspiration, and encouragement to make the most of your special self-care time.

You deserve a break from the stresses of daily life. Why not give this free 30 day self-care challenge a try? You may find that you enjoy it so much you decide to make self-care a regular part of your life!

This free printable 30 day self-care challenge has incredible ideas for helping you enjoy simple activities to help you relax and see to your needs. Discover how you can customize and use to cultivate daily self-care habits.

Self-Care Can Be Simple!

Self-care is often one of the last things on your busy mom to-do list. Between work, school, family commitments, and more, taking time just for yourself can seem impossible.

Don't worry, though - that's why you're checking out and taking this 30 Day Self-Care Challenge! Over the next 30 days (or so), you'll get to do a fun and simple activity each day to help bring balance back into your life.

The 30 activities are designed to be simple (you can do many of them in less than an hour), relaxing, and most importantly, self-care-focused.

Whether it's reading or journaling, learning something new, or dancing like nobody's watching, these 30 activities will give you the break you need from busy mom life.

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Tips & Tricks for Enjoying This 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Although these ideas (and free printable) are laid out as a 30 Day self-care challenge, you don't have to do it that way. It's merely a suggestion (especially if you're so busy that you don't have time to think about what to do and when to do it).

I encourage you to read through these ideas, jotting down your thoughts and feelings as they pop up. Circle or highlight ideas in different colors, based on what sounds amazing, quick, etc.

You can choose to work on these challenges in order OR randomly select based on your needs or availability of time.

Personally, I like to use this type of 30 day self-care challenge like a bingo card. I randomly pick and mark off as I complete. It's fun to see if I can get 5 in a row or all corners!

Oh, and I encourage you tweak these ideas to best fit your current busy mom situation. If you have little ones, "Watch your favorite movie" might be difficult. Instead, think of something you could watch (or listen to) that would refresh you.

If some of the challenges or ideas seem impossible, no worries! Just start with the one that feels most manageable for you and work your way up from there.

This challenge is supposed to help you, not cause anxiety, depression, or distractions!

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Customizable 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Day 1: Go for a Walk

If you live in an area where the weather is pretty decent all year round, you can enjoy a nice brisk walk outside. If you can do it for about 20 minutes, even better!

Walking is great exercise with so many benefits. It gets your adrenaline pumping and also boosts endorphins. Fresh air is also great for boosting serotonin!

If you live where it is cold in the winter though, you can walk on a treadmill if you have one, or even walk in place while watching a short show on T.V. or listening to music.

One of my favorite ways to boost my mood and get in a great indoor walk is with Walk at Home. I either go to the YouTube channel or site. My boys will even join me for it (which usually ends with us all laughing together!).

Day2: Make Your Favorite Meal

Make a meal for dinner or lunch that you absolutely love. You could also whip up your favorite snack to enjoy as well.

Don't feel like cooking? No problem! Splurge a bit and grab a delicious meal from your favorite takeout restaurant and treat yourself.

Bonus points if you can add a bit of nutrition, like essential vitamins and minerals!

Day 3: Go to Bed on Time

Getting enough quality sleep is very important to your mental health. When you get plenty of high-quality sleep, you will feel much more energized, in a good mood, and ready to start the day.

Going to bed at a decent time will help you to get on a better sleep schedule, which will ultimately improve the quality of your sleep overall health benefits. So go to bed on time tonight, and you'll feel refreshed in the morning!

I know that it's easier said than done with having a consistent bedtime routine and getting to sleep on time. I really struggle with this one, especially with our erratic homeschool schedule. Instead of stressing over it, I do the best I can that night. And if it doesn't work out quite the way I had planned, I try again the next day.

All you can ever do is your best (and it does you absolutely no good to beat yourself up about it if you can't follow through exactly the way you'd like).

Day 4: Listen to a Motivational Podcast

Give yourself some time this day to sit back, relax and listen to a great podcast. Some great motivational podcasts that I recommend are The Science of Success, The School of Greatness, TED Talks Health, and The Happier Podcast.

Day 5: Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is not only fun, but it's also extremely motivating to help you to visually see your goals so that you can start taking the steps it takes to reach them.

You can get poster boards for under $1 at most craft stores. Cut out inspirational images from magazines or print some from online. I bring out my washi tape collection, favorite pens, and stickers. Making a vision board can be very easy and therapeutic!

Day 6: Have Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is such a nice thing to wake up to! Even if you don't have a spouse, kids, or anyone else to help you with this, you can still enjoy it!

Just whip up your favorite breakfast or grab takeout or delivery and head back to bed with your food. Throw on your favorite show, cuddle up and enjoy!

Day 7: Write Down 5 Things You're Grateful for

Having an attitude of gratitude is great practice for your self-care. Starting with writing down just a few items each day that you're grateful for will help you to get started with this amazing practice.

For this self-care activity, write down just five things that you can think of that you are grateful for at the moment. These five things will help you to get the momentum going to keep that positive mindset day-to-day!

Day 8: Drink Tea or Hot Chocolate

Heat up your kettle and put the tea on! Or if you prefer hot chocolate, you can have that instead. You may even want to take it up a notch with something fun like a hot chocolate bomb.

Allow yourself at least 5 minutes to sit and slowly sip your hot drink, allowing it to warm your soul. Just a few minutes of relaxation to fully take in something you enjoy is so great for self-care.

Day 9: Take a Nap

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or working mom, the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that come with both can be quite tiring at times.

You deserve a nap to recharge! Even if you can only find time for a 20-minute power nap, take some time this day to give yourself some much-needed rest.

I remember when my boys were little and I couldn't squeeze in a nap. (Or even now when life gets busy!). I would put on a video or TV show and "rest my eyes" for about 20 minutes. It wasn't too long but it would do me a world of good.

Day 10: Try a New Recipe

It's time to head to Pinterest (or dust off an old cookbook) and browse! Look through all of the recipes to find something that strikes your fancy.

Head to the store to grab the ingredients and cook up something delicious tonight! Cooking isn't your thing? Grab some takeout from a new place that you have wanted to try instead!

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Day 11: Start a Gratitude Journal

Find a journal or notebook that you have lying around the house (or you could even buy a special one if you wish). If you can't find one, a piece of paper will be just fine for now to get you started.

You can start with the five things you wrote down on Day 7 of this challenge and expand on those items each day. If you can find five things to write down each day that you're grateful for, you'd be off to a great start!

Day 12: Give Yourself a Massage

This idea may sound silly, but it's actually really wonderful and relaxing!

Of course, it would be better to have someone else give you a massage (maybe your spouse or a professional), but there are massages you can easily give yourself as well!

You can start by gently massaging your neck and each shoulder with one hand, then move down to massage your arms. You can then move down to your legs, especially your calves and then your feet. It will release some tension and feel great!

My older boys who play soccer got a massage gun to work out knots and tightness after workouts and games. I love to use it for tight and tired neck and upper back muscles.

Day 13: Watch Your Favorite Movie

Do you own your favorite movie? If so, give yourself some time (maybe after the kids go to bed) to watch it from start to finish. Experiencing nostalgia can be really great for self-care as you are reliving something you have enjoyed in the past.

If you don't have your favorite movie at home, check the various streaming networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and more to see if you can find it. If not, maybe you could watch a new movie that strikes your interest instead.

Day 14: Listen to Your Favorite Song

Give the kids something to do that will occupy them for a bit. Then, turn on your favorite song, and don't be afraid to crank that volume! If your favorite song is slow and mellow such as classical music, sit back, relax and enjoy.

However, if your favorite song is more upbeat, get up and dance! Even if you only have the time to listen to music while you're cooking dinner, feel free to dance around! There's no shame in dancing in the kitchen while using a spatula as a microphone.

Day 15: Make Your Favorite Smoothie

Grab your favorite fruit, greens, milk (or nut or plant milk), or yogurt, throw them all in your blender and mix up your favorite smoothie!

If you're not a big fan of smoothies, however, you can definitely use your blender to make your favorite flavor of milkshake instead!

Day 16: Buy Yourself Something Nice

Treat yourself to something nice! It doesn't need to be expensive.

Buy yourself your favorite coffee, or grab yourself lunch from your favorite restaurant. Maybe buy that pair of fuzzy socks or candle that you've been eyeing. It's totally up to you!

If you're stumped and can't think of anything that you'd like to buy yourself, check out this list of The Best Self-Care Gift Ideas for some inspiration!

Day 17: Drink 8 Glasses of Water

Making sure to stay hydrating is very important for self-care!

You can drink these glasses of water throughout the day. You can either refill an 8-ounce glass or fill up a 64-ounce cup. Whatever works best for you!

If you find it a struggle to fit in that much water, brainstorm how you can make it work for you. Need to add a slice of lemon or lime? Put a reminder on your phone? Or could you substitute a cup of herbal tea or other hydrating beverage?

Day 18: Stretch for 10 Minutes

Giving your body 10 minutes of good stretching will release some pent-up stress and make you feel so relaxed!

Set a timer, get on the floor, and do some of your favorite stretches, or you can follow along with this 10 Minute Full Body Stretching video.

Day 19: Bake Your Favorite Cookies

Who doesn't like a warm, freshly-baked ooey-gooey cookie? Take some time to bake your favorite cookie recipe. If you don't have a favorite recipe, scroll through Pinterest to find one that you'd like to try.

If baking isn't really your thing, head to your local bakery or the bakery department at your local grocery store to grab a fresh batch of some already made cookies that you can immediately enjoy.

Day 20: Set Your Weekly Goals

Setting weekly goals ahead of time can really help you to feel prepared for the week ahead. No more Sunday Scaries!

Grab a piece of paper and brainstorm some ideas for what you'd like to accomplish in the next week. Once you have your ideas narrowed down, write them in a list so that it's easy to follow.

Getting out all those ideas and goals can feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulder.

Sign with letters to spell out SELF CARE and flower on pink background and mock-up of 30 day self-care challenge for busy moms to feature how you can cultivate positive habits no matter how much you have on your plate

Day 21: Try a New Hobby

Have you been wanting to try a new hobby? Go for it!

You can use this time to research it and pick out supplies. It can be exhilarating to learn new things and get started on a project.

Some fun hobbies that you may like to try could be crocheting or knitting, coloring, cross-stitching, painting, making latch-hook rugs, or hand lettering.

Day 22: Plan Your Meals for the Day

Planning out your meals for the day can be helpful. This simple activity takes the stress out of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner at the last minute and makes mealtime a breeze.

Grab a piece of paper, write down what you'd like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Decision fatigue is a real thing (especially when you're hungry). Let go of that type of stress in your life!

Day 23: Take a Social Media Break

Social media is a huge part of our lives these days. Unfortunately, it can be distracting and make you feel as though you're not enough.

Go ahead and take a break from social media for today! Hide or uninstall the apps on your phone if you need to. Enjoy the precious time free from screens.

Day 24: Declutter a Room in Your House

Take just 30 minutes today to declutter a room in your house. You can organize books, toys, clothing, shoes, papers- anything you can in those 30 minutes. Just set a timer and go!

It can feel amazing to let go of stuff that's not necessary for our happiness. Plus, it just feels good to get a simple task done.

Day 25: Read a Book

Give yourself some time today to curl up with a good book. Maybe you have a stack of books that you've been meaning to read for a while and just haven't had the time.

If you don't have any books that you'd like to read, you could browse the free and cheap Kindle ebooks on Amazon. You can read these on any device with the Kindle app.

Also, check to see if your local library has a service for you to access ebooks. For example, I enjoy ebooks through my library using Overdrive and Libby.

Day 26: Take 15 Minutes of Quiet Before Bed

Taking 15 minutes to meditate, pray, or just be still before bed can be a great way to get your mind ready for bed and help you feel more relaxed.

Find a quiet spot, sit down in a comfortable chair or on the floor with some pillows, close your eyes, and focus on slowing your breathing. You don't have to clear your mind completely. Just allow yourself to relax.

Day 27: Give Someone a Compliment

Give someone you know (or even a complete stranger) a compliment today. It can be about something they're wearing, their hairstyle, or how funny they were the last time you talked to them.

Giving other people compliments will brighten their day and can help you feel happier, too!

Day 28: Write Down 5 Things You Like About Yourself

Take some time out of your day to write down five things that you like about yourself. It can be physical qualities, personality traits, or goals that you've accomplished.

After you have completed your list, hang it up somewhere that you'll see it often. Every time you need a boost of confidence, you can look at the list and feel great!

Day 29: Start a Dream Journal

Start a dream journal by taking 20 minutes or so today to write down any dreams from the night before. Write down what you remember, even if it is something small.

Whether they're good or bad, dreams can be very informative and useful for bringing out creativity while you're awake.

Day 30: Do Something You Enjoy

Today is the last day of the 30-Day Self Care Challenge. You can spend this day however you like, just make sure it's something that you enjoy!

You might want to go see a movie with friends, play board games all night with your family, take a shower, or just read a book. It's totally up to you!

More Self-Care Ideas and Tips:

This 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Will Help You Take It to the Next Level

30 days is just the beginning! Taking care of yourself should be a priority. And this 30-Day Self-Care Challenge will help you focus on your well-being and beyond.

When the challenge is finished, you may even find that there are a few activities that you loved doing so much you may want to add them into your daily routine!

Get Your Free Printable 30 Day Self-Care Challenge!

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