101 Reasons Homeschool Podcasts Can Boost Your Day!

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Homeschool podcasts are fantastic ways to boost your day.

You can get encouragement, inspiration, and information that can help you rock your homeschool. Plus, you can develop new interests and relationships with your family and your self.

If you'd like an easy way to jumpstart your homeschooling, these 101 reasons will be great motivators to help you get started with or continue listening to homeschool podcasts.


Discover how homeschool podcasts can help you boost learning at home.


As a homeschooler, podcasts can help boost these areas of your life:

  • Academics
  • Fun
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development
  • Family Time


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If you need more motivation to tune into homeschool podcasts (and other amazing types of podcasts!), check out these 101 reasons:

Homeschool Podcasts to Boost Academics

  1. Another way to access information
  2. Great for auditory learners
  3. Help develop auditory learning
  4. Practice paying attention to auditory cues
  5. Different lengths to select from depending on your schedule
  6. Incorporate into your homeschool morning time
  7. Supplement a subject
  8. New topics to explore interests
  9. Build on current favorite interests
  10. Boost homeschool music time
  11. Improve decoding skills
  12. Enhance reading abilities
  13. Improve cognitive functioning
  14. Connect to information at a deeper level
  15. Boosthomeschool history
  16. Give your voice a break
  17. Develop empathy through hearing others' stories
  18. Learn about the world outside your homeschool
  19. Boost your homeschool math
  20. Practice attention and focus skills
  21. Amp up your homeschool read-aloud time
  22. Perk up your homeschool with astronomy facts!
  23. Get some juicy conversations going with interesting topics

Homeschool Podcasts for Fun

  1. Homeschool brain breaks
  2. Listen to humorous podcasts for shared giggles
  3. Discover new podcasts to enjoy and discuss
  4. New topics to explore
  5. Great reward for completed homeschool lessons
  6. Build imaginative thinking skills
  7. Learn how to multi-task (doodle or draw while listening)
  8. Entertainment without a screen (kinda)
  9. Escape from real life for a bit
  10. Relax before bedtime
  11. Energize when in a fog
  12. Extend learning with one of your homeschool fun days
  13. Discover how to be wild and free in your homeschool
  14. Have some learning fun with art
  15. Pop on a short podcast when you need a bit of fun
  16. Turn your brains on with fun facts and trivia
  17. Have a dance party with some cool tunes found on a podcast


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Professional Development through Homeschool Podcasts

  1. Discover new ideas to inspire your homeschool
  2. Listen to homeschool experts share their tips and tricks
  3. Take a break from reading books for a new way of learning as a mom
  4. Build upon your current knowledge base
  5. Broaden your homeschool perspective with the presentation of new information
  6. Increase your confidence as a homeschool mom
  7. Acquire new skill sets to apply to your homeschool
  8. Learn how to deal with bad habits and build good ones
  9. Discover valuable resources to use in your homeschool
  10. Find out about new books and other releases
  11. Discover new homeschool and other sites to explore
  12. Hear other homeschool moms talk about real-life homeschooling
  13. Stumble upon other homeschoolers who have similar struggles
  14. Get support and new ideas for homeschool morning time
  15. Be encouraged in your pursuit of homeschooling high school
  16. Learn how other moms are raising lifelong learners
  17. Find out how to get your homeschool organized
  18. Listen to homeschool encouragement when you need it
  19. Tune into other homeschool podcasts when you need a boost
  20. Be inspired to live with the end in mind
  21. Get tips on using technology in your homeschool (great if you're a techie or tech-challenged!)

Find out how homeschool podcasts can boost your day!


Personal Development through Homeschool Podcasts

  1. Explore topics that you've always wanted to learn about
  2. Take time for self-care by tuning into a favorite podcast
  3. Learn and develop self-growth practices
  4. Get encouragement when you need it
  5. Gain a fresh perspective that can help you positively reframe your day
  6. Model a positive practice for your kids
  7. Give your eyes a break from reading
  8. Save money by listening to a free resource
  9. Know that you're not alone in your homeschool journey
  10. Take your mind off chores
  11. Get motivation when you need to do an unwanted task
  12. Enjoy a bit of snark when you're in that type of mood 😉
  13. Add a bit of bravery to your life and homeschool
  14. Boost your financial confidence and get budget help
  15. Get beyond burnout with helpful tips and encouragement
  16. Be encouraged to pump up your exercise and nutrition
  17. Know that you are beautiful on the inside and out
  18. Embrace your motherhood
  19. Listen to homeschool podcasts to boost your workouts
  20. Pop in some earbuds while you wait at kids' activities

Family Time with Homeschool Podcasts

  1. Enjoy favorite podcasts for quality family time
  2. Download podcast to listen to during travel
  3. Start your day with a podcast during breakfast
  4. Play podcasts on the weekend as you complete chores
  5. Find podcasts that can supplement a family hobby
  6. Frugal activity for all ages
  7. Discuss homeschool podcasts and their topics
  8. Discover authors to follow and read
  9. Listen to stories together as a family
  10. Tune into a variety of classic stories, fairy tales, and more (great for bedtime!)
  11. Get some help for all those "But Why?" questions your kids pose
  12. Build sound discrimination and oral language skills, especially in little ones
  13. Go on adventures with a radio reporter
  14. Learn about the wonders in the world around you
  15. Take a tumble with science for the family
  16. Have some family fun with music
  17. Give your little ones some listening fun with Sesame Street
  18. Relax and chill as a family
  19. Hear interesting facts about the past
  20. Set a time to listen to a podcast together for something fun to anticipate


Do {homeschool} podcasts boost YOUR day? Share your reasons for tuning in 🙂

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