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51 Powerful Affirmations for Homeschool Kids

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Are you homeschooling kids who could use some help with anxiety, anger, motivation, perfectionism, and more? Find out how to use these 51 free printable affirmations for homeschool kids. Cultivate good habits & positive thinking skills!


Homeschool kids are not immune from issues and concerns. In fact, sometimes homeschooling begins due to issues like anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and low self-esteem.

How do you help homeschool kids that need a boost in coping skills and functioning?

Affirmations cards for homeschool kids are terrific tools to encourage your kids to learn and practice positive self-talk and habits. These cards with short statements that affirm and uplift are packed with power when appropriately used.

Find out why homeschool kids can benefit from using affirmation cards and get your free set of 51 powerful affirmations for homeschool kids.

What are Affirmations for Homeschool Kids?

Affirmations are simply short self-statements with positive messages. These phrases or sentences can be used to:

  • stop negative thinking
  • reframe a negative situation
  • insert positive, healthy thoughts and feelings into your mindset
  • encourage the development and cultivation of a positive view of self and others

Affirmation cards for homeschool kids are specifically designed to address problems and concerns that kids face in a homeschooling environment. Most of these affirmations can be used by any child, homeschooled or not.

Why Do Homeschool Kids Need Affirmations?

Although homeschool kids learn in a different environment than their public school peers, they still face pressure and deal with a variety of issues. Kids who are homeschooled also battle problems with anxiety, self-control, self-esteem, anger, and perfectionism. They need tools and resources to help them conquer these negative situations.

Affirmations, when used with intention and purpose, can help your kids stop negative thinking in its tracks. Also, affirmations are great for enabling your kids to start and maintain positive habits, like time management and organization.

A few of my boys deal with anxiety. Some of it started when they were in public school. Affirmations have helped them have positive ways to remind themselves that they have control of their thoughts and their anxiety. These positive thinking strategies even carry over into other areas of their lives, inside and outside of our homeschool.

Smiley (8) has perfectionistic tendencies. He likes his letters and numbers to look just so. His perfectionism slows down his homeschool work and leads to lots of frustration. Affirmations to combat perfectionism help Smiley remember that it's okay to make a mistake and what he can do if he is struggling.

Bear (6) has a difficult time staying focused. His vivid imagination and creativity often take him into a whole other world. I work with him on affirmations for greater focus on his homeschool work.

51 Free Powerful Affirmations for Homeschool Kids

Help your kids learn positive thinking skills and habits. These affirmation cards apply to 10 areas. Each card has a star with a different color. The different areas of affirmations are associated with a specific color as follows:

  • focus = orange
  • self-control = aqua
  • self-esteem & respect = yellow
  • anxiety = light green
  • anger = blue
  • time management & organization = silver
  • perfectionism = purple
  • motivation = green
  • compassion & empathy = pink
  • resilience = red

These printable affirmation cards are available for free for your use. Simply subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool to receive access to download and print these affirmations for homeschool kids cards. You will also receive a super secret password for members-only access to all RYHS freebies and weekly email updates. Click HERE or on image below to find out more & subscribe πŸ™‚

Help your kids learn & practice positive thinking skills with these 51 powerful affirmations for kids.


After downloading and printing your affirmations for kids cards, read through each one. Adapt a card, if necessary to best fit your child's needs. Laminate for durability.

Select a few that you believe could help your child. Better yet, let your older kids pick the card that they believe they need to work on.


Tips for Effective Use of Affirmations for Homeschool Kids

I suggest reading and saying the affirmation out loud at least three times a day:  morning, noon, and night. It can be beneficial to repeat the affirmation before the start of your homeschool day, before the start of a subject, and at the end of your homeschool day.

In addition to stating the homeschool affirmation out loud, encourage your child to shut their eyes and silently repeat the affirmation to self.

Pair the affirmation with a subtle behavior, like placing hand over heart, fingers on temples, or hands gently folded. This pairing of affirmation with a physical movement can help solidify the positive message your child is practicing.

Best advice:  read and repeat the affirmation whenever needed, until the message sinks in. Continue to work on and use the same affirmation until the reason behind selecting the card has greatly diminished or vanished.

Homeschool morning time is a wonderful time to review affirmations. Kids can share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. They can also ask for advice, feedback, and tips. You can use this time to give feedback and tips on how your child can continue to build upon their successes.

A fun way to record how many times your child uses their affirmation is to add a small sticker on the back of their affirmations card. This visual reminder can be a great motivator.

As a homeschooler, your acknowledgment and praise for recognition of improvement via affirmations are so powerful! Make a concerted effort to announce your joy at their progress.

Best wishes with helping your child cultivate positive habits and thinking skills!

What areas could your homeschool kids benefit from using these affirmations?

Need some help getting started with using affrimations for kids? I know this practice can seem a bit overwhelming and I want to help you develop this positive activity with your kids πŸ™‚

The Simple Guide to the Powerful Practice of Affirmations for Kids Bundle is here to teach you about affirmations and how you can help your kids customize the experience for maximum benefits. The guide provides you with information you need to better understand what affirmations are and how to talk to your kids about them. 

This bundle includes printable resources for you to use with your kids to determine an affirmations practice that best fits their current needs.

Check it out and start on the path to positive thinking with your kids today!

This simple guide & helpful resources will help you discover, teach, & enjoy the powerful practice of affirmations for kids.


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