How To Effectively Use A Homeschool Morning Time Board

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Discover how to effectively use a homeschool morning time board to help you present a variety of subjects. Includes FREE download with 2 organizers to help you prepare for a successful homeschool morning time board experience.

A homeschool morning time board is an excellent addition to your homeschooling adventures. You can use these boards as an information center, point of focus, and educational tool. Find out how I use our homeschool morning time board to rock our homeschool PLUS get your free printable organizer to customize the experience for your homeschool family.

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A homeschool morning time board is a fabulous way to organize and present the subjects and materials you wish to cover during your homeschool morning gathering (a.k.a. homeschool morning time or homeschool morning basket). These boards provide visual reminders to guide your kids and you through this special learning time. Homeschool morning time boards help with staying on task and accomplishing your plans.

 Our homeschool morning gathering time has become a very special part of our day when learning at various levels and stages takes place. It truly helps us cover subject areas (like geography and picture study) that otherwise might fall through the cracks in our busy homeschool day.

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What Is A Homeschool Morning Time Board?

A homeschool morning time board is an organized area where you can display topics and concepts to be addressed during your homeschool morning gathering (basket). It serves as a visual reminder, as well as point of focus. Also, it can include hands-on learning with manipulatives.

Your homeschool morning time board can be used to establish and remind all of your homeschool routine. An overview of the day, week, month, and year could be a part of your system. Concepts can also be introduced and practiced during homeschool morning time.

A variety of ages and stages can benefit from the use of a homeschool morning time board. Younger children can soak up the presentation and discussion of concepts. Older kids can learn important skills like patience, understanding, and explaining ideas to others.

Discover how a homeschool morning time board can help you organize and present a variety of subjects. Use this free homeschool morning time board organizer to get started!
Our 2016-17 Homeschool Morning Time Board. Includes areas for Calendar, Weather, Place Value, World Cultures & Religions, Catholic Saints & Catechism, Learning Songs, & Picture Study.

How To Create A Homeschool Morning Time Board

Your homeschool morning time board can be made with a variety of materials. For budget purposes, I encourage you to raid your craft and office supplies to see what you can dig up. Most items can be frugally purchased at a dollar store.

I created these Free Homeschool Morning Time Board Organizers to help myself and others prepare for the upcoming homeschool year. You will find information and tips on:

  • materials list with standard and unique items to include
  • graphic organizer to help you customize your homeschool morning time to best suit your family
  • list of popular subject areas, themes, & goals to help you get started

One item that I highly recommend that you use for your homeschool morning time board is WASHI TAPE! This material is so versatile, removable, and makes it super easy to customize. You will not be stuck with one homeschool morning time board all year. You can switch out washi tapes and jazz up your homeschool morning time whenever you want!

Discover how a homeschool morning time board organizer can help your prepare & present a variety of subjects.
A few of the resources that we will be using during our Homeschool Morning Time Board work. Using a container to organize your supplies is a great way to keep your Homeschool Morning Time smoothly flowing.

Tips On Creating An Effective Homeschool Morning Time Board

  1. Consider your kids. What ages and stages are you dealing with?
  2. What are your homeschool goals for the year? How can you incorporate those goals into your homeschool morning time board activities?
  3. If you have older and younger kids, consider making two separate homeschool morning time boards.  Your younger kids will benefit from concepts like colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and calendar. Older kids can focus on math facts, poems, copywork, and foreign language vocabulary.
  4. Focus on 4-6 areas for only a few minutes each.
  5. Develop a routine. Establish an order to when concepts will be presented. Include reminders on your board or create a separate poster.
  6. Enlist the help of your kids!  Assign each child a responsibility or two. Ask an older child to do a presentation to review concepts.
  7. Take turns.  Rotate which child is in charge of specific activities. Encourage your kids to help you maintain a chart for homeschool morning time board responsibilities.
  8. Be organized!  Have supplies ready and close to the action. Supplies may include notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons, flags (Pledge of Allegiance) and books.
  9. Lots of hands-on and quiet activities for little ones! Homeschool morning time board can be a fantastic opportunity for your younger kids to become a part of your homeschool routine. Help them enjoy this special time with quiet activities like felt boards, playdough, and coloring.
  10. Theme weeks can turn homeschool morning time into a lot of fun! Do a brain dump with your kids and work out a schedule for fun themes to anticipate.
  11. Make it fun!  Include activities like trivia, Mad Libs, dice, cards, and brain breaks. Vote on a homeschool theme song to use to start off your day. Incorporate learning fun songs. This free states and capitals printable set is an awesome way to incorporate geography into your morning time board and studies.


There are a variety of ways to create your homeschool morning time board.
Example of a trifold homeschool morning time board.


If you have not yet created a Homeschool Morning Time Board, I highly encourage you to get started now! These boards are easy and affordable to put together. Most importantly, you will have an excellent way to begin every homeschool day! CLICK HERE or on image below to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool & access your FREE Homeschool Morning Time Board Organizer!


Get your free homeschool morning time board organizers when you subscribe to Busy Boys Brigade.

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