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Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt for Holiday Family Fun

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Enjoy a simple yet super fun holiday activity with this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

You can use this scavenger hunt in so many different ways. Find out more and get your free set today!

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Enjoy easy holiday fun with your family using this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Make the Holidays Even More Fun with a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

My family and I always look forward to the holidays. We each love it for a variety of reasons. And we all get so excited as it approaches!

The change of season brings crisp, cold air to gulp down and enliven our moods. Usually, the first snow (or two) has fallen, blanketing our evergreens with a coat of white and inviting us to come out and explore.

So many exciting things to do! Shopping, wrapping, and trying to keep presents well hidden. Baking, cooking, and planning fun events.

Decorating occurs both inside and out, with old and new ornaments and lights to ooh and aah over. Captain, our oldest, morphs into our very own Buddy the Elf. He leads his brigade of elf brothers through the adorning of our home and yard. It's such fun to have our family join together in such merriment!

And our holiday excitement extends beyond our yard! As we travel to and from soccer events and other extracurricular activities, we regale in the beauties of the season. All those glorious Christmas lights!

Traveling in our silver minivan (it's not a sleigh, but a soccer mom needs her space!), the boys and I take note of all the Christmas light displays we see. We smile over old favorites and point out new additions.

Such a simple yet powerful activity!

free printable Christmas lights scavenger hunt

When the boys and I are gazing upon all those glorious Christmas lights, we're doing several things:

  • Paying attention to our surroundings (and not watching a video or on a phone)
  • Making observations
  • Discussing those observations
  • Breaking off into tangents about those observations (like, talking about the new Santa display down the street to wondering what type of circuits and such go into building something like that)

And most priceless part of it all:  easily turning a rather ho-hum event like driving into meaningful family fun for the holiday season (ho-ho-ho!)

If you want easy holiday fun with your family, plan on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. You'll be glad you did!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt printable on red background & Christmas lights display on house, in yard with snow

Great Ideas to Boost This Wonderful Time During This New Favorite Christmas Tradition

If you need a great idea or two to enjoy this fun activity with the entire family, here are a list of things to consider:

  • Make some hot chocolate or hot apple cider
  • Add a small prize or little prizes for a fun reward
  • Bring along some yummy Christmas cookies and treats
  • Have a candy cane while you look
  • Enjoy a Christmas light writing activity (wonderful for social emotional learning!)
  • Comment on different Christmas decorations that you find (and may want to get for next year)
  • Go to a Christmas light show, in your own neighborhood, or local neighborhood for variety of different light displays
  • Laminate your Christmas light scavenger hunt game and use dry erase markers to make it reusable
  • Work in pairs if in a larger group

Get Your Free Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

As with most family events, keep your Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt simple.

Before embarking on your journey, go over a few rules and expectations. For our family, those rules include:

  • Talking one at a time (takes a bit of practice but very worth it!)
  • Everyone gets a turn at holding the clipboard with our printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (using a clipboard makes it easy to record our observations and prevent its destruction)
  • All family members are encouraged to think about their favorite Christmas light and talk about it when our drive is done (or during dinner)

Depending on which boy is doing the recording and how long our trip is, we either cross out the item or place a dot (or tally mark) next to it. The latter option gives you a chance to chart multiple observations of the same item.

You can print out as many copies as you like of this free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt for personal use. Some kids (and adults) like to have their own copy to record, make notes, and doodle on. Do whatever works for your family! And if you know of a family who'd enjoy this activity, please share this post with them.

Have awesome holiday fun with your kids using this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. Great way to build observation skills and get conversations going.

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Christmas lights scavenger hunt printable with green pen & multi-colored lights on red background and mother and daughter walking in snow looking at Christmas lights and nighttime display of Christmas lights

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Have easy holiday fun with your family using this free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Do you like to look at Christmas lights with your family? What's your favorite type of lights?

​Wishing you and your family a great time with this simple way to enjoy holiday cheer together! 

Got a fun idea on how to take this printable Christmas light scavenger hunt to the next level? Please share in the comment section at the bottom of this blog post.

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