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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Free Perler Bead Patterns for Cute Crafts

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These DIY teacher appreciation gifts feature free perler bead patterns (and printable card templates) that help your kids make super cute crafts.

If you need simple and frugal ways to show thanks to your favorite teachers, these handmade crafts are terrific ideas. This free printable page includes 8 teacher-themed templates for your children to pick and create.

Get creative ideas for making and gifting these crafts and your free set today!

DIY teacher appreciation gifts featuring perler bead patterns and examples

Creative Ways to Add a Special Touch to Your Teacher Gifts

Looking for simple yet special ways to help your kids show their appreciation to their teachers? Try perler bead crafts!

These hands-on activities are awesome ways to enjoy some DIY time and add a unique touch to your gift.

We're a homeschool family so you might be wondering why I'm sharing DIY teacher appreciation gifts. Well, I have a few reasons...

First, my boys have often wanted to make something special for their favorite teacher (ahem!). But, I felt weird leading them in making a card or other craft.

Another reason is that both of my parents are retired teachers. They loved receiving thoughtful gifts from their students, especially handmade goodies.

And homeschoolers often have many teachers in their lives to thank, too! Homeschool co-op teachers and leaders, Sunday school (or religious education) teachers, librarians, and educators for extracurricular activities (like piano or dance)  all would appreciate thanks for their hard work.

Perler beads are a recent interest for my younger boys so these cute patterns make sense. The boys love working with perler beads. They use these small plastic beads (also called fuse beads or Hama beads) to make all sorts of cute creatures, critters, and characters. I thought this type of craft would be a fun way for a child to give their teacher a unique gift.

DIY teacher appreciation gifts featuring 8 perler bead patterns and Best Teacher, apple on stack of books, and apple with heart center

Find Out More About These DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This free printable pack of teacher-themed perler bead patterns features 8 symbols plus thank you card templates.

These patterns were created to be made on a perler bead pegboard size 29x29 using 5mm beads. You don't have to use that exact recommendation. Use the perler bead pegboard that you have. If smaller, just work on one teacher-themed perler bead craft at a time 😊

The teacher-themed symbols with perler bead patterns included in this set are:

  • BEST TEACHER (with hearts)
  • Rainbow heart
  • #1
  • Yellow heart
  • Apple with heart
  • Set of 4 flowers on grass
  • Apple on stack of books
  • Flower in a pot

Also, you'll find 3 pages of printable thank you card templates (plus instructions) that you can attach your teacher-themed perler bead crafts to. Such an inexpensive way to make a great teacher appreciation gift!

example of DIY teacher appreciation gifts using perler bead crafts with Best Teacher and purple hearts, apple with heart center, and apple on stack of books plus 2 printable thank you card examples

How to Make These Teacher-Themed Perler Bead Crafts

Perler bead craft time with kids can be a bunch of fun when you use these tips and tricks. You'll discover that it makes it much easier to create all of these cool crafts.

I suggest that you have ALL of your supplies ready and organized.

I got a big canister of perler beads and perler bead peg boards that attach (in case the boys want to create larger crafts). And I got a plastic craft organizer so the boys could sort the perler beads by colors. I also think this perler beads kit looks amazing and comes with everything!

Some kids prefer having perler beads tweezer tools. These types of tools are totally optional - my boys like to use their fingers.

When your perler bead craft is completed on the pegboard, place it on a flat surface.

The set of perler bead pegboards that I bought has reusable ironing paper. I've found that you can also use parchment paper or waxed paper. This type of paper is placed over your completed creation for the next step.

You need an iron to fuse your perler beads. I set the temperature of my iron to a medium heat. When your iron is warm, press firmly on the ironing paper and slowly move around. I check on the perler bead creation about every 30 seconds to see how well the beads are melting together.

When using these teacher-themed perler bead patterns, I suggest going through each template and having your child pick out a favorite one for their first craft. Or select one that they think their teacher will appreciate 😊

If you don't have the exact colors, absolutely no problem. Use what colors you have and enjoy your special designs. In fact, it would be totally cool for you to customize your DIY teacher appreciation gifts with school colors (or their favorite color if you know it!

Oh, and you might find a better production process for your perler bead creation station. If so, go for it the next time!

free printable page of DIY teacher appreciation gifts featuring perler bead crafts with Best Teacher, apple on stack of books, and apple with pink heart center

Incredible Ideas for Gifting These Perler Bead Crafts

After showing your kids these craft templates, talk about their ideas for these perler bead art activities. Brainstorm ways to enjoy and share your teacher-themed perler bead crafts, too.

You can make and attach these perler bead crafts to a homemade (or store-bought) card. I recommend using glue dots or double-sided tape.

Oh, and another idea is to leave a space or hole near the top of your perler bead craft. You can add a key chain ring or loose binder ring. You can place inside a card or on a gift bag. Your special teacher will love it!

Consider putting together a themed basket (or tote bags) with inexpensive teacher gifts. Add a personal touch with your perler bead craft, card, and teacher appreciation gift ideas like:

  • Your teacher's favorite candy (in a mason jar would be a cute idea!)
  • Other sweet treat
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm
  • Fun sticky notes
  • Water bottle
  • New book

Your children may like some of the regular perler bead patterns (like apple, flower, or rainbow heart) included in this free printable. They can add these cuties to (or start) a collection of perler bead crafts. My boys like to put their crafts in their bedrooms, as well as decorate our shelves and bookcases with them. They have quite a growing collection at this point with our free Pokemon, Minecraft, Easter, Earth Day, and Super Mario packs.

Your kids can also create their own designs and perler bead pattern with teacher and appreciation themes. Oh, and consider adding these DIY crafts to other gift ideas with these free teacher appreciation printables!

These DIY gifts are a perfect way to show you care:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week (which takes place the first full week of May every year)
  • End of the school year
  • Support staff
  • Any time of year
mock-up of free printable DIY teacher appreciation gifts featuring perler bead crafts.

Get Your Free Perler Bead Patterns Pack for DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

WooHoo! You're so close to enjoying hands-on activities with these perler bead crafts for teacher appreciation and more!

This free printable pack of DIY teacher appreciation gifts featuring perler bead patterns includes 1 page of 8 teacher themes, 4 thank you card templates, and terms of use page.

And you can print as many copies of these teacher appreciation perler bead patterns as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who'd enjoy these free printables, please share this postThank you for sharing - I appreciate your cooperation!

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Get your Free DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts featuring Perler Bead Patterns Pack by tapping here or on the image below.

Free printable page of DIY teacher appreciation gifts using perler beads and 3 examples of Best Teacher with hearts, apple with heart center, and apple on stack of books.

What are some other teacher appreciation ideas (from your child or the whole class) that you can think of or have tried? Please share your unique teacher gift ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post 🙂

mock-up of DIY teacher appreciation gifts using perler bead crafts and 8 examples with Best Teacher, apple on stack of books, yellow heart, #1, flower in pot, rainbow heart, flowers on grass, and apple with heart center

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