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Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns: How to Make These Fun Crafts (8 Free)

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Pokemon perler bead patterns are perfect ways to help your kids enjoy hands-on activities.

Your Pokemon fans will have a blast with these free printable patterns for perler bead art fun. Each perler bead template features a cute Pokemon character.

Learn about these cool crafts for fun screen-free time and get your free printable pack today!

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examples of free printable Pokemon perler bead patterns

Your Pokemon Fans Will Love These Fantastic Crafts

Got Pokemon fans? Well then, you're going to LOVE these frugal and fun craft activities.

My boys are big Pokemon fans. They love to chat about the different characters and their powers and evolutions.

When I shared our other Pokemon color by number pages, my boys squealed. They've had a blast working on these screen-free activities.

Lately, my boys have also really enjoyed working with perler beads. They love using these small plastic beads (also called Hama beads) to make all sorts of cute creatures, critters, and characters. The boys turn these DIY creations into little toys, keychains, and adorable decor.

Of course, I decided to combine these interests into some fun activities that can be used in different ways. The boys have been working on these printable Pokemon perler bead patterns to create cute crafts.

You can use these Pokemon crafts in a variety of ways, like:

examples of free printable Pokemon perler bead patterns with perler beads and perler bead pegboards on wood background

Find Out More About This Free Printable Pack of Patterns for Pokemon Perler Beads

This free printable pack of Pokemon perler bead patterns features 8 characters. There are 4 pattern "cards" per page.

The Pokemon characters with perler bead patterns included in this set are:

  • Pikachu
  • Ash
  • Squirtle
  • Psyduck
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charizard
  • Jigglypuff
  • Eevee
examples of 2 free printable Pokemon perler bead patterns with bowl of perler beads and perler bead pegboards on wood background

How to Make These Types of Perler Bead Art Activities

Make the most of your perler bead art time with these tips and tricks. You'll find that it makes it much easier to create these crafts.

I suggest that you have all your supplies ready and organized.

I bought a huge canister of perler beads and perler bead pegboards that attach (in case the boys want to create large characters). Also, I got a plastic craft organizer so the boys could sort the perler beads by colors.

Some kids like to use perler beads tweezer tools. These tools are completely optional - my boys prefer using their fingers.

Place your perler bead creation (on the pegboard) on a flat surface.

The perler bead pegboards set that I purchased has reusable ironing paper. I've read that you can also use parchment paper or waxed paper. This paper is placed upon your completed creation.

You'll need an iron to fuse your perler beads. I usually set the temperature of my iron to a medium heat. When your iron is warm, press firmly on the ironing paper and slowly move around. I check the perler bead creation about every 30 seconds to see how well the beads are melting together.

As far as using these Pokemon perler bead patterns, I recommend going through each template and having your child pick a favorite one for their first project. My boys cut out the perler bead pattern cards and placed next to their pegboards. They found it easier to make their Pokemon creations this way.

Oh, and if you don't have the exact colors, no worries! Use what you have and enjoy your unique designs 😊

example of Pokemon perler bead patterns with perler beads and perler bead pegboards on wood background

Fun Ways to Enjoy these Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns

Your kids will probably have some amazing ideas for their perler bead art. Brainstorm ways to enjoy and share your Pokemon perler bead crafts.

One idea is to start a collection of perler bead crafts. My boys like to put their crafts in their bedrooms, as well as decorate our bookcases with them.

Also, you can also leave a space or hole near the top of your perler bead craft. Add a key chain ring or loose binder ring. Your kids can use this type of creation to hold keys, decorate party gift bags (super cute gift tags!), and as party favors.

My boys also like to engage in creative play with their perler bead crafts. It's so much fun watching them reenact different scenarios with some of their favorite characters.

examples of printable Pokemon perler bead patterns with small glass bowl of perler beads and perler bead pegboards on wood background

Get Your Free Printable Pack of Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns

WooHoo! Get ready for some special hands-on activities with these Pokemon crafts for kids!

This free printable pack of Pokemon perler bead patterns includes 2 pages (with 4 cards per page - plus terms of use page).

And you may certainly print as many copies of these Pokemon perler bead patterns as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who may like to use these free printables, please share this post (and not the download). Thank you for sharing - I appreciate your cooperation!

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Get your Free Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns Pack by tapping here or on the image below.

This free printable pack of Pokemon perler bead patterns is a fantastic way to enjoy special crafts with your kids.

What other Pokemon characters would your kids like to make with perler beads? Put your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of the post and I'll see if I can create more templates to share!

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