Free Kids Activity Pack for Family Movie Night Fun

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Would you love to get your kids involved in planning and preparing for some amazing family movie night fun?

Give your kids some awesome activities (coloring pages, mazes, and more!) to get them excited for your special movie night.

Oh, and this free printable pack also includes a simple planning page to help you collaborate on your family movie night project 🙂

Plan & prepare for an amazing Family Movie Fun Night with this free printable pack full of activities.

There's something special about having a movie night with your kids. When it's a planned event, you can feel the excitement build in the air.

Family movie nights are such great ways to relax and connect while watching a movie you can all enjoy!

To make your family movie night fun, make sure to scroll down for your free instant download (click and print!) of movie fun activities pack!

Making Family Movie Night Fun for Kids

Let your kids get involved in planning and preparing for special movie night fun!

Your kids will feel so much more a part of the process. Plus, it's a great opportunity for you to connect with your kids as you chat about the upcoming special event.

My boys LOVE to make family movie night extra fun!

All five boys will huddle together to make the important decision of which movie to watch (will it be from our personal collection, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video?), time, and date.

And, of course, the very most important parts of family movie night-snacks and drinks!

Now, if your kids are like my boys, their level of enthusiasm is palpable. My boys will be literally bouncing off the walls as they run and dance around waiting for the big night.

I created this Free Movie Fun Activities pack to give my boys something to do while they wait for our special family event. Having a positive way to channel all that energy is clutch!

Movie Fun Activities pack with light blue pencil, yellow star sharpener, and cup of popcorn and movie-themed coloring pages and coloring card to feature the amazing ways to get your kids involved in preparing & planning.

Free Kids Activity Pack for Movie Night Fun

Help your kids plan and prepare for family movie night fun with this free instant download activity pack.

If you need some super cool ideas on movies to watch with your kids, check out these ideas from a few of my friends:

You'll get 11 PDF (printable) pages:

  • A Family Movie Night Planner
  • Movie Night Invitations that you can color and customize
  • A coloring sheet with 4 different fun movie night themes (great for cutting out and making a poster!)
  • 8 Family Movie Night Mazes

To get your free activity pack for family movie night fun, simply click on the image below! Print out a few copies because your kids will want to keep the fun going 😉

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How do you like to make movie night fun with your kids?
Please share your ideas in the comments area below 🙂

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  1. In December we have a different Christmas movie with activities to go with them. We do the Grinch - everyone wears pajamas (green of course), we make Grinch food - green pasta or Grinch punch, Grinch crafts we found on Pinterest.
    Polar Express Night that starts with a ticket, paint trains, wear Engineer caps, drink hot chocolate.
    Charlie Brown Christmas where we make gingerbread dog houses and decoration for a Charlie Brown tree.

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