Free Printable Furry Friends Blank Lists & Bookmarks

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Free printable furry friends blank lists and bookmarks for spelling & more are super cute for learning fun. Great for use in classroom & home.

These Furry Friends were so adorable that I just had to create blank list bookmarks, too. My younger boys are super excited to use these for their spelling lists & more.

Wondering why I created these blank lists? Well, one of the goals for our homeschool this year is to work on spelling. Copywork has been a fantastic addition to our homeschool but a few of my boys needed a bit more. When Professor (11) asked me to include a more formal spelling curriculum into our upcoming homeschool year, I knew that it was time to revisit this subject area.

In my homeschool professional development readings, I came across the suggestion of using Natural Speller. I found a used copy on Amazon to investigate. I liked its relaxed yet thorough approach. Also, I love that it includes spelling words for grades 1-8.

Grammar and writing skills are addressed in Natural Speller. Helpful rules and formats for letters are provided. Word categories include presentation and explanation of origin of words from foreign languages with Greek and Latin roots highlighted. A section on "How To Study A Word" provides steps for your kids to follow in learning and mastering their spelling words.

Natural Speller provides lists of spelling words for your kids to learn. I considered having my boys just use a spiral notebook to record and practice their spelling words. I do, however, like to tweak homeschool curriculum and approaches to best meet the needs of my boys. Mostly, I like to inspired a passion for learning through delving into and including their interests!

Free Printable Furry Friends Blank Lists & Bookmarks

My younger boys love all types of cuddly critters. They jump for joy when we read about all types of animals. Smiley (7) and Bear (5) have a collection of "lovies" (stuffed animals) that often become homeschool "helpers".

I had already created Pokemon  and Camping & Fishing Blank Lists for my older boys. I wanted a theme to excite my two elementary school age kids. When I showed them these Furry Friends, they declared that they "needed" these friends this year.

I included blank list bookmarks for this set. Both boys wanted to be able use in their early readers and homeschool books.

I thought perhaps these Free Printable Furry Friends Blank Lists & Bookmarks could bless your home and classroom, too!

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Free printable Furry Friends Blank Lists & Bookmarks for spelling & more are great for home & classroom use.

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