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Free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube to Get Up & Move

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Be prepared to deal with all the energy and excitement of the holidays! This free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube is an easy way to get your kids moving and help you maintain your sanity.

Help your kids burn off holiday energy & excitement with this free printable Gingerbread Man Activity Cube.

Wonderful & Easy Holiday Interactive Fun with Kids

My boys become little bundles of energy and excitement during the holidays. The plates from our Thanksgiving feast are barely cleared off the table and all five boys transform into hyper messes.

And, by that point, this tired mama is ready to put up her feet and enjoy a splash or two of Pumpkin Spice Bailey's in her coffee 😉

Over the years of parenting this crew of five boys, I've learned a thing or two. And sometimes, I even act on those lessons.

One of the first things I learned was to be armed with easy holiday fun activities to use with my boys. I'm talking open-and-go without prep work or much forethought. Because I've already got about fifty-three lists that I'm trying to get through before the holiday rolls around.

I love having fun with my boys. But, sometimes, there's just a lot on my plate. Like, it's spilling over and making a horrid mess all over the place.

Gingerbread man activity cube printable page & cube with scissors & glue stick on red paper with wood background

Easy holiday activities allow me to enjoy those special moments with my boys. This type of holiday fun doesn't take too much time or energy so I can still tackle my lists. And my guilt flies out the window because I know we had quality time together.

So, I created this free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube.

Just print, cut out, fold, and adhere (glue or tape work fine). Give the cube a roll and you'll be up and moving with your kids for easy holiday fun.

free gingerbread man activity cube on red paper with candies and boys moving & being silly

Get Your Free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube

You can use this free printable with your classroom, library event, homeschool, and family to celebrate Gingerbread House Day or any day! Follow the printed prompts and feel free to get creative and make your own!

4 free Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages on red background and boy coloring a gingerbread man using a crayon on gold tablecloth

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Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started with this free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube!

Have easy holiday fun with kids using this free printable Gingerbread Man Activity Cube! With prompts to get kids moving, this cube will help your kids burn off energy and have fun.

How will you use this free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube for easy interactive holiday fun with your kids?

Free printable page of gingerbread activity cube and mom holding cube with boys in background pretending to be a candy cane to feature how you can use this free gingerbread activity cube printable for fantastic holiday fun

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