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Easy & Fun Way to Help Your Kids Maintain Homeschool Focus

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If your kids have trouble maintain focus on their work, try this easy and fun homeschool focus tool. A punch or sticker card is a great visual reminder to keep kids motivated.


Some days, it feels like my boys want to go down 553 rabbit holes.

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Probably more like 53.

And I don't mind homeschool rabbit holes. I actually enjoy the process of exploring educational tangents and discovering new facts and figures. I have learned to trust the homeschool process and know that all will be well.

Can you feel the "but" coming?

BUT, what happens to our homeschool plans? How do we ever get anything accomplished?

How do I teach my boys the important life skills of focus, attention to work, and completing tasks?

If I had a nickel for every time a homeschool mom asked me that...well, at least I'd have a nice chunk of change to treat the family to some ice cream!

Because here's the thing. As much as I love trusting our homeschool approach and helping my boys love to learn, I recognize the importance of being able to focus. To get done tasks that you don't want to do but have to. Of covering all subjects, not just the ones that you feel like doing.

I shared 5 Easy Ways to Maintain Focus in Your Homeschool to help moms. Homeschool focus paper chains are great tools for kids to get motivated.

Here's another homeschool focus tool that I use to help my boys complete their work. Another simple tool but it's quite powerful for all learning styles when used appropriately.


Your kids will love these punch or sticker cards as a homeschool focus tool.

Simple Tool to Help Your Kids Maintain Homeschool Focus

Do you have any rewards cards that you get a sticker or punch to indicate use and when you get your next discount or free treat? Feels pretty good to know you are working towards that reward, huh?

Homeschool sticker or punch cards can work the same way for your kids! Your kids can use their homeschool focus sticker or punch cards:

  • Daily assignments
  • Weekly work
  • By subject
  • Books read
  • Target behavior or habit

You can even have homeschool sticker or punch cards for your entire homeschool! Select a homeschool goal that all are working towards and make a card for it. Whenever specific tasks or behaviors are completed, add a sticker or use a hole punch (or other decorative punch) to indicate progress towards your goal and help you maintain homeschool focus.

Homeschool sticker or punch cards are great visual indicators of progress achieved and how much farther you need to go until completion.  Kinesthetic learners enjoy the physical act of marking of their progress. Auditory learners appreciate oral positive reinforcement as tasks or behaviors are marked off.


If your kids have trouble maintain focus on their work, try this easy and fun homeschool focus tool. A punch or sticker card is a great visual reminder to keep kids motivated.

How to Create a Sticker or Punch Card to Maintain Homeschool Focus

You only need a few materials to create homeschool sticker or punch cards.

  • cardstock
  • marker
  • scissors (to cut cardstock to size)
  • stickers or hole punch
  • laminating materials (optional for sticker card)

Use the center of the card to record your child's name (or the name of your homeschool, if group goal).

You can either write habit, subject, or other custom goal under name OR on outer portion of card.


I recommend that you keep the homeschool sticker or punch cards in your possession. Have your child report their success to you and reward accordingly. If you do not feel that your child has fully completed task or goal, give them specific actions to take to work towards earning that sticker or punch.

To help you get started, I created these Homeschool Focus Sticker or Punch Cards. Click on the image below to download and print. Use different color cardstock for different kids and goals.

thumbnail of HomeschoolFocuspunchstickercards

Most importantly, rejoice with your kids when a goal has been reached. Enjoy this special time of accomplishment and reflect on the hard work it took to get there.

What other ways could you use these sticker or punch cards to help your kids maintain homeschool focus?



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