Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for September 2017

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Make learning fun happen! Get your free printable homeschool fun calendar for September 2017. Includes easy-to-do activities for every day plus weekly materials checklist.


WooHoo! Are you ready to add some awesome learning fun to your homeschool?  Use this homeschool fun calendar for September 2017 to help you really rock your homeschool.

Many homeschoolers who follow a traditional calendar year are starting back-to-homeschool in September. Why not get a great start to your homeschool year with homeschool fun?

These free printable homeschool fun calendars are designed to help you relax and enjoy your homeschooling adventures. Celebrating special days and historical events can be a great way to connect with your kids and make memories.

You spend a lot of time planning and preparing for a successful homeschool day, right? As a homeschool mom, I bet you put a tremendous amount of effort in designing a homeschool schedule or routine that works best for your family. You examine curriculum choices and determine how many pages to read in one day to cover an entire text. You factor in meal prep and chores.

During all of your preparation, where does homeschool fun fit in? Do you make it a priority to set aside special time to just laugh and create with your kids?

If not, no worries! You are definitely not alone! It often feels like there are a gazillion factors to configure as you carefully craft your homeschool plans. Who has time to plan for homeschool fun?

Guess what? You don't have to! These free printable homeschool fun calendars do it for you!

BONUS:  Most of the activities only use common household materials. No need to plunk down tons of cash for homeschool fun!

Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for September 2017

Before you get started with your homeschool fun calendar for September, think about when you will do these activities.

Will you use them as motivation to complete homeschool work? What about on a homeschool brain break?

No matter when you decide to complete these easy-to-do activities, I suggest using the included printable weekly materials checklist to plan ahead. On the weekend or a few days prior to the start of your homeschool week, use this checklist to make sure you have the necessary materials at home (or jot down a note to pick them up!).

Homeschool fun doesn't always just happen. Be prepared!

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CLICK HERE or on the image below to get started on the path to homeschool fun!

Get your free printable homeschool fun calendar for September 2017. Make sure learning fun happens every day!


If you are all about homeschool fun like we are, you may like our free Homeschool Fun Toolbox! This quick-start guide provides you with seven tips plus materials to help you make a DIY homeschool fun toolbox. Get ready to rock your homeschool!

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