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54 Brain Breaks To Boost Your Homeschool Day!

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You can easily boost your homeschool day with these 54 brain breaks. With a variety of simple prompts, your kids will love these learning fun activities.

Check out how I use these brain breaks for kids with my 5 boys and get your free printable set today 🙂


Does your homeschool need a boost? Use 54 brain breaks to give your homeschool the boost it needs.


Fantastic Ways to Rock Your Homeschool!

Homeschooling five boys requires a certain amount of creativity.

There are high levels of movements and distractions in our homeschool. As we continue on our homeschool journey, I have found that taking breaks between lessons and work had been a tremendous help!

Our homeschool Brain Break activities must often be:

  • adaptable for ages toddler to teen
  • frugal
  • easy to organize
  • interesting to all my boys
  • FUN!

In an effort to collect and remember our options for brain breaks, I created these 54 Homeschool Brain Breaks and just had to share them with you! These breaks in our homeschool day are designed to give us all a chance to relax and have a bit of fun.  We've all agreed that when we take time in between our work that we have a much more enjoyable and effective homeschool day.

Do you ever blank out on what to do for a homeschool brain break? I was having that exact problem! I would know that the boys and I needed a break but would sit there thinking, "Umm...okay, now what?" By the time my brain would kick into gear, the boys would either be off on their merry way or barking at each other. I needed to be intentional in my homeschool fun planning.


Variety of craft & arts supplies like colorful pompoms, googly eyes, foam shapes, and crayons to feature all the focused learning fun to be had with these 54 brain breaks for kids

Never Be At A Loss for Awesome Brain Breaks!

I got to work listing all the possibilities. I wanted to make sure different learning styles and interests were included. Also, I knew that certain days would require shorter brain breaks.

As I researched brain breaks for our homeschool, I stumbled upon this fabulous free site!  GoNoodle is full of activities and ideas for brain breaks.

You and your kids can explore various ways to take a break. I love how there are different categories according to what your kids need at that time, like energizing or calming.

You can sign up for free and enjoy how this site has organized online brain breaks for you! Great for times when you just need a break yourself!

Does your homeschool need a boost? Use these free printable brain breaks to help you add intentional learning fun to your homeschool day.
Captain selecting, reading, & doing his homeschool brain break-jumping jacks!

While I don't mind using the occasional online resource, I wanted to use resources that we have in our home. I divided our Homeschool Brain Breaks into 6 general areas.

  1. Minute Move-Its:  Do as many as the listed exercises as possible in 1 minute.
  2. Move-Its:  Exercises or games for when you have a bit more time.
  3. Arts/Crafts:  A few of my boys find simple arts & crafts enjoyable and restorative.
  4. Music:  I have shared how we love to have dance parties! We benefit from other musical activities as well.
  5. Move-Its with Props:  These activities require 1 or more common household materials.
  6. Brain Breaks Fun:  These ideas did not fit into any particular category but just had to be included!

Brain breaks can be a fabulous way to extend learning fun in your homeschool. Grab your 54 free brain breaks here.


Amazing Ways to Use Homeschool Brain Breaks:

  1. You can simply cut the strips and place into a jar or other container (we actually use an empty tissue box!). Allow one child select a brain break strip and do that activity.
  2. Use or create a DIY die and roll. Number each brain break strip 1-6. Select 1 of the activities with that number.
  3. Choose by category or by what is needed.
  4. Take a vote on what type of brain break is needed and select activity based on the majority.

Boy wearing blue cape and red shorts with striped socks to feature all the learning fun to be had with these 54 brain breaks to boost your homeschool

Click on the image below to get your FREE 54 Brain Breaks to Boost Your Homeschool Day! (3 pages)

Need help adding intentional learning fun to your homeschool day? Use these FREE printable prompts of homeschool brain breaks!




If you have any questions about these brain breaks, please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear how these learning fun activities help you rock your homeschool!


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