Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for July 2017

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Get ready for fun in July! Use this FREE homeschool fun calendar with daily prompts for easy-to-do activities that your kids will love.


WooHoo! It's time for another Homeschool Fun Calendar! Are you ready to celebrate July fun days in your homeschool? Well, this free printable pack will help you prepare and easily add fun activities with kids.

Homeschool fun may seem overwhelming. You don't have time to do all that you need to do, right? How in the world can you add fun activities?

That's the beauty of having a homeschool fun calendar! It saves you time by researching and putting together easy and fun activities for you. Instead of sitting there, wondering what you could do with your kids to relax and enjoy special time together, you have the answer sitting right in front of you. (Save those brain cells for teaching math and other subjects!).

How to Use Your Homeschool Fun Calendar

This process really can't get simpler;)

  1. You subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool and get access to this printable plus all RYHS freebies.
  2. Download and print the calendar plus weekly supplies checklist to help you prepare all that you need.
  3. Place calendar in a place where you can easily access and refer to every day. (Refrigerator or your family organization board is a great place!)
  4. On the weekend (or other available time), organize the homeschool fun supplies you will need for the week. This simple step can save you time by avoiding the scramble for construction paper or crayons.
  5. In the morning, refer to your homeschool fun calendar and discover the fun activity for the day. Based on your schedule for that day, determine a good time to include do the activity. Be realistic. It's probably not a great idea to try to shove in five minutes before you need to leave for soccer practice. (Ask me how I know!)
  6. Complete activity with your kids. Relax and just have fun with it. Fabulous way to connect and create precious memories!

See! I told you that this homeschool fun calendar rocks!


Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for July 2017

So, let's get started with Step 1. Subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool by clicking here or on the image below. Reminder: you'll get weekly email updates with encouragement, resources, and tips plus access to all RYHS freebies. Your Homeschool Fun Calendar for July 2017 includes a printable month of daily prompts plus weekly supplies checklist.

Click here to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool and get your free Homeschool Fun Calendar for July 2017.


Homeschool fun is within your reach. You can do this. Let the Homeschool Fun Calendar help.

What makes it hard for you to add fun to your homeschool day? How can this calendar help?



Sharing is caring!

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