Learn My 10 Secrets to Be a Fun Homeschool Mom!

You can enjoy your homeschool. Learn my 10 Secrets to Be a FUN Homeschool Mom TODAY! Includes printable guide and introductory video.


You CAN be a fun homeschool mom! It's a lot easier than you think.  And you don't have to use glitter or play dough!

Why do so many homeschool moms struggle with the idea of homeschool fun? Let's see if you've had any of these thoughts or feelings:

  • There's never enough time!
  • I hate messes!
  • I am not creative.
  • I have no patience.
  • I detest glitter and play dough.
  • I am not a crafty mom.
  • Fun is too fluffy. I want to fill our homeschool day with quality materials and subjects.
  • Our projects and activities never turn out right. Total Pinterest failures!
  • The last time I tried to do something fun was an epic flop.
  • If I make time for fun, my kids will miss out on ______ (insert some super serious concept) and I'll ruin them forever!

Well, my sweet friend, I am here to tell you that you have the power to override every single one of those thoughts and feelings.

And here are my 10 Secrets to help you do just that:)

Discover my 10 Secrets to Be a FUN Homeschool Mom TODAY! Includes printable guide and introductory video. Hint: No glitter or play dough required!

Homeschooling does not have to be miserable. You don't have to be a homeschool martyr. You don't need to suffer through guilt or feeling not enough.

I have discovered that homeschooling is more effective, efficient, and enjoyable when you make time for intentional learning fun! Frederickson, a well-known psychologist who studies love and other positive emotions, discovered induced positive mood improves creativity and understanding. Her studies and more have proven that individuals perform better when in a good mood.

What does this mean? When you help your kids get in good moods due to a positive activity or reward, your children are more likely to be creative, cooperative, and grasp presented concepts. You can read more about this fascinating topic in Seligman's Authentic Happiness.

Mama, you can enjoy your homeschool! Learn my 10 Secrets to Be a FUN Homeschool Mom TODAY! Includes introductory video and printable guide. Hint: No glitter or play dough required!


In your 10 Secrets to Be a Fun Homeschool Mom Today guide, I provide you with more reasons why adding intentional fun to your homeschool benefits you and your kids. You will receive tips on actionable steps that you can take now to help you create homeschool fun that works for you. The introductory video gives you suggestions on how to use plus encouragement.

Oh, and because I want to truly help you be a FUN Homeschool Mom TODAY, I included a BONUS SECRET! This secret is like the pretty bow that wraps up a fun package. It's like sweet nectar that will have your kids (and you!) want to keep coming back for more homeschool fun.

Mama, I know you got this!  It's time to enjoy your kids, make the most of your precious time together, and be a fun homeschool mom today. Let's rock your homeschool!

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