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Free Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List

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Be prepared for homeschool fun with toddlers with this free printable bucket list.  Includes a list with suggestions and a blank version that you can customize.


Homeschooling the toddler years can provide wonderful opportunities to introduce learning fun. Some families take a traditional approach to homeschooling their toddlers while other families prefer a more relaxed, play-based approach. This Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List was designed to provide you with ideas and inspiration for helping you help your toddlers love to learn.

This free printable Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List is for homeschoolers who:

  • are new to or considering homeschooling their kids
  • have a toddler who needs positive ways to channel attention and energy
  • lack creative ideas for fun learning activities with toddlers
  • are too busy to even think about what types of learning fun to do with toddlers
  • are on a budget and need free or frugal ideas for having homeschool fun with toddlers

These homeschool fun activities are great ways to interact with and connect with your young learners. Although a few activities can be done independently, most toddlers will need you present to help and redirect.

Life gets busy. It can be hard to think of what to have for dinner or when you last switched the laundry. With five boys who range from preschool to high school, I know how easy it is to let planning homeschool fun slip through the cracks.

I created this homeschool fun bucket list for toddlers to help you and me have an easy reference for planning and preparing learning fun with our young ones. Having easy-to-do activities, especially quiet ones, can be extremely helpful when you have toddlers!

A homeschool fun bucket list is a fantastic starting point for having learning fun with your kids. The suggested ideas and activities are meant to be customized to best fit the needs of your family.

Get Your Free Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List

This free printable has a prepared list that is full of ideas for:

  • Memories
  • Slightly Messy Activities
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Busy Bags
  • Puppets
  • Headbands

These themes are great for helping toddlers develop skills and develop a love of learning. You know your toddler best. Adapt any suggested idea to best meet the need of your child.

If you like to do your own thang and tweak it up, rock on! Use the blank homeschool fun for all bucket list to customize your homeschool fun.

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Get your free printable Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List!


Suggested Resources for Your Homeschool Fun for Toddlers Bucket List

One of the BEST mess-free and stress-free homeschool fun resources that my boys and I recommend is Kwik Stix. Here are a few of our favorite resources that we have enjoyed with our toddlers:

DIY Playdough (DIY Natural)

Easy Name Painting (Learn with Play at Home)

Quiet Time Threading (Busy Toddler)

DIY Stickers

Name Sort - uses stickers (Busy Toddler)

Water Bottles- sensory bottles for every month (Teaching Mama)

Walk the Line (use painter's tape on floor & pretend its a balance beam)

Color Hop (Learn. Play. Imagine.)

Busy Bags (B-Inspired Mama)

Animal Paper Bag Puppets (I Heart Crafty Things)

Craft Stick Puppets (example on Rock Your Homeschool)

Animal Headbands (Artsy Craftsy Mom)

Letter Headbands

Coffee Filter Fun (Look We're Learning)


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